Benjamin Netanyahu – a Trumped up excuse for indictment


Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three corruption cases, the first time an acting Israeli prime minister has been charged with such offenses. In response he let fly and said the corruption charges against him were “an attempted coup” against him which has caused some derision. Shades of Trump.  Israel now faces a third election in a year mainly because the block to forming a governing coalition has been the refusal of Netanyahu’s potential partners in a unity government to serve in a government led by a prime minister under criminal indictment.

Born 21 October 1949 10.15 am Tel Aviv, Netanyahu has a New Moon in Libra square a money-attracting and indulgent 2nd house Jupiter in Capricorn – and more significantly a do-or-die-determined and flamboyant Mars Pluto in the 9th, so he’s not one for giving way easily.

He has a whole tranche of less than favourable influences at the moment and up and coming. His Solar Arc Uranus is in a jolting conjunction to his Saturn this year, knocking him off track. Tr Neptune is in the uncertain, panicky opposition to his Saturn and Solar Arc Uranus now. Tr Saturn will square his Moon this December and then his Sun on and off in 2020 – both of which are discouraging. Plus tr Saturn is now into the nadir of his low profile First Quadrant for the next two years. Plus the tr Saturn Pluto conjunction next year will conjunct his Jupiter which will damp down his confidence and enthusiasm. And he has Solar Arc Saturn square his Mars exact in six months’ time but having an  effect now which has a setback/car-crash feel.

He will have some strokes of luck in 2020 and he will no doubt plough ahead with his usual bullish confidence, but he’ll be hard pushed to clear these charges without major damage.

Netanyahu is the longest serving Israeli prime minister and whatever you think of him he has been central to Israel’s direction and image in recent years. His Pluto Mars are conjunct Israel’s Saturn Mars in Leo so he exemplifies the worst of the country’s obduracy and martial spirit. His New Moon sits on Israel’s Ascendant so he truly is the face of the country. The relationship chart has a controlling composite Sun Mercury Pluto which is being upended by tr Uranus in square from mid 2020 on for two years.

One thought on “Benjamin Netanyahu – a Trumped up excuse for indictment

  1. Heavy sigh. We need some new blood to take the reins. These crooked old Pluto in Leo generation of geezers have run the full course of their usefulness to the political future. Propped up on medications and cosmetic whatevers doesn’t hide the fact that certain parts of the world are run by people (OLD men) whose external flash belies the overripe brains turning to mush under those silly hair transplants.
    I tend to think that the outer planets aren’t aligned with any particular sign, rather, they belong to all signs and all beings. They serve as markers of time and evolution for the entirety of the life collective and their placement at any given time within each house is what holds their meanings. For me, Pluto is our collective soul.

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