BBC – Scorpio’s least appealing traits

Sex and the BBC has a decidedly sleazy feel with yet another alleged entanglement between a presenter and a teen over torrid online encounters and shedloads of money for porno pics which supposedly fuelled the boy’s cocaine addiction. Nothing is established in hard fact as yet and the BBC’s excuse for leaving it to stew for seven weeks until The Sun (tabloid paper) spilled the beans was they could not get any contact with the boy, only his mother. That may not hold up when the whole imbroglio unravels but it feels like a familiar BBC playbook – when accused, stall, stonewall, refuse to engage until forced at gunpoint. A stupendously top heavy and stratospherically expensive management is almost impossible to manoeuvre into decisive action.

  The BBC chart, 14 November 1922 6pm London, is Scorpio so ultra-determined and not inclined to give in without a fight even when blatantly wrong. Jupiter Mercury also in Scorpio beside Sun the 5th adds a Leonine feel plus the Sun is in an evasive square to Neptune. Mercury Jupiter also square Mars in Aquarius which last in my experience is self-righteously aggressive and unwilling to admit being wrong. There is also a Water Grand Trine of a 10th house Uranus trine Pluto trine Mercury – which has a tendency to create its own bubble of reality, thereby cutting out signals from the outside world.

  Now that is all negative – and much of the above has a positive, creative and entertaining side as well. But the BBC has always been a law unto itself and gets offended at being criticized which stems in part from arrogance and entitlement.

 Over the past year they have lurched from chairman Richard Sharp going over conflicts of financial interest involving Boris Johnson, Philip Scofield and some dreary DJ whose come-down over allegations of sexual misconduct followed the same BBC scenario of obfuscate, deny, until forced to come clear.

  Tr Uranus square the BBC Neptune at 18 degrees Leo earlier this year would not help and now tr Uranus is opposing the Scorpio Sun for another serious jolt, having just moved from the square to the Midheaven – both of these last two repeat into early 2024. It will continue to rock on its axis.

 Tim Davie’s Director General Term, 1 September 2020, was always going to be a series of catastrophic crises, some of them carnal – most apposite. There was a Saturn Pluto in Capricorn opposition Venus square Mars in late Aries as he started. The Solar Arc Pluto is now conjunct the Saturn (which is more or less what saw Boris out of No 10). The Solar Arc Venus is square the Mars also now for a sexual scandal with overtones of insensitivity in the handling thereof which fits Venus square Mars.  Tr Pluto makes a paralysed, trapped square to the Mars till late this year – and if he survives, 2025 looks terminal for his BBC career with Solar Arc Pluto square Mars – though he may not make it that far.

 Born 25 April 1967, he is a Sun Taurus conjunct North Node with Moon Neptune in Scorpio so reasonably good at toughing it out. But he has some poleaxing midpoint transits all this year which will make even him wilt.

 His relationship chart with the BBC is fairly tied together with a controlling composite Sun opposition Pluto but also an explosive, volatile Mars Uranus. It looks heavy on the discussion front this year but not necessarily parting company.

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  1. Venus is close to stationing at 28 Leo, before it perfected a conjunction to Mars (and in a transiting yod with Pluto and Neptune). This suggests a backfiring of passive aggressive tactics and questions of balance, fairness and hypocrisy.

    I’d be more inclined to look at the chart for News UK (Feb 1981?) than the Sun, which these days is only influential as a trigger to social media and other Murdoch outlets. Highly doubt that print sales went up, but other commercial objectives were probably realised.

    • That’s interesting re the Venus Rx, Tara – and the tr yod. Venus will also be trine the Moon’s Nodes in Aries, which in turn are part of the Cardinal Cross of late July. Does that make it even more dynamic? The Nodes bring in associates and connections, with Venus and Pluto it suggests money, love, secrets and so on coming to light.

      I looked at News Corp, 15 March 1980. It has Mars with the royal star Regulus at 29 Leo, aligning with the Moon’s Nodes, also 29 Leo. Regulus can symbolise great success and power, but there’s a temptation to take revenge on others. If so, destruction and failure await.
      My fascination with the later mutable degrees in all of this continues. News Corp has Sun 24 Pisces opposing Saturn 23 Virgo, squaring Neptune 22 Sagittarius. Black Moon Lilith is 27 Virgo. Curious how this all connects with the BBC, NHS, Met Police, and the Edgar and 1066 charts for the UK. So News Corp and its various incarnations is possibly responsible for how some of us see our culture and institutions? Depressing thought.

