Boris & Carrie – a heated hookup

The happy day came sooner rather than later with Boris hitching with Carrie yesterday at a small family event just after 2pm in London with celebrations to come next year. It was conducted at a Roman Catholic Cathedral on the spurious grounds that Boris, baptised originally as RC although non practising, could have his two previous marriages and divorces regarded as non-existent since they were conducted under other religious umbrellas.

  On the wedding chart there’s a light-hearted, social butterfly Venus and Mercury in Gemini on the Midheaven, similar to Boris’s own chart. But in this case it squares Neptune hovering just below the Descendant which suggests illusions, delusions and disappointments later when reality kicks in. Good for show and public relations, less so for commitment. The Sun in the intellectually stimulating and far-travelled 9th house is in an expansive square to Jupiter.  

  What is most problematic is a crisis-attracting, ruthlessly determined Mars opposition Pluto Moon – which suggests bitter power-struggles or at least a serious power imbalance causing resentment and major arguments. The argumentative Mars opposition Moon would be exact just as the vows were exchanged. The Pluto is also inconjunct the Midheaven and Venus which is strained.

 There’s also a restrained Saturn in the sociable 5th squaring onto a high-tension, self-willed 8th house Uranus.

 It’s not the most peaceful of charts and indicates a fair amount of aggro around the day itself, never mind the pattern it lays down for the marriage. The Moon will move by Solar Arc to oppose the Mars exactly in eight months which will lead to domestic arguments and the heat is likely to rise over the next four years with the Solar Arc Mars moving to oppose the Pluto exactly. This fits with my somewhat gloomy predictions from the previous post see May 24 2021 below – of 2025 being high noon time.

  Usually wedding charts by some odd quirk reflect many of the themes of the relationship chart.  Their’s has a Neptune opposition Venus which is ethereal and romantic to start with but the shine usually wears off. There’s also a Saturn square Uranus which suggests different agendas – one more progressive than the other which leads to constant eruptions. There is a helpful and lucky Jupiter in the middle of it all which will smooth rough edges – conjunct the Sun, opposition Uranus and square the Saturn. Though it can also lead to arrogance getting out of hand. The composite Pluto is inconjunct the Sun and possibly square the composite Moon which makes for possessiveness but also a tussle for the upper hand.

  What’s odd about the choice of a wedding date is that tr Neptune has just started to conjunct the composite Mars in their relationship chart, running on and off till early 2023, which will bring a panicky sense of failure about the relationship and tr Uranus is exactly conjunct the composite Sun now which is normally a separating aspect. Both tr Saturn and tr Uranus will continue to aspect the Sun all this year.

  Their personal charts are not showing up much of cheer apart from minor Jupiter transits in BJ’s case square his Mars and in Carrie’s conjunct her Mercury and her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.

  Carrie’s Venus in Taurus opposition Pluto is being buffeted every which way by tr Uranus conjunct her Venus and opposition her Pluto exactly now and both being squared by Solar Arc Neptune this year – none of which looks like blissful contentment. Tr Uranus will continue to shake up her Venus into early 2022 and tr Saturn will also be in discouraging hard aspect through this year.   

Will be interesting to read the biographies at a later date as to what exactly what was going on.

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  1. Great write up Marjorie.
    Regarding investigating two separate charts in a relationship, I learnt a lot reading this.

    Without trying to single a single aspect out, the dominance of that Mars opposition Moon alone makes me nervy. I have that natally, and there is simply no peace in regards to home, family and relationship. It can be very active and sensitive, like – it’s EVERYDAY war.

  2. Marjorie,
    Their composite chart has the Sun NN on the focal point of a Yod inconjuct Pluto sextile Neptune opposite SN. Isn’t that a significant factor ?

  3. Not related to astrology, but what do you make of the pre-Raphaelite virgin-fairy wedding outfit of the bride? It somehow feels as if she is living out a fantasy (also with the semi-nostalgic boudoir-style decoration of their apartment) that clashes with his blokeish public image.

    • My first thought about the bride’s outfit was that it’s a mix of costume designs from the movies ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘Midsommar’. Boris’ clenched fist and nervous expression in one of the photos suggests extreme tension. Sacrifice takes many forms. Seriously though, we must wish them well. After all, summer is a-coming in!

