Narendra Modi – thunderbolts ahead

The upcoming pivotal and turbulent Mars Uranus North Node conjunction in early August will be a crisis point for Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister. Both his Term charts and his personal one will be in the line of fire with planets at that degree so it will cause an upset of considerable proportions.

  Although his birth date is marginally suspect, most fix him at 17 September 1950 which gives a rigid Sun Saturn in Virgo. And more significantly a ruthless Mars in vengeful Scorpio square Pluto which fits his divisive, rabble-rousing, violence-inducing rhetoric. His Pluto is catching the full brunt of the August hard aspect – for forced change under extreme pressure.

 His First PM term from 2014 has Saturn in Scorpio at the same degree; and his 2nd Term 2019 chart has Venus in Taurus also in line for a severe shake up.

For more on the Mars Uranus North Node fall out see post June 17th 2022 below.

For more detail on India see post  December 26 2021.

 The India chart itself with Venus at 15 and Sun at 21 Leo is undergoing major changes as it is from tr Uranus in square both – and the early August combo will pick up the Sun/Venus conjunction as well as oppose the Jupiter in Scorpio. Indications are the economy is expanding though the Reserve Bank of India chart is seriously blocked for a few months.

  Be interesting to see how it plays out. There’s nothing definitely indicating that Modi will be exiting stage left anytime soon. Though tr Neptune opposing his Saturn Sun this year and tr Uranus upending his Pluto and Mars from this July  through to 2025 will make for an exceptionally stormy passage.

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    • India is a parliamentary democracy, like the UK. So an opposition can force an early election if they can vote out the current government and there is no alternative majority option.
      However, realistically it is unlikely. Narendra Modi’s party, the BJP, has an absolute majority on its own, even without supporting parties (and there are some smaller parties which support the BJP in parliament).
      The largest opposition party, the Congress Party, has only 54 seats in a House/chamber of 545, so about 10% of the House. So it is highly unlikely that the next election will be held at any time other than that decided by the BJP & Narendra Modi (the BJP can call an early election itself if it feels the time is favourable to it).

  1. How much thunderbolts from “August ~ December” India specific vs Global “Inflation” driven thunderbolts where many countries are facing high oil prices, food shortages (higher price)?

    Are you suggesting With population of 1.35B will have greater impact compared to rest of the world?

    Also, could you please write on Which countries will be food supplier of the world if Ukraine/Russia conflict doesn’t end soon?

    • Production of grain by the tonne

      1 China 134,340,630
      2 India 98,510,000
      3 Russian Federation 85,863,132
      4 United States of America 47,370,880
      5 France 36,924,938
      6 Australia 31,818,744
      7 Canada 29,984,200
      8 Pakistan 26,674,000
      9 Ukraine 26,208,980
      10 Germany 24,481,600

      So the Russian Federation and the Ukraine produce just over 22% of the world’s grain but have a combined population of approx 2% of the world population. If the Russian Federation fails to export it’s grain, it will have a drastic effect on it’s own economy as well as the supply of grain to the rest of the world. Why is Putin doing this?

      • Thanks, but my question was for the future? Considering Ukraine’s capacity to produce grains may be drastically deteriorated and Russia being sanctioned, India+China has to feed 1/2 of worlds (their own) population, Which country is going to step up to fill gap astrologically?

        Surprisingly Pakistan named 8th, but there were news about food shortages etc.

        Pakistan’s misplanning left its citizens with acute food shortage – Times of India

        • China may be aiming to step up. The Punjab region of Pakistan is or was very fertile and long known as the breadbasket of India, but as you say there’s been serious misplanning and neglect there. China is on an agricultural mission. Here’s something from in 2017:

          “By purchasing one of the “big six” agricultural biotech companies, China not only acquired a significant portion of the world’s agricultural intellectual property, but now boasts a new national champion with a state-funded mandate to strengthen China’s agriculture sector relative to the United States and European Union. U.S. and EU agriculture companies must be prepared to face Chinese competitors that have the full backing of the state. Inability to compete will make U.S. and European firms increasingly susceptible to Chinese acquisition, and potentially lead to the transfer of important intellectual property to the Chinese.”

          Marjorie has done various posts about China, which may give us an idea. The 18-19 Taurus Uranus/Nodes/Mars conjunction next month may reveal something astrologically about this, especially as it is in farming earthy Taurus. Various charts for China’s complex history have the following possibilities I think:

          January 1, 1912: Moon 21 Taurus
          September 21, 1949: Jupiter 22 Capricorn, Pluto 17 Leo
          October 1, 1949: Venus 19 Scorpio, Pluto 17 Leo, Jupiter 22 Capricorn
          December 25, 1947: Moon 19 Taurus, Nodes 22 Taurus, Saturn 22 Leo (Nationalist China)

          Agricultural biotech seems to be well-described by innovative Uranus in farming Taurus too.

  2. Uranus: represented by a thunderbolt in Greek mythology and represented by a vajra in Vedic iconography – the weapon of Indra the supreme deity of Hinduism who governs the sky, lightning, weather, thunder, storms, …

    The effects of climate change can already be seen in India. The intense heat and heavy rains combined with the neglect of the basic infrastructure (particularly in respect to dams, river banks, flood plains etc) is already causing massive problems. Are we to see more this summer as Uranus conjoins with Mars and the North Node in the Indian chart? Will the crisis eventually impact on Modi and his government?

  3. Looks like it’s going to be a long wait before Modi goes. With a weak opposition and a divided country, I am not surprised!

    He is so hardened in his tactics and style of politics that there is no hope of him changing. He has already damaged the country and there is more to come.

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