Australia 2020 – its frontier spirit being tested


Catastrophic conditions in Australia with out-of-control fires raging in every state could worsen as 40-degree temperatures are forecast. Already millions of hectares have been burnt, along with houses and a fireman was killed today when his truck rolled over in extreme winds.

The Australia chart with its Sun Saturn in Capricorn was in the line of attack from the July 2019 Solar Eclipse and the recent Capricorn one with Jupiter in the latter making no concessions to good luck. The upcoming January 2020 Lunar Eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer located to Sydney sits across the chart Ascendant/Descendant indicating a critical region.

Tr Neptune is also continuing to square the AU Pluto at the moment till late January which suggests devastation and confusion and will sap morale. Tr Neptune thereafter will be in aspect to four AU midpoints over the next two years for uncertainty ahead but at least Neptune will be clear of the aspect to Pluto. There should be a good-news blip from February 9 to early March 2020, but across mid year there’ll be more setbacks, perhaps accidents running on into 2021.

Depending on the start time of the chart tr Pluto will be conjunct the Midheaven from early 2020 and through 2021 which does hint progress will be blocked with a suggestion of a collapse of some sort as the country tries to pick up the effects of the devastation and plot a way forward into a high-risk future.

The economic damage is unknowable at this stage but the Bank of Australia, 14 January 1960, is under pressure, continuing on from last year through 2020 with tr Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Sun. The July 2020 Lunar Eclipse will affect it critically. Though the real challenges hit from early 2021 with a panicky Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Saturn; followed by a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune, and a jolting Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun – all in 2021/22. Plus a disappointing, bubble-bursting tr Neptune square Jupiter.

Australia is a stalwart and adventurous country with four resilient Sagittarian planets as well as the determined Sun Saturn in Capricorn. But it’s difficult to see how the climate risk can be managed ahead.

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  1. Your observation that Jupiter is involved in the recent eclipse which correlate to the extreme fire events underlines his influence is often as an amplifier of events or underlining forces than as simply a bringer of good fortune. I remember seeing an analysis of a serial killer’s transits showing prominent Jupiter transit at time of his first murder; to the MC, if I recall correctly, basically Jupiter launched this career! Zeus wants more, and not necessary of just good things…

    Am really interested in the Pluto midheaven transit: these events should be terminal for the terrible Morrison administration, but it’s hard to see how….? Big carbon seems to entirely own the Australian establishment, and there’s Murdoch too of course, the lucky country, deeply corrupt.

    Mercury Jupiter opp Neptune; big talkin bs artists always seem to dominate…

  2. Thanks for all your wonderful posts again in 2019. We have always been “Told” that Aussie is the lucky country in NZ… but it seems as if its call caught up on them no. Very Sad. But you cant beat mother nature. NZ has had it sad things also this year…. so once again mother nature and the world we live in. We have a election coming late (November 2020) so that will be a interesting one…. on we go in this world of big changes. Welcome to 2020

  3. Well I would second that. Thank you very much indeed for this blog, Marjorie. I turn to it every day, for entertainment and information. I simply find it fascinating! Wishing you good health and happiness for 2020!

  4. Thank you for your incredible astrological work, Marjorie.
    All your posts are so instructive, especially those about countries, politics and hints about the coming crises.
    All the Best to you for 2020 !

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