Bianca Censori – a sad spectacle

Bianca Censori, the sad-faced, supposed wife of Kanye West who is paraded around in a degrading public spectacle virtually naked is remarkably an architect with two degrees from the University of Melbourne.

  Born 5 January 1995 in Australia, she does have a chart and a half with a Capricorn Sun as well as Neptune, Uranus Mercury conjunct in Capricorn – very much one of her generation. She also has a ramped up, seductive Venus Pluto in Scorpio in a super-confident conjunction to Pluto but that squares onto a less than comfortable Mars in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces (maybe Moon in Pisces). Her Jupiter square Saturn will make for up and down moods which added onto the highly strung Uranus Neptune will be tricky to keep in balance. Mars Saturn will make her susceptible to ill treatment and pull her into unfair situations and may even give her a masochistic streak.

 Tr Uranus will be rattling up her complicated T square first by opposing her Venus this July onwards and more so in 2025 and on – her life will change radically ahead.

  Kanye West, 8 June 1977 maybe 8.45am Atlanta, Georgia, has his own mental problems. A Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune trine Pluto he is stratospherically ambitious. His can-be-excessive Mars Venus in Taurus hints at a ramped up sex life and over indulgence. And that is opposition Uranus and square Saturn in Leo. He’ll not put up with any interference to his plans and can be autocratic.

  There’s not much linking them on the synastry.  Their relationship chart does have a publicity-attracting composite Neptune opposition Mars square Sun which will be undermined when tr Neptune Saturn move into Aries in 2025/26. There is a hint of attraction from a wide composite Pluto square Venus. The composite Saturn which is unaspected will get rattled through this June/July.

  Her family are seemingly worried for her and I am not surprised.

11 thoughts on “Bianca Censori – a sad spectacle

  1. Thank you, Marjorie. It’s hard to tell how much of the relationship is coercive and how much is consensual, looking at the astrology of Bianca Censori with her T Square on Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is also conjunct Pluto Venus in Scorpio (I always think of ‘Venus in Furs’ with that conjunction in Scorpio), along with Mars opposition Saturn in Virgo/Pisces. It conjures up a sort if Control/Dominator/Victim/Sacrifice scenario, perhaps bdsm is involved. But I hope she will be ok.

  2. I was taught Mars indicates what a woman wants from her partner. Using that placement, chart as equal houses. Surprise! Saturn shows up in her 7th. She appears to want a controlling partner in the absence of knowing that can also indicate a steady and stable partner.

  3. Two very disturbed individuals. “A masochistic streak” covers it. BTW, I’m not familiar with the inverted-gate glyph in Aquarius and can’t find it online. Would someone enlighten me? Thanks.

  4. He is an exhausting moron. He’s completely imbalanced, but I wouldn’t be so quick to paint her as a slave or trodden victim.

    Unsurprisingly to me, Capricorn is well represented in her chart.

    She may be hemmed in psychologically, but I am also convinced that she *well* aware of her elevated status, and the international publicity surrounding their vulgar, inappropriate nonsense.

  5. He is 17 years her senior and she appears to be his pet. She has just turned 29 and has undergone her first Saturn return during the past year. This normally grounds people and leads to some serious thinking. Two degrees and a Saturn return doesn’t quite sit with this behaviour. A controlling person does. A Pisces Moon/Saturn conjunction in Pisces in the 12th house, cant get any more powerful. Surely this placement would make someone feel unable to get out of a situation with Saturn – malefic – controlling their daily life?

  6. Poor woman, manipulated by a crazy individual. She’s unconscious in the relationship and probably tortured. I hope she gets support to leave West just like Kim Kardashian had the support of her entire family.

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