Boris bounces back almost certainly too soon


Boris Johnson is back at work only two weeks after leaving hospital having been in intensive care to announce the lockdown must continue to prevent a second wave. Other virus sufferers say the recovery takes weeks, perhaps even months, so it’s almost certainly too soon for him to be back to fighting fitness.

Saturn was square his Scorpio Moon and Neptune conjunct his Chiron when he took ill and both of these influences will return later in the year – Saturn on his Moon from mid-June to early July and Neptune on his Chiron in October to late January 2021. His Progressed Moon is still conjunct his Neptune for another few weeks. His Solar Arc Uranus will also move to conjunct his Moon – on the same degree within a few weeks and exact in 8 months. Tr Neptune is also moving through his 6th for years to come so looking after his health and fitness will be crucial. And following that by mid-2022 his Solar Arc Saturn will oppose his Moon. The Moon rules childhood, mother, past, and adult home life as well as the body. And his is under a great deal of pressure.

This year is also critical for him in terms of Eclipses with several bouncing off various of his planets including his over excitable Martian Mutable T Square. The mid-June Solar Eclipse in Cancer is conjunct his North Node. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius in early June opposes his Mercury and squares his Pluto. The July Capricorn Lunar Eclipse will oppose his Midheaven. And the December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse will oppose his Sun and Venus which will be a definite crossroads moment of questioning where he got it wrong. So it’ll be one crisis after another for months on end into 2021, putting immense pressure on his stamina. Assuming his 2pm birth time is accurate or thereabouts then he also has a sudden-change Solar Arc MC conjunct his Uranus, exact within two months.

His Solar Return from birthday 2020 isn’t as tough as his SR from June 2019 for the year thereafter which had a catastrophic Saturn Pluto opposition Mars and a 6th house Sun. But depending on whether it is located to his birthplace of New York or London, it still looks exceptionally challenging. His Lunar Return for the month after this coming June 2 has similar placings to the 8th April one which saw him hospitalised. It needn’t necessarily repeat in exactly the same way but will be high stress.

His Government chart, 13 December 2019 11 am London, isn’t quite as aimless and indecisive as Theresa May’s but not far behind. The Theresa May Term chart had a Sun and Moon square Neptune, his only has a Sun square Neptune. But, as we’ve seen, it has been shambolic and not exactly on top of the practicalities of the crisis. It’ll be rattled by the June Solar Eclipse conjunct its happy-go-lucky, over-optimistic Jupiter opposition Moon; and more so by the December Sagittarius Eclipse conjunct its Sun.

The Government chart will be nerve-stretched by events in June – maybe a Brexit moment of reckoning (yet another!!) – and on a more disastrous slide from October till late January 2021, which is a repeat of this year’s March influence when the virus crisis started to escalate alarmingly. 2021 looks a lacklustre year for the government with tr Neptune square the Sun; with the June 2021 Gemini Solar Eclipse opposition the Government Sun for another series of calamities. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t see out 2021 since by that time the Solar Arc Saturn will have closed the conjunction to the Venus and Pluto.


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  1. From FT:
    So far, Spain has recorded 517 deaths per million people, Italy 453, France 353, and the UK 325. By contrast, Slovakia has recorded 4, Poland 16, the Czech Republic 21 and Austria 65.
    Possible reasons for East Europe’s low incidence. I. Luck – Italy and the UK had first infections in January. The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, did not record their first cases until the first week of March, giving them time to understand the risks. “There wasn’t any of the misguided exceptionalism we saw in the UK. No one looked at Italy and said: that would never happen to us.”
    2. Among first countries to close their borders, and introduce other far-reaching restrictions on daily life i.e. no mass events. “They did not have the Cheltenham festival . . . These big gatherings really do seem to have driven [the spread of the virus].”
    3. Masks – quickly required citizens to wear masks outside their homes, even though the WHO was not advising them.

    • Revised UK death statistics show that 1200 people, including those in care homes, died on April 10th – the biggest daily death total in Europe so far. England has the worst excess death rate in Europe, worse than much maligned Italy, and unlike the rest of Europe, the rate is not flattening. The big scandal brewing in the UK is that elderly people are being left to die in care homes (this is a bit Pluto in Capricorn) rather than being transferred to hospitals, so it appears the NHS is coping, which is why the public are supportive of Boris and the government, but it conceals the real toll of Covid-19 in the UK.

