Neptune – massive events in changeover years

Neptune, god of the oceans and tempests, a channel for spiritual enlightenment, creativity and compassion or entrenched delusion and dishonesty. A shape-shifter, it feigns weakness and timidity when in reality it has a ferocious streak which oversees wars, epidemics, disasters and lies of significant magnitude.

One example is the recent upsurge in anti-vaxxers which was triggered in 1998 exactly at the time when Neptune moved into Aquarius. Aquarius the sign of science plus Neptune the sign of duplicity is not a good combination. It started from the now-disgraced medic UK Andrew Wakefield’s Lancet article in 1998 suggesting a link between the measles vaccine and autism. That was later characterised as “the most damaging medical hoax of the 20th Century.” And also called ‘a disinformation bomb.’ It has led to a sharp drop in vaccination rates and the resurgence of measles in several countries. Wakefield, himself (no birth date sadly) was born in 1957 when Neptune was again on a cuspal year moving into Scorpio.

The majority of prominent anti-vaxxer’s charts have strong/afflicted Neptunes. Robert F Kennedy Jnr has Sun Mercury opposition Uranus square Neptune; Jamel Holley has Saturn Sun Mercury square Neptune; William Tebb, an early anti-vaxxer had Sun Mercury square Neptune. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have strong Mercury Neptune hard aspects.

Religious groups (Neptunian) as well as populist rabble rousers have been prominent in many anti-vaccination campaigns leading to a surge in polio cases in Pakistan, Nigeria, Italy and the Philippines with HPV-vaccine resistance in Japan.

Another example of a Neptune Ingress would be the phenomenon of yellow journalism = exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism = popularised by William Randolph Hearst in the 1890s who made his first foray into the newspaper business a few years earlier as Neptune moved into Gemini, which is an apt description for a truth-twisting business, especially as it was then amplified by corrupt Pluto.

Not quite in the same category but interesting, the birth of the psychoanalytic movement came as Neptune moved into Cancer in 1902 and Sigmund Freud started to hold weekly professional meeting with other interested doctors. It burgeoned into one of the most influential movements of the 20th Century, extending out into the arts as well as healing. The first barbiturate was also produced. Neptune spreads ideas for good or ill; and in this case arguably undermined the family (Cancer) by focussing on individualism.

It got me pondering about the years of Neptune’s shiftover into a new sign, as will happen in 2025 into Aries. Every time Neptune has moved into a new sign over the past 150 years there were events of considerable magnitude,  in the early stages. in addition to the above.

1861 Neptune into Aries coincided with the American Civil War.

1914 into Leo for World War 1. Plus Charlie Chaplin’s first film; and another narcotic analgesic developed.

1929 into Virgo for the end of the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. First colour television demos and first BBC TV transmission.

1942/42 into Libra during World War 11 when the Holocaust got under way.

1957 into Scorpio when Sputnik 1 became the first satellite to orbit the earth. H2N2 flu killed 1 million globally (Saturn was square Pluto then as well).

1970 into Sagittarius when the first Earth Day was celebrated for environmental protection.

1984 into Capricorn when the Ethiopian famine killed 1 million, triggering BandAid/Bob Geldof and a global charitable effort.

1998 into Aquarius for the Kosovo War start, and the 2nd Congo War which killed 5.4 million, the bloodiest conflict since WW11. The Good Friday Agreement brought peace to Northern Ireland. European Central Bank switch over to euro currency.

2011 into Pisces for the Arab Spring, Bin Laden killed, Kim Jong Il dies. Stock Exchange slide with European Sovereign Debt and USA financial crisis. Occupy Wall Street protests.

Not quite what you might expect from Neptune but there are common themes in the changeover years.

When Neptune was first discovered on 23 September 1846 there was an exact and extraordinarily powerful and brutal Yod of Pluto in Aries sextile Neptune Saturn in Aquarius inconjunct Mars, giving a hint of its attributes.

See previous post August 27 2019 for Neptune in Aries.

Do pitch in with any additional thoughts and I’ll add to the text as it goes.

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  1. Quote “Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847-1862. In the first year or so, we had Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, which has arguably had a great effect on the world ever since.”

    This is without doubt as the rulers of the countries, such as Stalin, Mao, Kim il Sung and Fidel Castro, who have ruled claiming to be following his principles have between them murdered more of their own populations than any others.