      August may see more emerge, as Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune, and Mercury turns retograde in Virgo as well. Looks like the devil’s in those Virgo details!

  2. Not one of you seem to have a clue about the positive influence the BBC has had on the world – not long ago (before the wreckers got to work) we had children’s tv free from commercial influence, educational programs crafted to work, journalism to high standards,the greatest documentaries, the World Service.. That’s an immeasurable force for good.
    Murdoch has been devoted to destroying public service broadcasting all his life. He’s devoted to destroying ALL public services and uses his news empire to do so. He employs the best mass psychologists in the world to coach his skilful writers to do this.
    His ultimate goal would be to wipe free healthcare from history.
    I am aghast at how these well known facts are so slow to come to mind when `scandals’are read about in this man’s newspapers.

    • I would have defended the BBC of 40+ years ago, when it actually made an effort to adhere to the Reithian ideals of ‘educate, inform and entertain’ – in that order.

      These days, BBC TV is pure trash.

      Endless soap opera, cooking contests, singing contests, dancing contests, tabloid trash news, American style pontification, generalized garbage.

      It’s not worth saving.
      It’s not worth the licence fee.

      I, myself, can’t bring myself to watch it any longer.

      It is mind numbingly boring, soul destroying, rotting trash from start to finish.

    • What we are seeing are the results of bringing competition into the public services which have been seen as monopolies. It has led to a “market” in schools with league tables, heavy inspections, etc. I suspect it plays similarly in the NHS.
      The public services are under huge pressure to produce higher results, it brings to mind the privatization of the Postal service and what became one of the worst scandals of the last 30 years in the way so many postmasters were wrongly accused due to a faulty computer system which was blithely ignored by those in management.
      I think that the BBC has been trying to compete with private companies which now provide wall to wall info, entertainment etc. some of it of dubious quality.
      My guess is that those highly paid journalists are always under intense pressure to reach “targets” viewing figures, etc. those jobs may well be a lot more stressful than perceived by the public, so perhaps some of the weird stories emanating maybe more to do with with people who are pushed beyond normal boundaries and if that is the case I have sympathy for such people. Those are not every day jobs.

  3. BBC reporting that Huw Edwards’ wife has named him as the presenter in question. I had wondered whether it was him as this morning’s cartoon in The Times pointed at it being someone in the newsroom.

    And The Met have once again confirmed there is no evidence of a criminal offence taking place.

  4. It would be interesting to see the astrological chart of the Sun ‘newspaper’…. hopefully this time it has over-reached its own arrogance and will fall as a result of this scandal.

    • Hm not sure about that though there is something odd about the way this kerfuffle is unspooling. The Sun does look to be embroiled in a catastrophe right now – but I seem to remember from days gone by that in employment contracts there was a moral clause saying that certain standards of behaviour were expected and bringing an employer into disrepute was cause for dismissal. So even if not illegal certain if true most unwise.

      • It seems that with the latest allegations the Sun is working hard to show that some kind of dubious activity took place – the new alleged “abusive messages”, and “breaking lockdown rules” stories. The photos story hinges on the age of the sender, if 17 then it was illegal, if not, not. The media must be very careful to avoid accusations of homophobia, too. I agree, that if true it was very unwise behaviour on the part of the mystery presenter. If they’d managed to keep a lid on it, the presenter could have been persuaded to leave quietly perhaps, spending more time with their family or garden…..

        Just to add to the appearance of those late mutable degrees, and tr Saturn and Neptune, in this story –

        The Sun, 15 September, 1964 has Moon’s Nodes at 28 Gemini/Sagittarius. The S Node is aligned with Black Moon Lilith at 27 Sagittarius. Sun’s Sun is 22 Virgo. This all connects with the BBC Nodes, 28 Virgo/Pisces, Met’s Nodes 28 Virgo/Pisces. The Met’s Mars, 22 Virgo, on the Sun’s Sun. The BBC Moon (the public?) is 23 Virgo.
        The Sun is having a Saturn Return, 0 Pisces, and Pluto opposes their Mars.
        These links also relate to the NHS founding chart, as I outlined before. It seems as if something quite ‘fateful’ is going on here, and that this current scandal is simply one channel for it at this point. I imagine there’s more to come in general, and possibly from quite a long time ago.
        It’s also interesting that Rupert Murdoch has Sun 20 Pisces, Moon 24 Sagittarius, and Mars 27 Cancer. His Chiron opposes the Sun’s Neptune, their Chiron in Pisces is conjunct his Mercury. Pluto/Uranus opposes his Mercury.
        I agree there is something odd about this whole thing.