  2. I had an interesting telephone conversation with my (Tory) MP last week. She’s fairly new, having gained her seat in December. Since then, she pointed out our new government has had to deal with Brexit, biblical floods and a pandemic. All during a period of less than five months. The near-death of our Prime Minister, and the simultaneous illness of several of our key ministers and advisors – didn’t help matters. Also remember, the country has had virtually no real government for years, given the weakness of Cameron, followed by the disastrous Teresa May – with Jeremy Corbyn supposedly providing an Opposition. So our unfortunate government inherited an absolute mess, which would normally take years to sort, which was then followed by a series of momentous events the like of which have not been seen for several hundred years. Under such circumstances, most governments would have been brought to their knees. I agree with Hugh in that with the benefit of hindsight, everyone has suddenly become an expert in viruses and logistics. And whilst the forums are full of those lobbing verbal bombs at Boris and his team, do they honestly think that if Corbyn had got in instead things would have worked out so much better? All things considered, we are fortunate to have a team strong enough not to have buckled under the crushing weight of these historic events. Whilst I consider myself politically ambiguous, I’m glad we have Boris at the helm right now. I wish him and his new baby boy – what a chart! – all the best.

    • Well Brexit is a mess of their own making. Interesting to see what the astrology predicts regarding the economy in 2021 it doesn’t look good.

    • Of course, given many other different variables and combination of such, things could have worked out so much better, but we will now never know what could have been and it is not productive to speculate. However, let’s be reminded that as a government they are working with what they have designed collectively and implemented to date, whether they now want to point a finger among their own or not. Anyway, on wards we go …..!

    • I’m no fan of Theresa May, but her premiership was hardly a walk in the park. A warring party, ERG and DUP on her back, exhausting marathon talks in EU, several massive, devastating terrorist attacks….and let’s not forget Boris along with Gove basically ran away.

      Would you draw parallels with the way the “MSM” treated Gordon Brown after the global financial crisis?

      The Conservative party, including the current leadership, not so long ago voted to block a pay rise for nurses, when in recent years many of those nurses have been forced to visit food banks. They ran the NHS into the ground. If the “MSM” are going to heavily scrutinise them and their 80 seat majority, I for one am not going to lose any sleep over it.

  3. Just noticed how important Mars is here, as chart ruler, and ruler of sixth house (health), plus being the vocational indicator. Those of you have have Sakoian & Acker’s brilliant book about the planet rising before the Sun being the vocational indicator, which is one of the best discoveries in astrology). Note that Mars is natally in his 8th, close to the node.
    The prog. Mars now in the last critical degree of 29 Cancer, which Charles Carter associated with bronchitis! thus about to oppose transit Saturn at 1 Aquarius…..what means it, folks, that his prog. node is conjunct the natal node now at the end of the 8th> This happens every 18 yrs or so but usually marks a change of direction/heart. Prog Mercury exactly opposes his natal Saturn, both square on to the natal Moon….looks as though his heart is absolutely not in it. His prog Moon and ascendant are at mid-Sag and coming up to oppose the (Mars (Venus) in the 8th again, so there is much 2nd/8th house emphasis and the deeply personal prog Moon conj pr Ascendant….

    He has only the Sun in a cardinal sign so his physical energy has never been high. He has three planets in Earth, which makes that his strongest element (surprise) but his health and passion won’t match his changed motivation. His heart is not in it anymore.

    • That is fascimating. I learn so much when I call in here with my cuppa! One of the best astrosites imo , populated by kind and generous souls.Thank you all.

    • Very insightful! We were speculating about lack of “enthusiasm” on his chart after General Elections. I suppose this reflected also lack of motivation.

    • Great post Maggy, thank you. Interesting about Mars, the prolonged transit through Aries are going to hit his SA Saturn and SA Mars too. On the bright side, maybe it’s a more mature, responsible him, but I totally agree about the change of heart

  4. I wonder about the effect of the Jupiter transit through Aquarius in 2021. This will be trine Boris’ Gemini planets and opposite his solar arc planets. Jupiter was fortunate for him over the election but given the rest of the chart may have the role here of blowing up his ideas/views/ actions to an realistic extent – something that l believe Trump suffers from. Or he has some luck!

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  6. we need genetic marker saliva test ‘insta” test(flourescence,) to identify asymptotic carriers. retinal scan for virus at airports and public transit . ultraviolet radiation treatment.?

  7. “So it’ll be one crisis after another for months on end into 2021, putting immense pressure on his stamina.”