    • America hardly has a stellar record for human rights, esp against blacks and minorities from south of the border, let’s not forget.

    • Christopher, Many other rulers of countries outside of the ones you mention and who don’t follow the Communist principles have murdered many other populations than their own. Does that make it better or them better than those you quote? Just wondering!!

      • Yes there have been other leaders who have subjected other countries populations to war or famine . My own in Ireland, Napoleon and Hitler in Europe, the settlers in the US etc., but the Marxists are unique in the way that they murder or starve or to death or brutally imprison any of their own populations who show any hint of resistance to their rule.

        The current example of this is the Uyghur’s. A large number of them have been herded into what are effectively concentration camps for “re-education” or more truthfully the destruction of their way of life.

          • The Marxists are the same as nearly all religions, they claim that they are right, their way is the only one and the fundamentalists within them also believe that any opposition must be destroyed by killing those who disagree.

  2. The last transit of Neptune in Pisces in the 1840s was the beginning of the oil industry. The present transit may see its fall. Also, Neptune is associated with drugs. Neptune in its home sign brought the legalization of marijuana here in Canada and in many parts of the US as well.
    Neptune also rules alcohol and addiction. My father had a Neptunian chart and was an alcoholic. We share Mars in Pisces. I have mostly avoided substance abuse but do enjoy scotch and a good glass of wine.
    Neptune rules intuition of course. Transiting Neptune at 20 Pisces is now conjunct my wife’s Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in her 5th opposite Saturn and my daughter’s Moon in the 7th square a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in her 4th. Both are incredibly intuitive. I have had occasional ESP myself in my day.
    Neptune rules socialism. Last Neptune in Pisces brought Marx and trade unions. This one brought Bernie Sanders so far. The last President elected at the tail end of Neptune in Pisces was Lincoln. This transit will repeat in 2024. Neptune in Aries brings war for higher values, in 1863 the Proclamation of Emancipation of American slaves. It ended with sacrifice (Neptune) by a shot to Lincoln’s head (Aries). The President elected in 2024 with Neptunian compassion (Pisces) should bring Medicare for all by the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of February 2026. Neptune in Aries always coincides with a US Uranus return, which has always meant a major war for survival (War of Independence, Civil War, D-Day and 2027-28). The second Neptune in Aries in US history will appear with the 4th Uranus return.

  3. (I have not read any of the other comments yest, sorry!)

    “1861 Neptune into Aries coincided with the American Civil War.”

    So perhaps another revolution when Neptune enters Aries in 2025?

    The USA progressed chart – on the 30th of March 2025 (ingress of Nept in Aries): Sun at 20 Pisces/ Moon at 4º Aries in the cusp of the 8th house (a transformation/revolution – 8th – of the people – moon?).
    I’ve no idea. Just decided to see.

    It’s also interesting that Neptune in Aries will be conjunct Venus (28º Pisces), North Node (27º Pisces) and Mercury (0º Aries). –> a “revolution” (so to speak) of the arts? A new type of art being born? Something new and original (Aries).

  4. Love this article on Neptune, and I have needed it. Thank you. Please continue. Neptune has problems with boundaries and alcoholism if used incorrectly. He is also one for music, which helps me with the energy. Boundary problems. No, the United States will not have a civil war. No. I am an American, and my families have been here since 1621, remember Jamestown Virginia? Poor boundaries have hollowed out the middle of the country with Globalization and there are forgotten people who have been really hurt and left behind and it is now time to deal with it. All our Pharma and manufacturing is in China and look how well this has served us in this crises. This whole contagion thing may have us rethink globalization, open borders and the forgotten man. In addition to sending our money out of the country. So who knows. There has long been an argument here between states rights versus federal rights, and it will come up again. In the USA it is important to live in a nice State. Each with their own charts by the way based on when they joined the Union.

    • I’ve always loathed the “Second American Civil War” peddling that’s been really going on at some parts of astrological community since Pluto went to Capricorn. I grew up with my grandfather, who was a young teen when my country went through a Civil War in the early 20th Century. Grandmother and another grandfather were born just a couple of years later. Having heard their stories, and then stories from people from places that have had more recent Civil Wars, I just don’t see how this would happen in The US. One common theme for all these Civil Wars is that there are always more powerful “players” inciting and arming the belligrants, at least initially. And I’m thinking, who would back the “insurgents” here? Maybe China or Russia, but they have really little to gain from The US Government TRULY failing.

