Anna Wintour – a talent and a target

Anna Wintour, goddess of high fashion and editor-in-chief of Vogue, has more than the economic downturn and a troubled magazine business to worry about. A scathing memoir from André Leon Talley, a colleague for many years who until 2013 was editor-at-large at Vogue, is hurtling down the tracks. He claims, like others before him, that she is ice-cold – ‘nuclear wintour’ – and cuts off old friends who are no longer of use or sufficiently A-list. She was portrayed as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada so she’s used enough to being caricatured but this may hurt.

She was born 3 November 1949 and is an intense Sun Scorpio in a controlling square to Pluto; with her Sun also in an innovative trine to Uranus and sextile both Mars and Saturn in workaholic Virgo. Her Moon is in Aries which is a tricky mix with a Scorpio Sun; and her Venus in colourful Sagittarius is widely squares Saturn.

She’s undoubtedly talented in her field and her 22nd Harmonic, usually strong with world-class talent, has an emphasised Venus Jupiter which is the fashion signature, as well as a ruthlessly determined Mars. Her creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong as is her obsessive and enduring 11H.

Tr Uranus will oppose her Sun from this July onwards, so she will be moving into a year of upheaval and change; with more in 2021/22 from her Uranus/Pluto midpoint being triggered. The tr Uranus square tr Saturn will be bouncing off her Sun in 2021 which won’t be easy. Though 2021/22 will also see tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter for more success and riches.

Andre Talley, 16 October 1949, is close to her in age, though he has a Libra Sun and his Mars in showy Leo is in a frustrated and angry conjunction to Pluto.

Their relationship chart has tr Saturn square the composite Sun exactly now as early reports and excerpts from the book have emerged. So the frost will get deeper.

Vogue, 17 December 1892, has struggled in recent years in the midst of a changing industry; and will be facing more forced change with tr Uranus opposing the Uranus from this June onwards; with an undermining and disappointing tr Neptune conjunct the Mars in 2021 and moving onto square the Sagittarius Sun by 2022. Followed by a financially sticky 2023/24.

The publisher Conde Nast chart, 24 June 1909, has similar with the Solar Eclipse this June conjunct the Cancer Sun for a crisis thereafter; and 2022 looking financially blocked.

6 thoughts on “Anna Wintour – a talent and a target

    • Some time ago, CNN posted an article (it now seems to have vanished) about her and the sunglasses. The article never offered any explanation other than is was her “trademark fashion statement”. Very evasive. I was left feeling she waw quite insecure about herself; sunglasses or oversized glasses are supposed to deflect what the person wishes to hide from public.

  1. I’ve been told that l could be Anna Wintour’s double! Amazingly l almost share her birthday, l was born on the 2nd of November just before midnight! Although our life choices and personalities are vastly different (l hope!)

  2. Thanks Marjorie. It’s interesting how the Conde Nast chart links with that for Vogue. The Vogue Neptune and Pluto in publishing Gemini square the Conde Nast Jupiter in Virgo, so I’m curious to see whether November’s Gemini lunar eclipse sends out some ripples. It’s followed by the December Sagittarius solar eclipse, square Mars for Vogue. I guess we’ll see ripples everywhere now, as all the changes that have been brewing are accelerated by Covid19 and its aftermath, or indeed it’s second wave. At the moment it’s hard to see the usual shows going ahead in the normal way too. The circus may have to be scaled back.

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