Baby for Boris and Carrie – a turbo-charged Taurus



Carrie Symonds gave birth early this morning to a baby boy with fiancée Boris Johnson present. No time as yet so I’ll redo when that appears. But he is a lively, rebellious and enduring Sun, Uranus, Mercury in Taurus in a hard-working and autocratic square to Saturn; with a stubbornly contrary Mars in Aquarius. Plus the supercharged Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn, so not short on confidence. A social butterfly Venus in Gemini trines Mars for passionate enthusiasm. A Cancer Moon may oppose Pluto Jupiter if the birth was later than 2am, which fits with Carrie’s Sun Moon in Pisces though it will collide with her Neptune Mars in Capricorn. And her Pluto in Scorpio will oppose Boris Jnr’s Sun and Uranus which could make for some ‘terrible twos’ and teenage rebellion.

Will do more when time emerges.

10 thoughts on “Baby for Boris and Carrie – a turbo-charged Taurus

  1. Wow, that Sun/Uranus conjunction is also ruled by a slow moving Venus at 27n declination (trine Mars in Aquarius) – quite rebellious indeed. The marked Venus and Moon in domicile and all those Taurus planets, interesting. The Mars in Aquarius may be softened by the trine to Venus, as well as contra-antiscia (for trad astrologers) and/or bi-novile (for modern astrologers) link to the Sun/Uranus, which I think both schools of astro thought would see as a mitigating factor.
    Glad mother and baby are doing well, that is good news

  2. Well, we don’t know Carrie’s details at all, but she is a Sun/Moon (late) Pisces and also has Mercury at the beginning of that sign….. she has 6 earth planets and 4 water – i.e. no air or fire! Highly unusual, though of course the ascendant may be in one of those elements….. so there is a strong possibility of a water or earth ascendant….perhaps 3.45 am-ish if the baby has a Pisces ascendant…. Her Sun/Moon Pisces squares the Sat/Ur (Neptune) conjunction so Saturn/Uranus could indicate Aquarius as his ascendant as well….it would also indicate the sudden arrival perhaps.

  3. Wasn’t the original due date in June? So, the birth was at least 5-6 weeks, possibly nearer to 8 weeks, premature? Not necessarily alarming, but there are some health risks when babies are 8 weeks premature. Strong Taurus will help with health, although that fixed Saturn-Mercury square could indicate neurological issues, such as learning difficulties.

    • I think they said the baby was due in “early summer”. If he is eight weeks premature then wouldn’t he be in a special baby unit now? The lunchtime news just announced he is “healthy”. Perhaps the Sun,Uranus, Mercury indicates a hasty birth, or a sudden arrival? A lively and curious child in any case, and quite possibly a little eccentric!

      Boris is certainly having huge life-changing experiences in quick succession. He was at the birth too. I wonder how all of this will change him, and whether those changes will be visible to the general public? Or affect his future career? Wish them and the new baby well anyway.

      • “If he is eight weeks premature then wouldn’t he be in a special baby unit now?”

        I don’t know about The UK, but here, not necessarily. Week 32+0 will be considered “intermediate premature” here, and may require some help in temperature regulation and oxigenation, but don’t need to be fed and mainly stay with mother at ward. That said, I’m more inclined to think the pregnancy was at least a couple of weeks ahead of this timeline, because as Marjorie said, Boris’ grown children may not have been happy.

        • Yes, I agree with both Solaia and Marjorie about fudging the real date because of family reactions to the news. Wonder how they feel today?
          Re the premature baby unit, I was going by the birth of my neice, eight weeks premature, very tiny and they were in hospital for while with her. It was like holding a little doll, but she was perfect and healthy.

    • Or maybe they were a touch evasive about the date since his children from the previous marriage were evidently furious with him. So the later it sounded the better.

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