          • It was revealed early on, maybe by the mother of the original story’s child. Then the media started using the phrase ‘young person’ instead. The point about homophobia was made on BBC Newsnight last night as well, without anyone correcting it.

        • It seems to me there are two actual stories going on … one string is the parents trying to stop payments to their crack cocaine adult child. Firstly they complained to The Met in April who said nothing criminal had gone on. Then they complained to the BBC to try and get them to stop their employee spending their salary how they wanted. Finally they went to the national newspapers in the hope, I assume, of getting the presenter named etc.

          The second part of the story is that The Sun, as part of Murdoch’s media empire, saw a great opportunity to take down the hated BBC with its license fee that undermines Murdoch’s paid-for satellite news and sports channels.

          And it’s worked for the most part. Another scandal dragging the name of the BBC into the mud. More outraged citizens calling for the abolition of the license fee etc, etc. Of course, such is the BBC’s karma given their past history.

          • Yes, BBC karma looms large here doesn’t it? Particularly with all the Nodal links and tr Neptune etc in this story. Bearing that in mind, I think the Sun’s own karma may be relevant at some point too. Anyway, the Met have just announced there is no evidence of a crime, and the BBC may proceed with their own enquiries. On a strictly logical level, both the presenter and the ‘young person’ chose to spend the money involved in their own ways. Assuming details about the money and what it funded are accurate of course. Yes, it is all apparently rather sleazy. But I still wonder what else this is about.

        • Yes Jane, interesting connections and The Sun’s nodes are also being squared by transit Neptune too. The Sun has Jupiter on Algol too.

          • Algol cropping up in that chart is quite striking isn’t it? At it’s best it is highly creative, perhaps boosting Jupiter trine Sun’s Sun. We may see more when Jupiter and Uranus get to that degree. The Sun is certainly creative when it comes to insinuations.
            The web between the Sun, BBC, Met and even NHS is something I hadn’t ever noticed before. But we have been wondering about late stage Neptune in Pisces, and this story and its many repercussions for longstanding British institutions, may be part of that? Certainly there’s more than one NHS Trust scandal brewing. As for the Met, I’ve noticed a number of court cases involving officers recently. Well, I suppose it all has to unravel before it can be rebuilt with some kind of integrity and less hiding the truth.

        • Three more accusations have just been made , now from BBC emloyeees. So no its not just about the Sun, its the ongoing dynamics of the BBC and entitled men abusing their authority.

        • Yes, I just saw that, Josie. The name we all knew has been confirmed. It is very sad really, and I feel for his wife and children. I do also feel for him, too. She says he will be in hospital for a while. What an awful way to end a long career.

          • Why is it that a famous abuser still attracts so much symathy, we still are intoxicated by fame and image even despite Me too . Three more accusations have just been made , now from BBC employees. So no its not just about the Sun, its the ongoing dynamics of the BBC and entitled men abusing their authority.

      • Marjorie If these allegations are found to be correct I agree it’s not so much about illegality but immorality and the power dynamic between a much older man and a teenager influenced by the promise of large amounts of money.
        We don’t know the future consequences for this young person. We have already been told the money has fuelled a drug habit.
        I haven’t seen the persons gender mentioned and am not sure how that it relevant..

    • Sure, it’s a hypocritical red-top, but the Sun newspaper has brought to light allegations of shady conduct which will not wash with a BBC audience. Particularly so if it turns out the unnamed presenter holds a prominent, or respectable position.
      The BBC understands this sorry mess, buried its head in the sand for too long, but probably now just hopies the presenter will pipe up making the dithering DGs decision easier.

      • To add, when the Sun ran the story, it must have considered the evidence and witnesses credible enough for their lawyers to agree to run the story.

  5. Also Hardeep Singh Kohli who has worked for the bbc years is back in the news again after multiple accusations by women of sexual harassment. The bbc kept employing him.

