Bill Gates – enticed onto the rocks by a siren call

Bill Gates, the Microsoft nerd-genius turned ruthless tycoon, the richest man on the planet for several years, was transformed into a saintly philanthropist until his philandering ways brought a divorce, with increasing and damaging publicity about his connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

  Gates was born 28 October 1955 at 10 pm (from memory) Seattle, Washington, and has a packed 4th house with his Scorpio Sun there conjunct Neptune and square a maverick and innovative 1st house Uranus. His Mars Mercury in Libra are also there opposition a 10th house public-career Aries Moon; and he has an intense, secretive, emotionally self-contained Venus Saturn in Scorpio which squares a financial 2nd house way-over-the-top Jupiter Pluto in Leo.

  Assuming his birth time is about accurate, that means the driving impetus of his life came from his childhood home and his attorney father who was evidently over-keen on winners and disliked losers. Bill Gates Sr, November 30 1925, had a cruel streak with Mars Saturn in Scorpio trine Pluto in Cancer. Both Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell also had bullying and dominating fathers – one father with a Mars opposition Pluto and the other with Mars Pluto conjunct.

  A 4th house is simplistically seen as family-focused but many mega-successful people have it including Rupert Murdoch, Marlon Brando and Jennifer Aniston. All are private but not necessarily warm-hearted sentimentalists.

  Gates’ irritable Moon opposition Mars does suggest mother-issues and problems with women in general; and three planets in Scorpio would ramp up his sensual nature, not always in a healthy direction with Venus tied into Saturn and square Pluto Jupiter. His mother Mary Gates, 5 July 1929, was a tough bird with a Sun Pluto in Cancer square Uranus – so that wouldn’t be a warm or easy relationship.

  He was not soul-mates with Epstein, though they shared an Aries Moon. Gates Chiron at zero degrees Aquarius was conjunct Epstein’s Sun and Gates’ Uranus in opposition. No idea what that Chiron cross-over signifies.

   Their relationship chart had a power-dynamic composite Mars trine Pluto; with a needs-space composite Venus opposition Uranus square Neptune. I could see how both the Mars Pluto and Uranus Venus Neptune might lead to a flirting-with-danger and perverse-thrills kind of tie. But it certainly wasn’t a friendship bond.

  What is much more emotional and passionate is Gates’ relationship chart with Ghislaine Maxwell which has a composite strong-attraction Sun Venus square Pluto; and an adventurous and risk-taking Jupiter Mars square Uranus. Her role as a mythological Siren (luring sailors with her enchantments into shipwrecks on rocky shores) enticed wealthy men into Epstein’s orbit as well as vulnerable young women.

  That relationship chart is on tenterhooks with high uncertainty and a few jolts through the next two years as various people wonder whether Maxwell spill the beans for a lesser sentence. She may not but the worry will remain.

  Her relationship chart with Donald Trump is also aggravated in the extreme through 2022/23 and undermined in 2024. Though that latter could be her hope of a pardon from a newly installed Trump getting dashed by his political exit.

  Gates’s chart and life will take a battering and shaking up between now and 2025 with the confused tr Pluto square his Neptune in 2022/23; as well as tr Saturn squelching his self-confidence squaring his Venus Saturn this year and worse opposing his Jupiter Pluto in early 2023; followed by tr Uranus shaking up that super-self-assured square in his chart in the two years following. He will have been on a relative high recently with his Solar Arc Jupiter Pluto conjunct his Sun but that is moving on. He’ll get a shock of considerable proportions within the next three months as his Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct his Mars.  In 2024/25 he has tr Pluto opposition his 1st house Uranus for a major turnaround in his image and an upheaval in his life; with more jolts from his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Uranus by 2025. It’ll be a stormy ride, for sure, extending beyond that as tr Pluto heads to square his Sun in 2026/27.   Though he won’t disappear, go bankrupt or stop striving.

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  1. Bill Gates has bought up over 270,000 acres of land in the U.S alone. To do more industrialized farming with GMO seeds and lots of toxic pesticides and fertilizer. Hope something can stop him from monopolizing global food production.

  2. Neptune Sun Scorpio 4th: Click and click as you say, “there’s no place like home page!”

    As someone who’s worked in high tech a while, I learned some about his bio and have come across first-hand anecdotes about him. Unquestionably driven, driven, driven, as relentless as you’ll find anywhere.