  4. I wonder how his children from the marriage to Martina Wheeler who were evidently very unamused by the divorce will take to being rendered effectively illegitimate by the shoe shuffle to facilitate an RC wedding.

    • His chidren are not Catholics and most Brits are not Catholics either and people stopped giving a toss what the Catholic church thinks in Tudor times!

      In the eyes of UK law, his children by Marina Wheeler are legitimate and he is on his third marriage.

      If the Catholic church wants to distort it’s rules to pretend previous marriages don’t apply, it just makes Brits even more contemptuous of them and glad that the Reformation happened.

      The Pope’s opinion’s don’t change anything in UK law, because this is not a catholic state like Spain or Belgium. It’s an Anglican state.

      • @ candy
        For the catholic church, you are only married ( in the catholic church) when you marry in a catholic church. Civil marriage does not count and previous marriages in another faith either. Civil marriage is only for the law, the law having nothing to do with faith.. And for centuries, there was only marriage in the church of your parish.
        And may be if you had some money a sollicitor would draw up a
        prenuptial contract ( 7th house in astro).
        Anglican church ( henri viii) is not so different from catholic.
        And i can assure you that in modern state, for ex. in the EU, the church, contrary to the United Kingdom where the Queen is the head of the Anglican church, constitution and church are separated. It is up to individuals if they want to be part of a church.
        I always found that churches were created to control masses. Churches are about rites, not faith

    • Sham in what way? Cynical as I am about its prospects, I don’t see sham.

      She’s 33 and got a child with him, and thought she’d won a prize when she managed to convince him to divorce the previous one. Whatever the subconscious issues driving her to think this is good, don’t make it a sham.

      Men like Boris, cover up their insecurities by diving into marriage to prove they’re “desirable” (as well as get rid of all the messy household duties and to find someone who will enable their co-dependent behaviours).

      There are thousands of people who marry for similar reasons.

      Or is there some conscious reason such as her “needing a passport” that makes this a scam?

  5. On what grounds could you get it annulled: non -consummation of marriage? Hardly! I’m afraid a full blown divorce would be the only way, especially when you bring a child into the mix.

    • According to

      You can annul a marriage for a number of reasons, such as:
      – it was not consummated – you have not had sexual intercourse with the person you married since the wedding (does not apply for same sex couples)
      – you did not properly consent to the marriage – for example you were forced into it
      – the other person had a sexually transmitted disease (STD) when you got married
      – your spouse was pregnant by someone else when you got married
      – one spouse is in the process of transitioning to a different gender

      #3 looks a good possibility.

      But anyway if this was a response to my comment, I just meant I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s over in two months (given the Uranus transit) – whether annuled or divorced.

  6. I kept thinking of your previous article about Dominic Cummings Marjorie where you said their chart was the only one in outright panic and then I found out about the secret wedding 🙂

  7. The G7 meeting is in a couple of weeks time, in St Ives, Cornwall . Done for show. Carrie more than likely didn’t want to be the first PM’s mistress, in front of the other wives. Knowing Boris he has someone else line up to take her place.

    • Yes, Nel! In the picture, he is already looking over her shoulder into the distance (seen someone More Suitable?) and she looks as though she’s getting the knife or gun out of her pocket to keep him focused…never mind the unironed shirt, have you ever seen anyone looking more desolate 3 seconds after they’ve tied the knot? O dear…

  8. Thanks Marjorie

    Definitely interesting to me to see the co-relation between the wedding chart and the Solar Arc chart, coming up for them where the Mars/Pluto dance (with the other factors) is showing in both.

    Is it a ‘quirk’ or a temperature check to be heeded, and counteracted/rebalanced in the work marriage takes? I wonder whether they used an astrologer in their planning, like apparently I read they used to do in the ‘olden days’ especially for people of significant stature?

    Much love !! Bless

  9. Interesting! I think status is her motivation, no one can refuse the wife of the PM. Given the separation aspects perhaps they will end up in a ‘living apart together’ relationship, appearing in public as a couple but living separate lives in separate households. The rush to get it done also suggests some sense of panic about the future.

  10. Astonishing choice of religious ceremony – or maybe it was a blessing following a civil ceremony? Shades of Henry 8th with the handy “non existent” other marriages, and, er, children. Mind boggling Jesuitical reasoning must have gone into that set of negotiations.

