Boris Johnson & Ukraine – right result, suspect motives

Boris Johnson’s constant support for Ukraine has according to his allies showed “extraordinary leadership”, diminishing the serial law-breaking at No 10 as “fluff” by comparison. The old saying that a man shall be judged by the consequences of his actions on this score turns the prime minister into a shining star of courage and conviction in comparison to certain other lily-livered and self-interested European countries. But still, but still — there is a lingering unease about seeing his headline-grabbing visits as purely altruistic, when they fit his sin-avoidance pattern of distract, obliterate and keep moving.

  And as Matthew Syed in today Times also rightly points out it hardly fits his past actions when Foreign Secretary or later as his eager oligarch-donor bro-romances ran side by side with the London laundromat soaking in vast quantities of questionable Russian money. Syed describes Johnson’s Ukraine policy as “one of the greatest conjuring tricks in modern political history” – disappearing a decade of Tory policy cosying up to Moscow.

There’s no doubt there is genuine friendliness on his part with the Ukraine president with Zelensky’s Jupiter conjunct Boris’s Sun Venus in Gemini and Boris’s Jupiter square Zelensky’s Leo Moon. Though there are gritty edges, which is normal times might lead to arguments with Zelensky’s Mars in Leo square BJ’s Moon.

  Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction though that does oppose a needs-space Uranus so its not a connection that would prosper if locked into the same situation 24/7. There is also, typically for BJ, two fated composite Yods = thrown together by extraordinary circumstances – of Mars sextile the Midheaven inconjunct Neptune; and Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Midheaven. Plenty of showbiz pzazz and grandstanding as well as smokescreens there.

  What is significant is BJ’s Scorpio Moon being exactly on the Midheaven if his birth chart is relocated to Kiev –  the Moon being a politician’s lifeline to his electorate. It also puts his sociable Sun Venus in the 7th and his chaotic Mars in the entertaining 5th. Full marks for a great performance.

  Relocating his chart to Moscow puts his comfort-zone Jupiter firmly in the 4th; his Mars in the exuberant 5th; and an elusive Neptune in the career 10th. He’d be even happier ambling round the Kremlin.

It’s not that I remotely wish to undermine any efforts to support Ukraine but it is uncomfortable grappling with the paradox of right results from the wrong intentions.

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  1. In November 2021, Britain signed security deal with ukraine. See

    Zelensky was invited to London to sign it, he met Boris in Downing St, and he and his wife also had an audience with William and Kate in the throne room.

    This was at a time Merkel was still in power and blocking arms to Ukraine (with the support of the French and Dutch).

    Theresa May stood up in the Commons and questioned whether the treaty with Ukraine was wise, implying she wouldn’t have signed it.

    This was before the Russians started amassing troops on the Ukranian border in Dec 2021, and before partygate.

    Those who hate Boris are sour and churlish about it, but you can see why the Ukranians like him. Neither Theresa May, Corbyn or the Europeans would have provided help as early as November 2021 – and it’s that early help and weaponry that enabled Ukraine to survive the initial assault. Otherwise it really would have been over in 5 days.

    • UK was following Biden administration’s intent.

      On November 20th US and Ukraine signed a joint charter. Dispensing with the usual cautious language of diplomacy, the Charter’s language was that of an offensive military alliance. The US stated that it would “never recognize Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea,” and that it “intends to support Ukraine’s effort to counter armed aggression,” including with “sanctions” and “other relevant measures until restoration of the full territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

      UK followed suit. Europe was hesitant as this would have aggravated Putin into attacking Ukraine. Same was the case with some British politicians like Theresa May who saw this as provocation to Russia.

      • The UK deal was on 16th November- see the link above.

        Which means it was signed before the American one on 20th November!

        See what I mean about Boris’s detractors being churlish – they’re even trying to claim the 16th November “follows” the 20th!

        What is certain is that Theresa May, Starmer and Corbyn would never have signed it – they objected to it in the Commons.

    • It’s not that we are sour and churlish – I’m glad that Ukraine is getting our support, (though I wish we could take in more refugees) and that Zelenskiy thinks he has found a good pal in Johnson. It’s more a sort of Elaine Page & Barbara Dickson scenario — we know him so well.

