Texas – bracing for the Eclipse fallout





Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful weather system to hit the US in almost 12 years, is hurtling towards Texas. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, oil refineries are expected to shut down and the National Guard is being called up, with mandatory evacuations in low-lying areas. It is due to make landfall late on Friday and is likely to bring up to 3ft of rain, 125mph winds and 12ft storm surges. Landfall is predicted for late Friday or early Saturday.

Texas does look rattled this month and next. On the state chart, 2 March 1836, the Mars Mercury in Aquarius caught the opposition from Monday’s Leo Solar Eclipse which tends to bring up intense emotional reactions and shocks; and tr Neptune is reversing towards the undermining conjunction to the Texas Pisces Sun.

Locating the Solar Eclipse to Texas puts the New Moon within one degree conjunct the midheaven and the North Node Mars also conjunct the MC. The 7th August Lunar Eclipse for Texas again had the Sun Mars straddling the Midheaven opposition Moon IC.

Planets on the angles usually are present when significant events occur in that location.

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