Australia elections – nothing clearcut

The polls for the Australia election show a solid lead for Labor and Anthony Albanese over Scott Morrison’s coalition government. But the Australia country chart reeks of confusion and indecision; and neither of the two leaders looks cheered by the result, nor does the main financial backer of the independent candidates.

  The gap at the moment of 54% to 46% would need a staggering reversal to alter it at this late stage. But there still appears to be unease about it not being in the bag.

  The vote comes after a stormy period with the pandemic, a rancorous fight over climate change strategy and deteriorating relations with China. Rising interest rates, inflation and energy prices are a worry for voters; and the Solomon Islands’ decision to sign a security pact with China undermined Morrison’s assertion that he is stronger on national security.

  Albanese, 2 March 1963, no birth time, is a Sun Pisces trine Neptune and opposition Pluto Uranus in Virgo; with a cool Saturn Mercury in Aquarius square Neptune – good as a backroom operator and he has stumbled through the campaign. Over the election he has tr Uranus exactly opposition his Neptune and square his Uranus/Node midpoint and from late May through June tr Uranus squares his Saturn Mercury – which certainly looks like change, though also fractious and high tension. There’s not much of cheer on his chart this year (without a birth time) apart from a very mild tr Jupiter trine his Mars in late May. He’s much more upbeat and confident in 2023/24 though with hiccups as well.

 Scott Morrison, 13 May 1968, a Sun Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo and opposition Neptune square Jupiter in flashy Leo – not short of ambition or chutzpah but also over confident and not always sensible.

  He’s in a generally disastrous year with tr Neptune opposition his Uranus over the election as well as tr Uranus conjunct his Mercury/Saturn – so he’s in much the same pickle as Albanese.

Jessica Adams sees a hung parliament because of Mercury Retrograde on election day with delayed results and general mayhem.

6 thoughts on “Australia elections – nothing clearcut

  1. FYI: Roughly timed leadership charts for Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison.
    Albanese – Labor Leader: 30 May 2019, 2:18 PM, AEST -10:00:00, Canberra, Australia, 149e08’00 35s17’00
    Morrison – Liberal Leader: 24 Aug 2018, 12:50 PM, AEST -10:00:00, Canberra, Australia, 149e08’00 35s17’00

    • Thanks. Have noted. On the basis of these Scott Morrison has a blip of good luck late May into June but still logjammed every which way so not a resounding sigh of relief.

  2. I am not sure that leaders’ chart often reveal election outcomes. Some leaders win election under diabolical transits and progressions. Who knows what is happening in their private lives or health? The last time Australia had a hung parliament was in 2010 under a retrograde mercury, when Julia Gillard cobbled together a coalition with independents, which took weeks to resolve. Mercury is retrograde again for this election so it could be close despite the polls indicating a solid Labor win.

  3. “The gap at the moment of 54% to 46% ”

    That doesn’t sound like a landslide. That sounds like a country as deeply divided as the U.S. a few years ago.

  4. The last election looked like a win for Labor but the Coalition took it. It is very hard to call even at this late stage.

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