    Chiron will also transit Boris’s Descendant, moving back and forth over that angle from May 2021 onwards into March 2022 at the same time opposing Pluto in his 12th, the house of isolation and withdrawal. I think Chiron is quite important in Johnson’s natal chart – it is in his 6th house which I feel is Chiron’s natural home (I have it in the 6th and health wise it has played a transformative role in my life). Then there’s the conjunction with Neptune when he succumbed to the virus earlier in April, but it also squares his natal Gemini Mercury within a degree, giving a Chirotic feel to his Sun sign. Plus it is part of a Grand Trine along with Neptune in Scorpio and his M.C. in Cancer. Neptune in the 6th can lay you open to health issues. I went through this transit myself and it was gruelling and painful. He needs to attend to the physical body, even as a Gemini he cannot play the eternal boy forever.

  8. The Conservatives have a majority of over 80 seats over all other parties so I would expect the government to run its full term. Whether Johnson stays as PM is another matter and may depend on his health. The Coronavirus does not just effect the UK even though you might think that from reading the British MSM. Nor do the bare statistics of infection and death really support the argument that the UK has been more shambolic than Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands which all have rates per million population similar to the UK. Many of these countries experienced identical problems with obtaining PPE early in the crisis and some such as France have done no more testing than the UK. My personal opinion is that Johnson was a week late in imposing the lockdown. His government was also negligent in not putting in better testing at its borders early on in the pandemic. However, it is guaranteed if they had locked down early and quarantined all passengers like New Zealand they would have been criticised for being oppressive by the same people who are attacking them now for not acting soon enough. The UK government bureaucracy is something of a steam roller that is not quick to respond to crisis but over time it is capable of organising centralised responses at scale as the bringing extra hospital beds online in temporary hospitals shows. Countries like Germany which have a decentralised health system and more private sector involvement are generally quicker to respond but the German health chief interviewed recently was not that critical of the UK response to the coronavirus in the article he read. He thought once activated the NHS and PHE would be good at mobilising resources. To be honest I am getting a little tired of reading and listening to a media full of people who are geniuses with hindsight. The outer planetary influences are truly global at the moment so if there is a second wave of the virus in the new year it is unlikely just to impact the UK.

    • “Nor do the bare statistics of infection and death really support the argument that the UK has been more shambolic than Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands which all have rates per million population similar to the UK.”

      Countries report deaths differently, are on different states of the epidemic, so the only way to truly judge these “bare statistics” is to look at the eccess deaths at first part of 2020 in a couple of months from now. I don’t expect any of these countries to do particularly well, but I expect at least Italy, ultimately, look better, because there are entire regions of the country barely touched by covid-19 thanks to the government acknowledging the damage that would have be done if it had spread to poorer South, where healthcare would have been easily overwhelmed.

      Also, I see that the discussion has, in many countries, shifted from how to handle the immediate health crisis to social and economic (and I want to put these two things in this order) crisis we’re facing. Most countries are thinking of, and some have already at place, an exit strategy. I see little of that happening in The UK. This will not only hurt individual people on psychological sense, but businesses as well. This is not a War, where there really isn’t telling when everything is over. One can have guidelines.

      • There is a streak of ideological resistance towards government intervention, in social & economic policy, ingrained in the UK. The mantra of ‘rolling back the state’ has powerful resonance amplified by large swathes of the UK media. Hence it won’t be particularly surprising if the UK will be catching up with other countries, rather than taking the initiative, in dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and the ensuing social and economic turbulence.

    • Thank you for your sane and considered thoughts. So refreshing when everybody else is knowing better than and bashing whatever Government is “failing” to cope with, whatever anybody says, is a once in a lifetime crisis. And this one has only been in office for just over 4 months, following a disastrous “do nothing” period in Western European history following a financial crisis some 12 years ago.

  9. That October to late Jan 2021 slide looks like a second wave of COVID19. Some bleak times ahead, hopefully by summer 2021 we get some fantastic antivirals or a vaccine.

    • Harold, I think even if we end up with a vaccine, this virus will not go away because there is a HUGE groundswell of anti-vaxxer sentiments out there that are growing at an alarming rate across many countries under these aggressive conspiracy beliefs that are saturating social media at the moment (there is growing evidence to suggest its Russian manipulation). Unless these people comply, the virus is going nowhere. Even if they make it mandatory, the anti-vaxxer would rather die than be vaccinated.