  6. A very quick midpoint calculation between the Saturn/ Mercury midpoint in the BBC’s Natal Chart puts it at two degrees in Scorpio. Which would have meant Scorpio’s ruler Pluto, transmitting Aquarius was very near to squaring this midpoint circa the time the Mother complained to the BBC. It is squaring it next year. I would say this story may have some merit, as it emphasising children, sex, discussion and authority. The BBC is not an organisation I personally have time for. They appear to turn anything they touch into what they want, by controlling the narrative. Their stars are paid as if they are somebody untouchable and couldn’t possibly live without these extortionate pay packets . A sex scandal is something a Scorpio organisation would know about and maybe turn a blind eye, as profit would come first. Money is important to the BBC – especially Licence fee payers money .

    • I wish there was a delete button I have my calculations wrong. Yet my post about the controlling BBC stands. They act like an Independent Company with all the perks of the Public Sector. Knowing they have their finger on the worldwide stage for “their” News. Try complaining and they cut you off. Something very wrong with the BBC’s attitude towards those who pay their wages! George Orwell worked for them. I wonder if Animal Farm was formed whilst working in that environment.

  7. Nobody pays £35,000 for a photo unless he is being blackmailed. And a crack addict would probably stoop that low. So it probably does warrant investigating.

    Staying quiet only works as long as your colleagues are willing to be mired in your brown stuff. Plainly some of them aren’t willing.
    There is also the problem with Parliamentary Privilege, and Charlie Sheen didn’t even have that mare’s nest to contend with. So while it might be the end of your marriage, the end of your career. If you are going to be outed one way or the other, it is best to get your version in first.

  8. Alongside this messy, complicated BBC scandal, a huge, serious, and heartbreaking scandal is now about to break regarding the NHS Nottingham maternity care failings – with parents’ concerns having been being blocked or ignored. I suspect it will have wider implications for the NHS as a whole. This latest BBC scandal may also have wider implications.

    I was thinking that the NHS and the BBC are both British institutions that have been almost deified in past years, foundations of British life and self-image. The BBC Sun in Scorpio, square Neptune in Leo, aspects the UK 18 Scorpio Neptune. The NHS Sun, 13 Cancer, squares Neptune 10 Libra – aspecting the UK Sun 10 Capricorn. The NHS Neptune also squares the BBC Pluto in Cancer – again aspecting the UK’s Capricorn Sun. We are asking questions, yet again, about both our national institutions and wondering about the way ahead. Can we see either institution clearly? There are quite a few thought-provoking links between the BBC chart and the NHS one, connecting with the UK 1801.

    Neptune may be bringing scandals to light at this point. Currently, it is transiting the BBC Nodes (associations and connections, perhaps wider sense of purpose and learning? Karma?) and the NHS Uranus/Mercury at 27-8 Gemini at the MC. The NHS has a lot of Gemini, a lot of mutable energy in general. BBC ascendant in Gemini is conjunct NHS Venus.

    I’ll be interested to see if anything blows up around the 27 Virgo Mars opposition Neptune in August, when there’s also a Mercury retrograde at 21 Virgo. BBC Moon and NHS Mars are both 23 Virgo, NHS Moon 23 Gemini. NHS Uranus 27 Gemini and BBC Nodes 28 Virgo/Pisces are affected. Eventually, Saturn will come calling to both charts. This has happened before, of course, but possibly in Pisces, sign of both nursing and film/fantasies, something could change eventually.

    • And perhaps worth noting when thinking of beleaguered Blighty and tr Neptune and Saturn in Pisces (Brittania’s trident?):

      Edgar chart for Britain: Saturn 27 Gemini, Jupiter 23 Virgo
      1066 chart: Uranus 28 Sagittarius square Moon 29 Pisces
      NHS Uranus 27 Gemini, Mercury 28 Gemini, Mars 23 Virgo MC 28 Gemini, Asc 28 Virgo
      BBC Nodes 28 Virgo/Pisces, Moon 23 Virgo
      Met Police 1829: Nodes 28 Virgo/Pisces, Mars 22 Virgo

      Lunar Eclipse 23 Virgo, opposition Saturn in Pisces, March 2025.

  9. It seems the Sun newspaper have questions to answer in all this (first publication 15.9.1964). The young person’s lawyers have stated what was published by them re the BBC person was “rubbish” and there was no illegality of any kind.

  10. Surely, it is time for the individual suspected to come out publicly and strenuously deny the allegations with full force and vigor.