    My impression is that the original connection with IBM, that led to his biggest early success with the MS-DOS deal, came about from his Mother being on the Seattle United Way Board along with an IBM executive.

    I’m amazed that someone usually so smart and astute about what’s sellable, and so concerned about his image, heritage, reputation, would have made the stupid decision to get involved in any way with Epstein and Maxwell. People who worked with him at Microsoft described his famous attention to detail and “code review” mentality. How couldn’t he have seen that those two were really bad news he should Ctrl-Alt-Delete from any contact with his life?

  3. #Hank: isn’t the current state of world affairs already big enough? The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are already riding out together and you are still expecting “something big”! I think the tsunami has already started and the effects you refer to are simply when those who thought themselves insulated find themselves personally affected. For many around the world the shock waves have already arrived, a good example being the young graduates who died this week in the back of a lorry in Texas while trying to esacpe destitution in their home countries despite their qualifications which were supposed to ensure that they would not starve. How big does it have to get?

  4. It is listed u see Realted header, which sits below the post of Marjorie’s reading:

    Bill and Miranda Gates – calling it quits
    4th May 2021
    In “Astrology of Today’s News”

  5. Just a comment on Gate’s impending Pluto sq. natal Neptune. Everyone born from ’54 to ’57 will have this transit over the next couple of years. I have always thought of outer to outer planet transits as having a generational affect rather than personal (unless there are personal planets linked into the transit). It could be that this Pluto transit will signify that the influence of the peak baby boomers is beginning to wane or something of that nature.

    • In the UK at least, most of those born between 1954 and 1957 (aged 65 to 68) will be retired or retiring over the next couple of years. One interpretation of the impending Pluto sq natal Neptune is a dissolving and shedding of numerous aspects of life, a letting go of what had previously been depended on for a sense of security and identity. If this doesn’t apply to Bill Gates (though divorce suggests it will) then it will almost certainly apply to those of his generation who share the same aspects.

    • Pluto was moving from Leo to Virgo and Neptune was swapping between Libra and Scorpio in the period 1954 and 1957 so it will be interesting to see how that Pluto square works out the difference between the people with these planets in the various states of transition. Though baby boomers tend to be classed as one group the truth is there was a significant generational shift when Pluto and Neptune changed signs in the mid 1950s. It can be seen in music. Many of those who became Punks in the 1970s rebelling against the hippy ideals of the 1960s of their older siblings were born with Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio. Gates is a Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Libra person. He has been experiencing a Pluto in Earth square to his Neptune in Air in Cardinal signs. Others are going to get a Pluto in Air square Neptune in Water in Fixed signs. They will also have Neptune in reception to Pluto. The glib generational labels bandied about in the media about baby boomers does not make much sense as they are fundamentally two different groups astrologically.

      • Thank you Hugh! Some of these marketing-based generation definitions are quite annoying. And they do not work well when looking at groups of people, or the prevailing culture of the times.

        Millenials, for instance, go from 1981’s Pluto in Libra with Neptune in Sagittarius, to 1986’s Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio – a very different feeling, reflected in the culture of money, money, money, and the dark shadows of AIDS. By 1995, one year before this definition ends, Pluto moves into Sagittarius. The musicians associated with the 60’s hippy movement were born during the 2WW, so many had Neptune at the end of Virgo, with Pluto in early Leo. Those who influenced them – such as writers, artists, and musicians – were often born in the 1920’s (Beat Generation?) and had Pluto in Cancer, Neptune in Leo.

        • Agree with both of you, as someone long interested in generation demographics.
          Jessica Adams has an excellent discussion of the astro split between first and second wave Millennials.
          I’ve long thought that “Generation Jones/Boomer Part II, This Time It’s Personal The Revenge” is a distinct mindset, not just the outtakes of Boomeritis.

  6. It’s interesting that he will be going through “a major turnaround in his image and upheavals” around the same time as many other political leaders, countries and banks. It makes me feel something big is going to happen or something big is going to come out during this time period that will send shock waves throughout the world.

    I hope we will all find out the truth about Covid and the mysterious variants and now monkeypox. He must got to do something with that mess.

  7. Interesting. Do any of the astrology knowlegeable people that post know how he connects with Melinda Gates? August 15, 1964 Dallas Texas

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