      These people seen on the news going out in public in the States, demanding that the lockdown be lifted and jeopardizing other’s health and welfare is going to be a walk in the park compared to what is waiting on the horizon for us all. I have my worries that the big pandemic signature that awaits in 2026 (Neptune and Saturn moving into the sign of Aries) is going to be coming from the seeds being sown today. I’m usually a lot more cheerful-looking about the future but its a bit disconcerting when you see these militant conspiracy muppets who just will not get back in their damn boxes and putting everybody else at high risk! Unless they comply, the global population is going to be at enormous risk. Hope this all turns out to be a damp squib!

      • Oh yes because Bill Gates is going to inject us all with microchips that will read our thoughts, or something….!

        If it’s any consolation historically, pandemics have been the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories. The unfairly named ‘Spanish Flu’ of 1918/19, with the horror of WWI so recent gave rise to accusations against Germany. It was said that Germany had cultivated the virus as a biological weapon with fears that the German authorities had contaminated exported Aspirin. The Black Death of the 1340s gave rise to horrific attacks on Jewish communities in Europe because it was thought they, using leprosy victims had poisoned the wells. The preposterous Flagellant Movement arose because it was believed that God was angry and had sent the pandemic as a punishment. The London plague was blamed on Dutch immigrants whose communities were violently attacked. In Florence in 1523, the populace were forcibly barricaded. Niccolò Machiavelli wrote at the time;

        “Many are looking for the cause behind this affliction, some say the predictions of the astrologists threaten us, others that the prophets had predicted it; there are those who remember some prodigy … so that everyone concludes that not only the plague, but an infinite number of other calamities are to befall us.”

        History teaches us that human being’s tendency to paranoia during an event that gives rise to uncertainty is a constant.

        • Thanks for this, virgoflake 🙂 It appears we don’t learn anything. It’s utter fear at the root of all this madness. Then they just project it outwards onto what they believe is the cause. On a lighter note, I found this really funny meme called ‘This is What Facebook Sounds Like’ which explains the explosion of conspiracy theories more so since lockdown. It had me howling in fits of laughter!

          “The Germans invented 5G so they could use bats to spread chemtrails to distract you from the lizard paedophile ring in the monarchy. However, the Chinese caught the bats and used them to send telepathic viruses to humans to control the population. Prince Charles wrote to ask the House of Lords to say he had Coronavirus because Charles himself flew both planes into the world trade centre because his dog got autism from Williams MMR vaccination and Jimmy Savile cured cancer but kept the cure secret. He kept it secret because Paul McCartney died in 1969 and John Lennon faked his own death to become TuPac.”

          When you’re in fear you just CANNOT think straight 😀 😀 😀

      • Hi Jo

        At the other end of the spectrum, it comes across to me that if you are usually ‘a lot more cheerful-looking about the future …’ you wouldn’t sound so defeated about what the future could look like and have bought into all the fear mongering whichever way. Personally, I sit in the middle, and everything will work out okay in the end.

        Anti-vaxxers will not be the downfall of mankind, I’m sure of that, even with all their defiance and unruliness in our democratic world. Unless… …?! Just a thought.

        • Well l know l shall be first in the queue for a vaccine if l can. Anti vaxxers are welcome to take the risk. I also think your political affiliations can colour your interpretation of the astrology. There are several vaccines in development, two in China which are expected to be in use by late summer, as well as two here in the UK, so not all doom and gloom.

        • Yes, I tend to be hopeful about the future, but can sometimes get caught up in the current insanity (especially when so much can get shoved in your face when trying to sidestep certain subjects), and I get pulled back into a bit of fear myself (but its reminders of being swallowed up in these beliefs in the past, so I guess I can still get a little triggered by it).

          I was having one of those moments when I wrote that above. I do think everything will work out all for the best in the end, and I do believe we are moving into a different way of living, but sometimes I can get concerned by what I’m seeing. It’s just best to switch off the news and social media regularly. It’s only one view of reality that can get distorted through its lens. It doesn’t have to be mine. Think I’ll go and take a stroll by the nearby beach with the dog and get some much needed fresh air <3

          • Those raging tinfoilhatters can get under one’s skin at times – YouTube is particularly bad I find! At the risk of sounding utterly pretentious, there’s Sophocles’ “Ode to Man” from his Antigone, which I learned by heart when studying C5th Athens. He wrote the play in 441 BCE, a decade or more before the devastating Plague of Athens. Of Humankind the ode says – “Never without resources, never an impasse as he marches on the future – only Death, from Death alone he will find no rescue, but from desperate plagues he has plotted his escape.”

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