      Also, should say, this message is brought to you by a Saturn – Pluto/Sun – Neptune sextile series.

      • You are correct about the dynamics involved with the “civil wars” which have occurred outside the United States. That being said, the American Civil War was different, as it was based on philosophical differences between Americans regarding, among other things, state’s rights, vs. the authority of the federal government, as applied to other social issues of the day, e.g., slavery. We are very much in the same place again, here in the US, as evidenced by the carnival of chaos fueled by political polarization, presently on display to the horror of our allies. The most hard core Trump supporters can be found in the militia groups of the far right, who are on the rise, and are even in the majority in some areas of the US, such as Washington state, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Texas. These people are all armed, speak openly about the need to defend against the abuse of power by the federal government ( typically citing Ruby Ridge, along with the exploits of their folk hero, Cliven Bundy), and are so xenophobic that the last thing they would ever accept is help from outside the US. ( Isn’t that why they have the NRA?) The astrology behind all this madness is beyond my depth, but then again, maybe this is a glimpse of that wild side of Neptune. If so, the prospect of Neptune ( dissolution of structure) in Aries ( war, military, individualism, explosions) is truly frightening.

        • I’ve followed those “well armed militias” for quite a few years, too, and went through many podcasts on them prior to covid-19 developments taking most of my attentiin. What’s significant is that ultimately they don’t seem to share a coherent ideological or organizational base. Not only, they tend to lack discipline internally. “Splits” are common. Most members are in horrible physical shape and seem to know less about handling guns I do (I have never fired one, but I grew up in a rural area where most people do have hunting weapons and learning basic gun safety is inevitable).

          What I’m more afraid of is some sort of a fascist coup backed by at least part of military.

          • Given Trump’s call for gun-toting far right activists to protest against lockdown, I feel we’re already getting a glimpse of what the combination of a charismatic leader & ignorance can bring.
            Of course, a lot can change in 5 years, but then again, w someone like a Kushner & Stephen Miller “maturing” politically, plus ça change….

        • The fundamental challenge between North and South resulted in the extinction and obliteration of an entire population and culture. Slavery versus non-slavery.

  5. Neptune has been much abused and misunderstood by astrologers in recent years who have almost consistently negative interpretations. For instance, few have mentioned that Neptune in Aquarius was the golden age of astronomy which brought renewed and greater wonder at the skies from the outset when telescope Hubble was launched; its images still amaze most of us and have had a profound cultural and psychological impact. Neptune was a prelude to Pluto’s transit of Aquarius, which should upend our view of the universe. I note that Mars and Saturn in Aquarius have just brought an official governmental release of UFO videos by the Pentagon.
    On a personal note, I have Neptune in the 10th, which is also almost always interpreted negatively. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982 was one degree away from natal Neptune. That is when I became an idealistic lawyer involved in very intense political power struggles. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 90s square natal Neptune intensified them. There were great highs and some lows. Now, near the end of my career, as Pluto squares natal Neptune, these issues come roaring back for a final resolution. I have finally, after searching for many years, read a positive interpretation of Neptune in the 10th recently: it is, for good or for ill, the savior complex. I believe this is relevant in my case, doubly so because natal Neptune is exactly square natal Chiron and Mercury is only two degrees away. Also, Neptune is exactly sextile Moon and square both the Sun and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. No wonder I’m a huge fan.

    • Wow Andre you make Neptune sound good. I do agree it is almost always given a bad rap even when it trines I think. I have it in 4th house and it grand trines Sun/Mercury and Chiron but have never gotten a good sense of how to use it except i get amazing dreams and am very creative .

      • Neptune is a blend of art and science I feel. I have Neptune in the 3rd, conjunct Moon, Mars and a retrograde Mercury, all sextile Pluto on the Ascendant. I think in pictures and find words quite difficult to organise, hence my frequent spelling mistakes and think I may have mild dyslexia. I trained as an illustrator but am also a keen photographer and film buff and also have , epic dreams and an amazingly good memory. My mother is also Neptunian, with Neptune rising opposition Sun/Venus in Pisces and my brother also had Neptune rising conjunct moon. Sister has Moon opposition Neptune and cousin has Moon opposition Neptune in Taurus/Scorpio.

