Barron Trump – dynastic strains

Barron Trump, just turned 18, briefly emerged into the political arena as a Florida delegate to the Republican convention in July only to be hastily withdrawn by his mother Melania, who has always been protective of his privacy.

  This is only en passant since the astrology could be interpreted either way.  But since he has a challenging, high-stress and undermining set of astro-influences through this year it is worth noting.

    Born 10 March 2006 5.30am New York, he has an over-controlled chart with a possessive mother 10th house Pluto which squares his Pisces Sun, adding a ditto father into the mix. Poor kid can’t have ever felt he had any choices.

  At the moment his Progressed Mars is opposing his Pluto for an infuriating and frustrating road-block of a year. He’ll feel trapped and possibly scared – it draws to exact over the Inauguration and just beyond. Plus tr Neptune is in an undermining conjunction to his final degree Pisces Sun from exactly now till early September, again on and off till early 2026. The September Lunar Eclipse will also catch his Sun for a crisis of direction.

  With tr Saturn moving across his Ascendant into his less successful, lower profile First Quadrant from early 2025, he may want to back away from ambitious plans and with tr Uranus opposition his 9th house Moon in 2025/26 he may well decide to move home/country which would suit him. He is/was close to his grandparents and evidently speaks Slovenian. Relocating his chart to Melania’s birthplace puts his Sun on the Midheaven and his Jupiter and Moon in the 5th so it could well suit him.

  But his relationship charts with both parents have composite yods which suggests bonds he can’t escape, however much they induce strain.

 See previous posts: 20 January 2024 and 3 October 2023 for further details.

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  1. Moon in 9th H in Sagittaurius can be, besides foreign mother, a lot of self justification, big thinking. Hope he is not like Papa.

  2. Is he on the Autistic Spectrum which has been speculated on social media, because that would make for a stressed chart. Let alone deal with his family dynamics and publicity.

      • In addition to his other mental health issues, Trump is ADHD and widely believed to be on Adderall, a stimulant used to treat ADHD.

  3. I can’t pinpoint a specific aspect but something about his natal chart feels really stressed and uncomfortable to me generally.

  4. Here is Barron’s 12th Harmonic chart, click magnifying glass to enlarge.
    If he were to become a victim like dad Donald with his many court cases,
    how would son Barron respond. Well his H12 contains a FIXED GRAND SQUARE.
    Bill Tierney on pg 58 says…”If Mars, Uranus or Pluto comprise part of this
    configuration, tha
    t is, part of the FIXED GRAND SQUARE, then intolerance,
    dictatorial behavior, and obsession with power are usually emphasized, especially
    in the Houses shown….sounds like Donald…like father like son.
    Barron has Barron-Jupiter-Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in the Grand Square
    in Houses 2, 8, money, and 5, 11, love given, love received. click magnifier to enlarge

  5. Trapped and scared – Maybe because he will be away at college – unless he lives at home and commutes to a university?”

    • He is on the spectrum.

      Barron is protected” by his mother. He has never lived a “normal” life.

      He is most likely not “evil” like his siblings (except for Tiffany).

      He has lived in a controlled world with Melania and her parents. Now that her mother crossed over, Melania and her father. I do not care for Melania – but she will protect her son – even if it means divorcing Trump.

        • Yes, absolutely this. His retrograde Mercury in Pisces in the 12th also conjucts Uranus – he may well struggle with his mental health too. Uranus, as it does so often when rising, gives him his unusual stature and is in tense aspect to Mars in Gemini in the 3rd. (I had an adhd sibling and have Mars/retrograde Mercury in the 3rd) As previously mentioned, his Father’s Gemini Sun/Uranus/NN as well as Trump’s Sagittarius Moon clashes with that Mars, in turn squaring those Piscean 12th house planets. This will create a chaotic, volatile mutable interface with his father. The poor lad, he seems to be burdened with ancestral chaos. His Piscean Sun on the fixed star, Scheat is currently being hit with transit Neptune for added confusion.

          Perhaps he will get some respite from that Jupiter in the 8th in Scorpio which could well play out as an interest in the occult or perhaps a supportive relationship with his maternal grandparents. But even there, Jupiter clashes in tense quincunx aspect with his Gemini Mars in the 3rd and squares his Venus/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius which could well point to hidden love affairs or a hidden sexuality.

    • I’ve heard that from people who knew him.

      He always looks extremely unhappy and sullen in photos, his head down. Despite being born into so much privilege he looks as if he has so much stacked against him with that family. Poor kid.

      • To be honest, if you see a picture of Donald, Melania and Baron – they all have that unhappy, sullen look. Which is no surprise because there is no inner joy or appreciation among them. His Saturn in 5th will make having fun a chore and its notably in a reasonably tight Grand Trine to Sun (father) and moon (mother)

        I note 3rd Mars in Gemini is widely opposite his Sag Pluto in 10th. While Marjorie correctly sees the Sun as representing the father; given that Donald’s Gemini Sun/Uranus are conjunct Baron’s mars that opposition may represent an underlying battle between his parents that has been ramping up as the progression closes. And his Pisces planets are caught between them – won’t know which way to swim.

        Noting he also has no cardinal planets – difficult to be a self-starter. While he does have Sun in the 1st; he is Pisces Ascendant so it will still be a struggle to decide what to do in life. The Pluto on MC looms large.

      • Yes, I thought so too. Did you notice that Barron seemed scared of his father during the 2016 election. It looked to me as though he thought his dad was going to hit him.

  6. “He’ll feel trapped and possibly scared – it draws to exact over the Inauguration and just beyond.”

    That means a Trump presidency, doesn’t it?

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