France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany – forced change ahead


What is clear is that the recession-prone Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus picking up in 2021 and extending into 2022 will have a destabilising effect on the major EU countries. It will hit the EU chart in 2021 (see post below 27 December) and have major consequences in France and the Netherlands.

France, 21 September 1792 3.30 pm Paris, especially with its Uranus in Leo opposition Pluto in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio will be undergoing massive forced and jolting changes between 2022 and 2024/5. The Franco-EU relationship, always the most rock-solid, will also be battered this way and that as tr Uranus and tr Saturn make hard aspects to the composite Uranus and Sun in 2022/23 with worse to follow through till 2026.

The Netherlands, 26 July 1581 JC, with a Leo Sun Venus will be rocking and rolling from tr Uranus in square in 2021/22 and then square Uranus in 2022/23; with a ‘collision’ type setback also in 2022 from Solar Arc Mars square Saturn. Their EU relationship is under pressure in 2020 from a discouraging tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn with growing discontent from tr Neptune square Pluto. With added anger and frustration from tr Pluto square the composite Mars, escalating through 2021/22/23 with tr Pluto square the composite Sun, Mercury and tr Uranus conjunct the composite Uranus Venus – threatening to pull old agreements apart.

Both the Italy 1861 and 1946 charts in relation to the EU indicate much the same timescale of disruption; and also in terms of their internal stability which will be severely shaken from 2022 to mid decade.

Germany looks more aggravated with the EU at the moment and through 2020 than later with tr Uranus moving round the Uranus, Mars, Moon Fixed composite T Square; though will have moments of great uncertainty in 2022/23 with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn.

The Germany chart itself, 1 January 1871 12 am Berlin, shows financial disappointment in 2020 from tr Neptune square the Jupiter; and a major turnaround of direction in 2021/22 with tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Uranus; followed by a truly tectonic shift as tr Uranus is conjunct the 8th house Pluto in Taurus in 2023/24. And it will be facing meltdown confusion about a close relationship by 2024.

Being outside the EU – if it actually is – won’t shield the UK from the Uranus tsunami since the very Fixed UK 1801 chart will be buffeted in much the same fashion.

12 thoughts on “France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany – forced change ahead

  1. Is fascinating to re-read this now in context of Russia’s Ukraine fiasco. Tr Uranus conj 8th Pluto in German chart looks very much like a rapid disengagement from Russian fossil fuels, and all that that entails. Much disruption, huge discontinuity from postwar patterns, energetically, economically and especially politically. Ost-Politik dead, Euro zone jump kicked towards the post carbon economy and politics. Full of risk and possibly. Exciting times. Uranian shock to Pl (fossil fuels) source of wealth from others (8th). Sometime astrological images are perfect!

    If/when europe can disengage from the Russian fossil fuel drug, increased isolation Russia from the west with a shrinking economy, becoming a vassal of the much more economically powerful China, even possible fracturing into more parts. The very reverse of Pootin’s desire: post imperial Russia is surely the future state? Must look at those charts again…

  2. Reading this now a year later on 31st December 2020, I wonder if what we are seeing in these charts is the effects of the economic meltdown ensuing from the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant social impact. I also wonder if it has to do with these four countries having ‘second thoughts’ about the corona bailout fund which the Netherlands was reluctant to join in the first place fearing its misuse by some potential recipient countries that are increasingly deviating from the EU’s basic tenet of respect for the rule of law.

  3. Germany was reunified 30 years ago today @ Midnight on 3 October 1990 in Berline.
    Any thoughts Marjorie?
    All the best for the weekend.

  4. I think there’s one element missing here from this analysis, and that’s Russia. So many political developments here are tied to them. And there have been some truly weird developments in Russia in the past couple of weeks, especially given they seemed to have diplomatic victories with France earlier this Autumn and it’s 20th Anniversary of Putin Reign (I think we can call it this).Vladimir Vladimirovich’s annual Television Q&A show was truly subdued, according to many experience corrispondants. Also, a couple of days ago he brought the usual WWII Revisionism to a whole new level by stating The War was started by Poles. This brought even The US Embassy in Poland out of hiding, with an official statement telling Hitler and Stalin colluded to start The War. And definitely nixed any pro-Russian sentiment there may have been of late in Poland. There is only one public Putin aims this carbage to, and they are in Russia. This makes me think Putin feels majorly threatened by something right now. He isn’t quite as smart as people seem to think, but has amazing survival instinct.

    Something is up, for sure

  5. Consideration of retirement to France or Italy doesn’t look positive … but remaining in the US of Trump is less definitely palatable. Initial suggestions? Or just wait it out for another ten years ..?

  6. Italy, Poland, Spain and France could all conceivably leave the European Union, given their political pressures underway. In my view, they erred in adapting a top-down federal model. Wealthier nations subsidizing the development of weaker ones was inevitably going to create conflict. The EMU was never really workable. They should have adopted the Swiss model that allowed for more local control. Perhaps that’s what they settle on once the storms of the early 2020’s clear a bit.

    • I get notifications from Google from The English Press pushing the idea this is “conceivable”, but the truth is, in Continental Europe Exit talk has all but halted. Even Putin isn’t pushing this anymore. He is busy busy busy trying to negociate with France and Germany. Catalan and Scottish separatists, most viable movements, both are mostly pro-EU.

      Also, Poland isn’t in EMU.

  7. Thanks Marjorie, could the November 1813 chart be an alternative for the modern Dutch monarchy? A Pisces Sun seems to be a better ‘fit’ for the Netherlands imho.

  8. 2022 is presidential election year in France . «… massive forced and jolting changes between 2022 and 2024/5 « : do you think it could that be the time when we leave the €- in this case probably because an anti-euro coalition wins ? Or would you favour the possibility of a more  revolutionary  disruption which leads to bankrupcy ?

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