        • Interesting about the family stamp. My mother was Neptune on the Midheaven. My sister is Sun Pisces opposition Neptune. Father Sun Moon Neptune. I have Neptune on Venus Mars Ascendant and square Saturn MC. Doesn’t seem to go back to the previous generation mind you.
          I do have a photographic memory, love art, movies and music, wanted to be a photographer.
          Most strange I never thought of us being a Neptunian family.

          • I have a T-square in my chart of Sun Virgo opp. Jupiter Pisces that squares onto a singular Neptune Sagittarius (my only planet in a fire sign). I’m not too sure how that plays out, but my 3H Neptune helps with a big imagination (I love creative writing, art, movies, music, etc., too) I found I struggled a LOT with academia. I find it easier when a big picture is thrown at me and I can break it down in my own way to understand where the seems fit. But when something is broken down for me, I struggle to put the bigger picture together, even after being shown. If that makes sense?

            I and others believe I am on the borderline of the Asperger’s spectrum (was supposed to go for appointments in May.) And the boundary thing has come up for me too. I don’t know if its because my Neptune is in the communication house, and combined with having a Mars conjunction Pluto sitting close by, I have been known and told off for ‘boundaries.’ I don’t intentionally go out to make people uncomfortable, but that Mars/Pluto helps me see and dig intuitively beneath the surface (and be right more often than not), and the Neptune makes me ask questions. I don’t realize I might make people uncomfortable. I’m mortified if I am aware I have upset someone or they take an instant dislike to me.

            I just find society strange! Everyone wants to know in the first few meetings how many lovers you’ve had, which ways you’ve done it, where you go drinking, etc. And nobody genuinely seems to connect in a gradual way. Or so it appears that way to me. Intuition and questions help me make sense of the map. But many people don’t like questions, just familiar places to find others and just naturally ‘fit’ without being identified/understood by too much probing – which feels Neptunian to me in nature. I can’t do the fun stuff until I know someone properly. People confuse me, that’s why I prefer animals any day of the damn week! But the Asperger’s might explain a lot of that way of thinking anyway and it not be Neptunian.

            Lastly, I have just had transit Neptune finish going through my 6th house of health. I’ve had so many ailments and journeys to the doctors and was never able to get diagnosed. After so many tests, I had one annoying doctor just sit there and say, “well, you’ll just have to learn to live with it, won’t you?” So frustrating. It’s now moved into my 7th house of personal relationships and as I don’t really have relationships these days, I couldn’t really give a toss how this transit turns out, to be honest, 😀 😀 And weirdly, may of my ailments have started to disappear. So odd.

            In regards to how Neptune manifests, I feel when you get the ‘feeling’ of a person, situation, outcome, etc. You are probably correct. But the moment you pinpoint it into a black and white result/diagnosis, etc., it suddenly morphs into something else and its outline that gave the situation a shape just dissolves into confusion. It’s a funny energy.

          • Jo, I think the 3rd house isn’t well understood and it often seems stressed when there are brain functionings which are deemed away from the norm – if I can put it that way. It’s not emotional more how the thinking mechanisms work.
            That is a wonderful description of tr Neptune through the 6th – unpin-downable ailments and then they disappear.