    All he is doing by his silence is to keep the scandal running and intensifying.

    An MP should also name the suspect in the House of Commons under full parliamentary privilege.

    The scandal has just reached peak hysteria now – the prime suspect’s name is probably now known by 90% of the nation – and the boil needs to be lanced.

    That old maxim ‘put up or shut up’ surely must apply to the prime suspect – who is disgracing himself even more the longer his silence continues.

  11. Given that a few posts on this site used to comment on Gemini when talking about Boris, I am surprised that nobody has commented on the Gemini Ascendant of the BBC’s chart above.

    Gemini is a natural fit for a broadcaster/communicator, ruled by Mercury. And from memory, I think William Lilley had suggested that Gemini is also the ascendant of the City of London, thus tying the BBC to its roots.

  12. I have contacted Davies on their attitude towards women, ideology and the truth, and the email back from his doorkeeper dripped condescension. It was a study in arrogance and thick middle management straight from one of their shows. Whats so disturbing about that chart is the Scorpio stellium in the 5th house of not just entertanment but children. Cast your mind back through the decades to all the scandals, and how long theyve been buried, and then heres the kicker. In plain Sight, like Saville is Eric Gills statue STILL outside headquarters. Now Im not for pulling down monuments willy nilly but for goodness sake. A large bearded man holding a small boy front on naked genitals to the world, created by a man who wrote diaries about his own acts of incest paedophilia and bestiality as a flagship for an organisation who covered for and thus enabled the worst paedophile in the UK. Sorry to be graphic, but it is graphic, the whole mess.

  13. It appears the alleged victim’s lawyers have stated that no offence has taken place and that the claims published in the press are “rubbish”. My guess is that a a fair few of people have now made statements online that could wind up with them being sued.

    • Absolutely Hugh. Police have now said they are not investigating this. Don’t people naming names and making wild guesses on SM realise they’re at risk of litigation for defamation, slander and/or libel?

      • It should be noted that the Sun which ran the story has been careful not to name anyone. They have simply kicked the SM mob into action and let them run with the story. It is absolutely risk free for them legally as it will be the idiots online bandying about names based on almost no evidence who will wind up getting sued. This must be a Moderators nightmare for some online sites.

    • Hmm seems to be some discrepancy between what the mother said and the Sun indicated they had seen evidence of – and this statement. It may be that no criminal offence took place but seems unlikely to have been all a media fantasy.

      • Agreed. Aside from anything, the parents must have known they would be investigated when they broke it, so seems unlikely they would make it up. And given the amount of time lapsed thats plenty of opportunity for the presenter to keep contacting the son.

    • And the Sun maintains that they have seen all the Data, and its credible.We shall see. My question is why should both parents say this.And has the child been leaned on.

      • There are simple explanations concerning the difficult relationships parents/teens tend to have – especially if the child has gone off the rails and got a crack habit.

        To me, it’s more likely that, rather than the teen being leaned on, they are embarrassed and hoping all this goes away by saying “nothing happened”.

        • By lean Im not just suggesting the gangsta version…there are a lot of otions here including embarrassment. But given the crack addiction Im not sure that embarrassment would be the main motivator. Anyway who knows, but the organisation itself, is rotten to the core imv. Not to say there arent good people but its foundations are gone.

      • The data may or may not be credible but it appears the Metropolitan Police think no criminal offence took place. People are perfectly at liberty to make moral judgements about the BBC and its employees but what they can not do is accuse them online of being sex offenders if there is no evidence crime has been committed. That is simply libel. Another case of the internet catering to Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

        • Im not sure who you are refferring to but at no point did I suggest that . Given we dont know either way then anyone dismissing it is also unreasonable.

    • If the ‘story’ is simply about sending sexually explicit photos, then no offence will have taken place if the ‘young person’ was 18 or over. Below that age, it is illegal. The parents claim their child was 17 when all this alleged activity began. But perhaps it didn’t involve sending pictures at first. If so, the lawyers are right.
      However, the Sun will have their own lawyers, who must have had sight of all the material available before the story ran, and offered their own advice. Neptune pushes away at the BBC South Node, maybe this is bringing scandals to light, and jogging the memories of so very many other badly handled scandals in the past (S Node). It’s interesting that the parents of this person haven’t taken any money from the Sun. So they must be quite desperate to stop money being paid to their child, which is apparently/allegedly funding their drug habit. There are bank statements, say the parents. It’s a lot of money from one source, raising many questions.