    Funnily enough, the chart for the Vatican City, 7th June 1929, has a Gemini stellium of Sun, Moon and Mercury. It has Jupiter in Taurus – like Boris and Carrie. Jupiter squares a Leo Neptune. The Vatican’s Leo Mars squares Boris’ Jupiter/Neptune opposition. Henry 8th also had a Jupiter/Neptune opposition. Possibly rather a lot of Jupiter/Neptune going on here!

    • That occurred to me too, Jane. The wedding chart of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn has Mars in Capricorn opposition Saturn in Cancer and at the time Neptune was also in Pisces and there was an ominous Moon/Pluto conjunction in Aquarius. I personally wouldn’t marry under a Mars/Pluto opposition particularly one in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, but one other thing occurs to me – Chiron in Aries is currently sitting on Johnson’s Descendant.

      • Hi. I’m an astrology novice but my second marriage chart has Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Cap (5 degree orb). Oh my! We are coming up on our 10th anniversary this August, though.
        So far, so good.
        Venus was opposite Neptune, too.
        Maybe our individual transits have counteracted the oppositions.
        Spouse is 15 years older and this was his first marriage at age 56.
        Many planets were retrograde (for both of my weddings).

        I’m happy in this marriage—perhaps because husband’s Venus is conj my Sun and his ASC is Scorpio and my ASC is Taurus. We both have Saturn in 1st house.

        Someone once told me that you don’t “marry your spouse, you marry their karma.”

        Everyone’s insights are so interesting and fun to read. Thanks Marjorie and all commentators.

        • Also-same wedding day and time for acquaintances of ours. We had a mutual friend who had to “jet set” between our two weddings. Also, (like me) this was woman’s second marriage and husband’s first (at an advanced age for him).

          They are still married.
          So fascinating!

        • That’s interesting, Aim. My husband is 14 years older than me, too. Also we have a Sun Venus conjunction in Libra in our composite chart. On our wedding day, Uranus was transit my 7th house and was exactly opposing my Venus in Virgo and there was a Mars in Cancer opposition Jupiter in Capricorn and Sun conjunct Moon in Aries too – my 8th house – opposing my Sun and my husband’s moon in Libra. A whole lot of oppositions! We’ve been married for 13 years now.

        • Aim – had to laugh when you said “Spouse is 15 years older and this was his first marriage at 56” …. Boris is 56 and Carrie is 23 years younger. But of course, it’s his 3rd marriage.

          There is no perfect wedding chart and there’s almost always something negative going on up in the skies somewhere. It’s really about the maturity of the two people involved. A good relationship can handle stormy weather. Getting married for the first time at 56 probably means your husband has had that time to figure relationships out (hopefully) – men generally mellow as they get older and testosterone drops. Long may it continue for you both.

          In terms of dodgy wedding charts, my friends got married on the 2007 Venus retro almost at the moment it turned retrograde which also happened to have an out-of-sign conjunction to Saturn and trine Pluto. I’m sure most astrologers would have hedged against that.

          • Thanks for the kind words! He is mellow but also set in his ways in a bit.
            Aq Sun, Cap Moon, Scorp ASC.
            Former stage actor.
            I’m just glad it works for us.

      • Very interesting, VF. Perhaps Chiron is there as a teacher or healer? I tend to think of it as a catalyst.

        In asteroid fun – transiting Juno, the partnership asteroid, opposes BJ’s Mercury. Asteroid Requiem is conjunct his natal Mercury. Asteroid Chaos is conjunct Boris’ Sun in Gemini, and the Wedding MC. I noticed, too, that Saturn is conjunct Boris’ Part of Fortune.
        And asteroid Damocles is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces for the wedding ceremony, and Carrie’s Mercury.

        • Lol, Jane. The asteroids can be very entertaining and often seem like a background comic chorus to a situation or individual.

  11. Wow!

    I said the other day it was an unusually dull Uranus transit to her Venus when they sent the “Save the Date” cards for next summer.

    But here was the surprise we didn’t see coming. Maybe from their perspective, the uranus transit was a sudden decision to get it done.

    Good luck to them but really hard to feel confident given the characters involved, the wedding chart and so on. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they get it annulled in two months time!

    • Maybe power but fame really doesn’t seem to have been her thing. Barely seen any pictures of the baby and now a secret wedding. It’s hardly the Katie Price “Hello” magazine shoots approach to fame.

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