          • I have Sun square Neptune almost exactly (Leo to Scorpio). Growing up, there were few boundaries in my family, and my parents preferred mode of parenting was gaslighting (don’t believe your experiences, just what we tell you).They were smothering at best, and thought I was their whole life. To this day, my mother still thinks I’m 6 and cannot take care of myself.
            I have a Yod of Neptune inconjunct my Aries Moon, sextile Mercury/Pluto in Virgo, and Saturn in Taurus opposite Neptune for added fun. I work in entertainment, and have always been fascinated by the business.
            When I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast my ascendant changed from 10 Taurus to 16 Pisces. For the last 5 years, I’ve had unexplained issues with my left foot (dance aerobics/jumping became almost impossible). I became super sensitive to many foods, but other foods, which I’d previously been sensitive too were fine. My vision changed, and I became super sensitive to the light. So much so, that I’d get frequent migraines. Now that Neptune is moving off my ascendant, most of these sensitivities have disappeared, or are going away. I also took this opportunity to learn meditation, reiki and Kundalini yoga. They helped me enormously.
            As for a family stamp, my older sister is an anti-vaxxer and she has Neptune in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, Sextile Pluto/Jupiter in Leo, square Uranus in Cancer. She has a genius IQ, excelled in math/science, is a very empathetic nurse and claims she is never wrong after doing her research, but it takes the world around her 25 years to catch up to her genius. We are the only progressives in the family. She’s also prone to believing conspiracy theories. I do not, but I have a lot of earth in my chart, and she has none.
            Our dad also had a tight Sun/Neptune square. Where I’ve found solace in a higher power (but I disdain organized religion and am experiencing all of my clairs coming online), our father self medicated with alcohol, and believed in ‘fake news’ long before Kellyanne Conway coined the phrase. He was also a great salesman, and made his living in advertising. (BTW- his Neptune is exactly conjunct my south node, and for most of my life, I idealized him– but I also have Neptune in the 7th, so this has been an issue with me. I’m finally learning to take people off their pedestals.)
            My mother has Neptune in Virgo square Venus/Mars in Sagittarius. She’s clung to her Catholicism most of her life, yet is racist and extremely xenophobic. She finds Trump vulgar, but believes in his policies, much to my shame.
            This discussion has been fascinating. I’ve only ever been able to find the negative side of Neptune online, and while I’ve struggled with integrating its influence into my life, I’m finally making peace with it, and not freaking out when it starts transiting points in my chart.

        • That’s very intriguing VF. I am dyslexic, with what they call ‘visual dyslexia’. I have a retrograde Mercury sextile Neptune in the 5th. Neptune also sextiles the Moon and Venus. I can spell by looking at the picture the word makes, if the picture/shape looks wrong, I know it isn’t spelled properly. When very stressed I cannot read at all for brief periods, the words just blur and dance around. I also have epic dreams (especially now!), and a wonderful memory, largely visual. Strangely, as a child, I was very good at chess, although hopeless at maths, and generally considered very stupid by my teachers – before the dyslexia was diagnosed officially. I have often wondered about Neptune aspects and transits, and do feel we do not have anywhere near the full picture in astrology. But then, that would be very Neptunian wouldn’t it?

          • Do either of you have synaesthesia, Jane and Jo? I just ask because I really do relate to what you are both describing. I see dates as colours which makes it much easier to remember them, numbers and letters have a very subtle range of colours and I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ colour when I listen to music. And yes, words have a sort of look to them that feels right. My father almost certainly had Aspergers btw and my brother had what used to be called ‘behavioural problems’ which I now realise was most likely ADHD. Sadly, both self-medicated with alcohol.

            Neptune rules the 12th and I think Neptunians naturally feel a sense of isolation and a need for withdrawal at times, since Neptune I think is not always about merging with the collective. I can immediately think of two artists who represented alienation in their work, James Ensor who was Neptune rising in Pisces and Vincent Van Gogh who had Neptune in Pisces conjunct his MC, both charts Neptune dominant. I was always a loner as a child and teenager and it wasn’t until well into adulthood that I began to come to terms with how I was.

            Btw, Jo I had an unusual and little known condition of chronic nerve pain when Neptune was transiting my 6th which sent me on a quest to find a more wholistic method of wellbeing, combined with conventional medicine. I had Chiron there also, so a double whammy of archetypes to try and integrate!

          • I have synaethesia and a Mercury/Neptune conjunction, although I’m not dyslexic. My most dominant form is perceiving data and concepts spatially. This makes me sound a bit nuts, but I visualise it a lot with astrology – Pluto is always under my feet, deep in the ground, for example, and Uranus is far above my head. I think it’s why I look at declination a lot 😀
            And yes, colours, everyone always know which are my spreadsheets on the shared drive “ah, this is one of tara’s colourful ones” 🙂

          • No, VirgoFlake, I don’t think I have synaesthesia, although colour is a way I use to organise notes and so on. I do also see colours with music, emotions, and sometimes people. I have an artist friend with synaesthesia though, and what she describes is much fuller and wider experience. Dyslexia is still not really understood too well, I have had people think it means I’m deaf or very dense…..I suspect Neptune is a key planet indicating this mode of thinking, and have often thought Mercury retrograde natally may flag up some kind of “difference”. I have also wondered about Uranus natally, since the electricity associated with this planet could be reflected in the way the dyslexic etc brain fires between neural pathways. I suppose one ought to do some kind of study of famous dyslexics! It also seems to run in families, and astrological indicators may crop up through generations possibly. However, it was misunderstood or ignored for so long, this would be difficult to analyse properly.

