Brazil – reaping the whirlwind of bad decisions

Brazil is being ravaged by the pandemic which President Bolsonaro underplayed resulting in the country having a quarter of all Covid-19 deaths in the world last week. The national health system is on the verge of collapse with intensive care units across the country overstretched and one study estimated in April/May the death toll could reach 5000 a day.

In a further fit of misplaced dictatorial panic, Bolsonaro fired his Foreign and Defence Ministers precipitating the resignation of the three military chiefs. An Opposition leader called for his removal from office to prevent his “coup-mongering, authoritarian delusions” becoming a reality. It’s not clear why the military who brought him to power in 2016 have withdrawn their support, perhaps because of his calamitous handling of the coronavirus outbreak or fear of an authoritarian move to take on dictatorial powers.

 The Brazil 7 September 1822 4.08 pm Piranga chart does hint at a crisis coming exactly now till April 20th.  The stressed Yod of Pluto sextile Jupiter Moon inconjunct Mars in Scorpio, is tied into Saturn in Taurus from the opposition to Mars – the midpoint opposition of a Yod is a particularly sensitive point and tr Uranus will be conjunct for the next three weeks.

  In an odd way, Bolsonaro, 21 March 1955 2.45pm Sao Paulo, is a mirror image for the country since he also has a Mars in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio which sits across the Brazil MC/IC axis.  His Saturn on the Brazil midheaven could have made for a serious partnership, favourable for administration but instead tipped into Saturn’s shadow side of lust for financial gain and personal advantage.

  On his personal chart tr Uranus is poised to cross his Midheaven at 10 degrees Taurus in May so it could bring a sudden, radical change of career direction. He looks confused, devastatingly so, in 2022/23 with shocks and setbacks bringing high insecurity and perhaps reckless reactions.

  His Swearing In chart, 1 January 2019 4.50 pm, is pressured exactly now but would indicate as 2022 as the more likely exit point as tr Pluto squares the Uranus. It was always an ominous Term chart with a dirty-dealings Sun Saturn and Pluto in the 8th.

  Bolsonaro is an Aries like Rodrigo Duterte, the assassinating President of the Philippines – both pro-Trumpers.

2 thoughts on “Brazil – reaping the whirlwind of bad decisions

  1. “Bolsonaro is an Aries like Rodrigo Duterte, the assassinating President of the Philippines – both pro-Trumpers.”

    Or maybe better, since they have both outlasted Trump, Trump was fan of theirs and wished to emulate them. Interestingly, Duterte is really one of the few political leaders that has been diagnosed with personality disorders, antisocial and narcissistic, since he has to undergo the assessment as part of his divorce in 1998. I don’t know what’s Bolsonero’s issue, but he seemed to have somewhat turbulent military career, despite being promoted a couple of times.

    Not the best people to lead their country through a pandemic, really.

  2. Thank you for this, Marjorie. It’s starting to look like there might be light at the end of the dark tunnel for the people.

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