Jemma Beale – rape fantasist lacking a Saturnine conscience



A “manipulative” fantasist has been jailed for ten years for falsely claiming she was raped or sexually assaulted by 15 different men over three years in a bid to make her girlfriend jealous. Her lies resulted in one innocent man serving two years in prison and cost the police more than £250,000 and about 6,400 hours of work. A judge warned that her “grotesque” string of lies would increase the likelihood of guilty men going free and prevent real victims from reporting such crimes.

Jemma Beale, 29 December 1991, is a Sun Capricorn close to the highly-strung conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, in a confident trine to Jupiter in Virgo; with Jupiter in a can-be-opportunistic square to Mars Mercury; with a possessive Venus Pluto in Scorpio. Her Saturn, bringer of decency and rules, is unaspected. Bil Tierney says of a such a Saturn: ‘indifferent or unconcerned about processes outside of its own singular sphere of operation; self-discipline may be markedly lacking as well as caution; one’s conscience may be less applied; no set guidelines for living or abiding by few inner laws; without the benefits of the normal brakes and controls of an aspected Saturn.”

One harmonic which stands is the victim/healer 12H. She sought to make herself a victim, falsely, with brutal unconcern for the real sacrificial victims of her lies, the men she accused and slandered. Not surprisingly her 12H pulls together Mars Pluto opposition Sun square Jupiter – making her feel powerful by destroying others. Her 10th Harmonic is also notably aspected which contains the seed of good and bad, the rise and fall – it has a shielded-from-reality Water Grand Trine; with the delusional Neptune Pluto tied in.

Prison might force her to develop a better sense of discipline.

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  1. Sounds like an extreme Borderline Personality Disorder, the same with other women who falsely accuse of rape to stir up the pot. get attention, or get revenge. The woman who told a Rolling Stone magazine reporter that she was gang raped by 7 men (another Charlottesville story which turned out to be false) was doing it to get a guy she liked jealous. The reporter, in that case, was also very dishonest, and it turned out there was no rape at all. However, the story was hugely disturbing when first reported.

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