    • Neptune is prominent also in the charts of athletes, explorers, scientists and mathematicians. I came across the gap between the received knowledge about Neptune early on when I was learning astrology. Like everyone else I did the charts of my family – some were as expected. But my father’s was a revelation – he was an academic in engineering, a former rugby player, a gardener and followed a life of unvarying routine. I fully expected tranches of earth, fixed signs etc. Not a bit of it – he had a Cardinal Air Sun square Neptune which was conjunct Moon.
      It took me a while to get my head round it and I eventually reckoned his pendulum clock sameness of lifestyle was due to a deliberate effort to ground his Neptune which found an outlet in immersing him in numbers. His speciality was mathematics, at which he was evidently brilliant (not a trait that was handed down in any quantity to me, I have to say.)
      It’s a strange planet since it has myriad ways of working out. And it doesn’t always go down the saviour route. Some Neptunian types can be cosmically chilling.

      • That’s interesting because the existence of Neptune was predicted mathematically before it was actually observed. Urban Le Verrier, astronomer and mathematician who specialised in Celestial mechanics and John Couch Adams, astronomer and mathematician first calculated the existence of the planet, using only mathematics. Johann Gottfried Galle, astronomer was the first person to view Neptune at the Berlin Observatory on the evening of 23rd September 1846.

        It’s notable that Neptune’s discovery also coincided with the development of an entirely new art form, photography which is a blend of science, chemistry and aesthetics. I agree with Andre in that I don’t think we fully understand Neptune astrologically yet. After all Neptune has only completed little more that one cycle since it’s discovery.

      • My daughter is quite Neptunian, she is very good at Maths and she plays an instrument. She hates writing essays and really struggles with it. I think Neptune brings a lot of anxiety about perfection and using your own judgement, so a preference for subjects with solid right or wrong answers and skills that you can practice and apply clear technique. I hope that makes sense?

      • Have you checked his Draconic chart?

        Sometimes it’s quite revealing.

        Perhaps all the earth and/or fixed signs you were expecting show up in his draconic chart.

      • Does it depend on which kind of athletes, explorers, scientists and mathematicians? Those who excel at water sports, oceanography for instance, or theoretical math (which would require more imagination or intuitive thinking)?

    • Andre, absolutely wonderfully clear comment. From my experience, Neptune does rule intuition. It is not all bad. All the planets have good and bad points. It is nice to see a balanced viewpoint.

  6. The 2025 Neptune ingress into Aries is one of the major transits of this decade, as Saturn will be entering into Aries with it. A zero degree conjunction at the first sign of the zodiac suggests new beginnings. Jupiter will be in Cancer that year, squaring both Saturn and Neptune. It is preceded by Pluto ingress into Aquarius in 2023 and Uranus’s ingress into Gemini in 2026. I expect a big paradigm shift to happen in the coming years. The Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 (headlined by COVID-19) is the catalyst that will set forth some truly revolutionary movements over the coming years. Things will not be going back to the old normal.

    • What kinds of revolutionary movements do you think might manifest, AndyB? Civil unrest? Political shake-ups? Technology? Alternative energy? Amazing inventions?

      • Big developments in neural networking and information technology. Investments in medical research from COVID will spur new developments in healthcare. Saturn/Neptune historically has spurred protest movements, and in Aries, they may be more militant in nature. By 2026, Uranus in Gemini will be trining Pluto in Aquarius, both sextiling Neptune in Aries. Definitely not a time for stuck in the mud reactionaries.

    • Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847-1862. In the first year or so, we had Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, which has arguably had a great effect on the world ever since. 1848 was a year of revolutions in Europe too. The endless ‘Opium Wars’ with China entered a more intense phase in 1847, and movements for women’s rights began to be more organised than before. The use of medical cannabis was also increasingly popular – Queen Victoria was a most enthusiastic user. There are numerous examples of Neptune’s realms being associated with revolution of various kinds. But I can’t sleep, and it’s very late! Certainly photography would be another Neptunian example, real yet ephemeral, truth or not truth…..

      Regarding negative interpretations of Neptune, yes Andre I agree with you. Some of these may stem from early 20th century astrologers associating it with homosexuality, but only writing about this in negative euphemisms. Neptune’s visionary or creative side is also a rather bad fit with contemporary society in many ways. It’s interesting that the current CV19 crisis is not only boundary-less, but forcing most of us who are well to live life at a much slower pace. Neptune?

    • Andy – the first ingress is the 30th, March, 2025 – Jupiter will be at 15º Gemini and Saturn at 24º Pisces.

  7. Thank you Marjorie. I think Neptune has lost something over the years in astrology, and become rather touchy-feely in many modern interpretations. What you write here about “events of considerable magnitude” is so interesting. The original myths in both Greece (Poseidon) and Rome present a god with a less misty character. Neptune/Poseidon is the god of earthquakes, he is said to “hold the earth”, and was quite fond of sending sea monsters to wreak havoc on his enemies as well. He was one of the children swallowed by his jealous father, Saturn/Chronos, and regurgitated. In older myths, he is the god of fresh water, with his wife Salacia ruling over salt water. She got demoted it seems!

    It seems to me that perhaps the “earthquake” theme manifests in the great social, political, and cultural upheavals that accompany Neptune’s changes of sign through the years.

    • Neptune/Poseidon also raped Medusa in Athena’s temple as part of his vengeance spree against Athena. Not a charmer when in a rage.

      • So no wonder Algol the Medusa star has such a raging temper and fearsome reputation! Medusa had a rough time in many myths it seems.

        • And Medusa was very beautiful before she was raped. I think it was Athena who turned her ugly after the deed was done – victim blaming!! And exiled her to the edges of nowhere – but basically all Neptune’s fault.

  8. In 1998 an anaretic degree Mars in Aquarius when Neptune was about to move in, 2011 an anaretic degree Uranus in Pisces when Neptune was about to cross over. In 1984 no anaretic degree planets, but there was a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio around the time Neptune changed sign. The other dates mentioned I haven’t looked them up yet.

  9. Thank you for this most interesting article, Marjorie. Neptune always feels a more likely ruler of Pisces than jolly Jupiter. Pisces is associated with Christ and one thing He said which seemed so strange was ‘Think not that I come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace but a sword.” This has been interpreted in varied ways but is still an enigmatic saying. And what you disclose here about the Neptunian shift into another sign coinciding with wars seems to bear some relation. What the deep significance is we may never know but there will always be cycles of war. One can’t help feeling the States may well end in some replay of a civil war, they are more or less at loggerheads and divided already.

      • No, Larry, i’m Anglo Greek. Why do you ask? Is it the religious quote? I was taught in a catholic school and find the New Testament a most interesting work. And have many American friends.

        • I’m Roman Catholic, latin rites…but the religious quote meant nothing to me.

          “One can’t help feeling the States may well end in some replay of a civil war, they are more or less at loggerheads and divided already.” It was this sentence which caught my eye.

    • “I come not to send peace but a sword.” –> in Tarot the Ace of swords could be agression, yes, but also Clarity, a flash of insight – sudden understanding.

  10. Not just the Holocaust. 1942 was the year that everything changed for the worse for the Axis powers.

    In June the core of the Japanese carrier fleet, which had been triumphant since Pearl Harbour, was destroyed at the battle of Midway.

    In July the first Battle of El Alamein took place which stopped the German advance into Egypt, this is now almost forgotten because General Montgomery made sure it was.

    In August the Soviet army started to oppose the German advance on Stalingrad.

  11. Fascinating to see the last time Neptune entered Aries, there was a Civil War in America. With some states (California for one) suggesting they’d like independence, I wonder if Neptune into Aries in 2025 could see another split in the US in some way?

    • There are a LOT of strong-willed, gun-toting but poorly intentioned souls who want to secede from the federal govt. Unwilling to think thru their plans for freedom from a larger govt.

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