      This evening, the news stated that the police are ‘making enquiries’, which in some mysterious way is apparently not the same as ‘investigating’. Lots of talk about the burden of proof, so Saturn is probably involved somewhere. Anyway, slippery words all around!

      • It’s very messy and slippery, Jane. Mercury has been in trine to Neptune this week as well as opposite Pluto. But two things: The Sun newspaper in its recent past regularly featured 16 and 17 year old topless girls on its pages, so is hardly a moral arbiter. Secondly we must bear in mind that the Murdoch empire’s mission is to rid the UK of the BBC and its ‘leftist’ (as Murdoch sees it) influence on the nation.

        The Beeb is undoubtedly arrogant and top heavy, lives in its own bubble as Marjorie says and has rested on its laurels and privilege for too long, plus the public still feel aggrieved that the BBC got away with dodging their accountability in the Savile scandal not to mention that of Harris and Hall, the shadow of which still hangs around the organisation like a bad smell. Then there’s the license fee which quite frankly is a ridiculous anachronism. In fact when the scandal broke on 29/10/2012, Saturn had just ingressed into Scorpio as it began its transit over the BBC Jupiter and Mercury in that sign, while Neptune was 0 degrees of Neptune in the Beeb’s 10 house. So in fact Pluto in Aquarius this year was squaring that point and indeed is going to square the Beeb’s Scorpio planets over the next few years. So transformation and change of some kind will take place one way or another.

        • Thanks Jane / VF for the astrology. I don’t have much to add but it’s good to read the thoughts.

          As an aside, I tend to be pro- licence fee purely because I believe it keeps all the other broadcasters a little more ‘honest’ in their making programmes and coverage of events. Without it, I tend to believe it would be a race to the bottom as demonstrated by all the privatised utilities e.g. think water companies. If BBC moved to advertising or subscription based would there be enough income to fund decent coverage of stuff like Ukraine war or would it all become more like Fox News?! The BBC are already hacking away at local radio and programming, can’t see any of that surviving in a commercial version. And obviously Gary Lineker would have an even bigger salary in a commercial organisation!! None of which to say the BBC doesn’t have issues (I barely watch their modern output) but I believe their present incarnation keeps the bar higher. I could be wrong about all of this!

          • @GD I tend to agree with your summary, obviously any organization needs to evolve with the times to remain relevant.
            I find some foreign news coverage is done probably better by Al Jazeera for instance.
            The thought that the Murdoch empire or similar takes a more influential role in informing and therefore shaping public opinion leaves more than underwhelmed.

          • Personally, I really value the general quality of their journalism, would be sad to see the demise of the BBC, particularly its radio output and as Virginia says, an absolute Murdoch hegemony would be frankly dystopian – he has lowered the bar in the US ever further. But a younger generation are probably not going to have the same tolerance for the license fee, so I think looking to the future one way or another, as with the NHS, the funding of the corporation will have to be revised.

          • I sort of agree re the license fee, but lately I have doubts. I continue to love the World Service, and sometimes other offerings across BBC Radio. TV? Only up to a point. I did do a deliberate ‘no tv’ phase a while ago, pre pandemic. I enjoyed rediscovering radio during that time. I’d certainly be happy to pay something for BBC radio.

  14. As an aside, I noticed all the news reports across a range of mediahave referred to the “young person” and “teen” – they’ve avoided saying whether it’s a boy or girl. I assumed this was an offshoot of what happened with Philip Schofield where because he had been engaging with a younger male, there were suggestions that some of the coverage was motivated by homophobia. Very much a sign of our times.

    Also on the Philip Schofield note, the recent issues occurred at ITV (although he worked at the BBC for many years). So is there something more general happening in the media industry causing this?

  15. Thank you Marjorie. And on it goes….there’s such a list of BBC presenters and scandals, yet they never seem to learn. Frank Bough in the 80’s, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile etc. And non-sexual scandals like the Martin Bashir story too. As you say, always the same pattern of response too, in some ways similar to the NHS when cornered – another organisation with far too many managers.

    I’ve already noted the October Solar and Lunar Eclipses connecting with Tim Davie’s natal chart. Is it too early for those to be making themselves felt – or are we seeing things being put in place on the stage ahead of time?

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