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  1. Jennifer: I like your assessment. Everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents. Even Trump happened for a reason. Marjorie: “But beneath the shattered yet still stubborn national stasis, new social movements organize.” So true. I see glimmers of hope amid the overwhelming Trumpian mess/chaos. Grassroots organizations are galvanizing efforts to clean up the environment, fight for gun control, etc. The Trump era has spawned a whole new regime of activists who will become increasingly prominent and effective.

  2. The impeachment trial in the Senate will be run by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, born 27 January 1955 (no time). He is conservative but must also be concerned for the perceived integrity and fairness of the Court. He could dismiss the case outright, or he could insist on all of those subpoenaed witnesses and documents be disclosed. Anything from his chart and transits?

  3. Dear Marjorie,

    Read your article about Hong Kong dated 19 Nov, and thank you for continue following what’s happening in Hong Kong.

    Based on your observation, it seems that Hong Kong is heading to a very harsh future. Based on astrology, what would you suggest for an average Hong Kong citizen to survive in the next few years? Build a house made of bricks like the third little pig, and prepared for the worst? It seems that it’s too late now…

  4. Was re-reading the blog post “Is Trump a necessary evil to trigger Pluto return” 8-july-19

    I honestly don;t get a good feeling from any of the Dem candidates. Either unprepared or else with a grandiose solution (like with Drompf and his Lego Wall). It does seem likely with the GOP and its strangle-hold on its base that the GOP will win in the 2020 election, come what may. This guarantees at a certain level a continued “republican/GOP” presidency, even if Drompf is a self-certified, very stable genius and the GOP loses 100% control of the Senate. Reports of The CHosen One’s health (slurred speech, lack of balance, incoherence) point toward having had a stroke…at least one. He wins the election, dies off/is carted off, then Pence and Mother rule the roost until the 2024 election. Leaving Pence as the new fall guy.

    Even with the impression that the astro outcomes for the Dems isn;t all that chipper, IMHO, for the country the 2024 election has a better ending. Isn’t this the scenario we need to embrace?

    Thoughts anyone?

    • I don’t have an astrological comment but it does seem to me that the US has to wade through this swamp and smell the stink before it comes out the other side. It cannot and should not be avoided cause that’s part of its evolution. That may mean that there needs another 4 years to still bring up everything that all through its lifespan as a nation it has tried to bury, candy coat, ‘Hollywoodfy’ (I know…. my word) or pretend does not exist. All sides are equally guilty and equally responsible. The mentality cannot be healed until the nation collectively admits what it does have to be healed. First all the ‘gunk’ has to come to surface for all to see before it can be cleaned out, then get cleaning. It’s a process.

      It strikes me that in this respect Trump has succeeded even if he is part of that gunk. Just a thought.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    Can you please do a piece on Fiona Hill? Such an impressive woman/professional–and with British roots.

    Thanks for all your great work!

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