      • Exactly, VF! It’s so bad now that when I see him speaking on tv I struggle to believe a word he says about anything at all, and annoy myself. It’s like a toxic relationship!

        But this conflict and any help or deals involved obviously pre-dates Johnson, Zelensky, and Biden. NATO troops were increasing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in April 2016 because of the war in Crimea. In 2017 the US sent two tank brigades to Poland. Astrologically, what’s interesting is the Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces (not exact) of spring 2016, along with the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (not exact). Those Aries and Virgo themes are repeated in the Zelensky/Johnson composite Marjorie posts here.

        • Indeed Jane and thanks for pointing out thise details.

          I know what you mean about feeling like a gaslit wife. When BJ scurried off to Ukraine the other day, he avoided a pre-arranged date with Wakefield. I couldn’t help thinking of poor Elaine Page sitting all alone with a rose, crying into her glass of red wine while Johnson stood her up in order to be with his younger, more attractive Ukrainian mistress. And you’d love to just be able to tell the new woman that in the end he’ll get bored and let her down too, just like he did with you and all the others….

          • What a perfect picture you paint! It must be very stressful for some of his MPs who also appear to feel like this too. Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but really he does seem sociopathic. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone quite like this before as a PM. All politicians can be economical with the truth I know, but this is ridiculous.

  2. As an aside, I read that Boris had a minor operation on his sinuses earlier today. I’m not sure this is true. I think surgeons performed a new procedure called a Pinocchiectomy to remove the elongation of his nose caused by his lies! Expect similar procedures in due course.

    • A dead cat tactics to deflect from Carrie Johnson corruption story?

      Johnson can go to any extent to distract from bad press.

  3. There’s a couple of solid media pieces today – FT and Times, both sadly behind a paywall – indicating the jungle drums are starting to beat more loudly about Brexit-induced damage which is a toxic topic likely to trigger Boris’s deflect, deny and divert pubic attention strategy.

    The Times: ‘From across the pond, Britain looks like a basket case’. By Joseph Sternberg.
    ‘The UK economy is the world’s fifth-largest — it matters that [it] is, to put it delicately, a hot mess. The UK ought to be boasting the developed world’s brightest prospects right now rather than the worst.’

    The FT: ‘The deafening silence over Brexit’s economic fallout.’
    ‘Next year, according to the OECD think-tank, the UK will have the lowest growth in the G20, apart from sanctioned Russia. The OBR, the official British forecaster, predicted Brexit would UK GDP by 4 per cent and a little over half of that damage has yet to occur. The consequent lost revenues of £40bn a year would have been available for tax cuts.
    The first stirrings of a debate are not about reversing Brexit but exploring ways of softening its edges. As part of his attempt to avert a coup, Johnson wrote to MPs this month that he had “created a new and friendly relationship with the EU”. And promptly advanced towards to Northern Ireland Protocol waving a machete.
    See previous UK economy post 18 May 2022.

  4. Could Boris’s Scorpio Moon on Kiev’s MC mean that he could clumsily commit our soldiers to fight? I genuinely worry about Boris’s ego trip and this country’s future . As Boris likes to please and will do anything to cling on to power.

  5. As someone who deeply cares about Ukraine, whatever Boris Johnson’s intentions might be are irrelevant to me. I’m just happy that the Ukrainian people are getting the support they rightfully deserve.

    Here in the United States, there have been some isolationist types (mostly Libertarians who know very little about the rest of the world) who have argued that the US should focus on the US and stay out of other nation’s affairs.

    I immediately remind the obnoxious “America First” windbags of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances where Ukraine, on December 05, 1994 gave up all of their nuclear weapons (and they actually had quite a few) to appease the U.S., the U.K., and the rest of the Western World. The only thing they asked for in return was that their sovereignty be supported and help from the West if that sovereignty is threatened.

    Now, it’s happening. Ukraine is being relentlessly carpet bombed, cultural heritage sites, hospitals, schools, and homes are being targeted. I also read that over 300,000 Ukrainian children have been abducted and taken to the Russian Federation to be sent to special schools (basically reeducation camps) where they will “Russified” and assimilated (similar to what’s happening to ethnic Uyghurs in China).

    So, the Ukrainian people have every right to collect on all the promises the U.S., the U.K., and the rest of the West has made to them. They did everything the West wanted them to do and now they’re the ones enduring the horrors.

