India – nationalists flexing their muscles


India is in turmoil with demonstrations against PM Modi’s new citizenship law which is seen as anti-Muslim and weakening India’s secular foundations. Modi leads the BJP Party whose core ideology holds that India is a Hindu nation. There are 200 million Muslims in India, about 14 per cent of the population. One analyst said: “There is a feeling that the shackles have come off on the Hindu nationalist agenda.”

On the India chart, the Secondary Progressed Mars is exactly conjunct the Saturn (and Pluto) for an upsurge of anger and frustration – as well as hatred. Memories of the bloody 1947 post-colonial partition of the sub-continent into India and Pakistan with millions displaced and killed are the backdrop to an unhealed and unhealable wound. And one which Modi’s policies inflame.

The violence and mayhem will run on with tr Pluto Saturn opposition the Mars/Saturn midpoint now till late January and again mid August to late November. With more disruptions in February, July and August, and December. There’s a Solar Arc Moon conjunct Neptune by late 2021/early 2022 suggesting a disappointed or discontented populace.

What will have most effect moving ahead is tr Uranus, bringer of forced change and jolting surprises, which is square the India Mercury at the moment with one last hit in April 2020, precipitating excited outbursts. But will cause more disruption and upheaval in 2021/22 as it squares the India fixed Saturn Pluto in Leo, moving on through an opposition to the Midheaven, and squares to Venus and the Sun in 2022/23. So like many other countries there will be a bumpy path ahead. There may also be a lack of direction with tr Neptune crossing into the India 11th in 2020 for many years thereafter.

In 2022/23 as well tr Pluto will oppose the India Cancer Moon for domestic/voter discontent and resentment. Feelings will run exceptionally high.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is moving through the India 9th house so maybe it isn’t surprising that religious arguments have come to the fore with intolerant Pluto connecting to repressive Saturn. Jupiter may help to bring a little amiability to bear as it moves into the India 9th from March till July and again after November 2020.

Narendra Modi’s 2nd Term chart, 30 May 2019 7.04pm Delhi, hints at financial setbacks and simmering, volcanic anger as well with an 8th house Mars; overly high hopes especially on the money-front and a less than ecstatic population.

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  1. Looking at the India independence chart, it shows according to my knowledge what is known as a Kal Sarpa Dosha which means all the planets are contained within the north node and south node of the Moon. This is supposed to be a unfortunate pattern in a chart. Many people with this dosha are mired in circumstances from which they cannot extricate themselves. I don’t know what this means according to western astrology if it has any significance but with India’s complex history and present situation it does seem to fit.

  2. That cluster of Leo planets in the India Independence chart is going to be very stressed in 2021/22, with the Saturn/Uranus square impacting all of those fixed placements. This is sure to be a big flashpoint in the coming years, particularly early 2021. The upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn seems to be bringing out autocratic impulses globally, and with the Sun and Mercury involved, it tends to suggests attempts at leadership (Sun) attempting to consolidate control. That seems to be the core issue.

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