    It’s not just Ukraine who the West has an obligation to; I believe the West also owes other oppressed peoples like the Kurds more assistance as well.

    For example, one conservative British MP took to her little Twitter account to complain about all of the Kurdish and Yazidi refugees that were pouring into Europe last year. She said something as asinine as: “Oh, so Kurdistan is Britain’s problem now?”

    When she said that, it was obvious to me she was unfamiliar with the 1916 Sykes–Picot Agreement – in which Great Britain was instrumental in Kurdish oppression.

    Anyway, I digress. I’m also not convinced Boris Johnson cares about the actual plight of the Ukrainian people or any other oppressed peoples. However, whether it’s showboating, altruism, or political convenience, I’m just glad he’s doing something to help.

    The same goes for our politicians here in the US.

    I would like to see the United Kingdom taking in more Ukrainian refugees though. I read that the Visa issue has been atrocious.

    • Another American here who agrees with you and is totally supportive of the Ukrainians (and Afghan refugees, too, who are suffering terribly in the US from lack of support, as well as those still trying to escape from Afghan that the US and other western nations abandoned to the Taliban)

  6. So, UK citizens genuinely frightened out of their wits re putting food on the table and how to stop freezing to death because they have no money for fuel bills or to even get to work for low pay whilst Johnson whips his cloak over it all and says we must all suffer because he is practising his sleight of hand. And the greased pig is so good at it.!
    Astrology is truly talking this year and for the next few years.
    Jupiter Neptune, mega gas prices.
    Uranus, Mars and North node and the Eclipse in November got to be terrible totally talking re East Europe, and for me the Jupiter Uranus conjunction 2024 exactly as Sept 1939.
    Johnson is all war, war not jaw jaw and people are falling for it.
    Johnson must be there to bring down the Tories, they are so weak with no backbone and no moral fibre otherwise they must blind.

    • I agree. The biggest surprise over here is the Tory party. They are otherwise so efficient in removing their leaders but right now they seem paralysed while Johnson destroys everything in a total ‘King Kong’ mode.

      What’s happened to them?

      • Ann. I believe the Tories are reluctant to get rid of Boris because whoever would be likely to take over would be just as divisive, but may not have Boris’s luck or his ability to con the more right leaning of the UK electorate. It might be frying pan to fire, but with less popularity amonst the nationalists.

  7. Source of the Kiev chart is astrotheme. Boris’s North Node at 4 Cancer conjuncts
    Kiev’s Moon at 4Cancer thus showing his “increase” in polularity amongst the populace.]
    Kiev’s natal Moon is conjunct Kiev’s Asc.

  8. Boris is just following his astrologer’s instructions….for soul development, “Move towards
    your North Node and avoid your South Node.”
    Boris’s South Node is 2Capricorn which represents the UK’s Sun in Capricorn.
    The birth of Kiev was May 8, 1882, Julian, 6:50 am, Kiev, giving an Asc 4Cancer.
    Boris’s North Node is 2Cancer. So by moving to Kiev, Boris’s Cancer North Node conjuncts
    Kiev’s Cancer Ascendant.
    Ancient astrologers consider the North Node to “increase” your fortune/popularity
    while the South Node “diminishes” one’s fortune/popularity. Boris’s North Node falls
    in his 9th House of long trips, foreign locations.
    So now we can see why Boris would visit KIEV.

    • When Boris was Foreign Secretary. I believe he made a promise about a new Heathrow Runway, stating he would vote against it. Yet when it came to a vote in House of Commons, he suddenly flew thousands of miles to another country, so he could avoid it. Boris will not take responsibility.

  9. Marjorie, I have similar feelings about this war and the way that Johnson is using it to boost his own populatity. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever that Johnson has any genuine empathy for Ukraine. As Lord Heseltine said of him, he waits to see the way the crowd is running then dashes in front.

  10. Boris is fiddling while Britain burns and he is planning his next Churchillian speech about the Ukraine. What a very silly man who – in great Shakespearean fashion – will be brought down eventually by his Achilles heel – a woman.

  11. Long war suits Johnson. Short war suits European leaders and US.

    Everyone is looking after their interests while Ukraine suffers.

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