Athletics doping – Sebastian Coe under pressure


The latest report on in athletics is a headache for Sebastian Coe, former UK politician and Olympic track gold medallist, now President of the International Association of Athletics Federations. The report says corruption was embedded in the IAAF of which he was Vice President since 2007.  Despite that he is thought the best person to sort out the problems and move forward.

Born 29 Sept 1956, London he is a Sun Mercury in Libra with a sociable collection of maybe Moon, Uranus Venus Pluto in Leo and an adventurous Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter in Virgo; plus a tough Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Venus.

His personal chart indicates great confidence through 2016/17 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in Virgo; but also major problems in a year’s time (maybe less) with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun, Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune, and Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune – so scandal, confusion, panic, jolts.

His IAAF Presidency chart 31 August 2015, 12am Monaco, has a high-hopes-dashed Sun Jupiter opposition Neptune which has had a few wobbles recently as tr Saturn moved to square all three planets. Where it hits instability is by 2018 when tr Pluto will square the Uranus. But even before the Sun will move by Solar Arc to oppose Neptune exactly now so a major banana skin.

The IAAF, 17 July 1912, is hitting a considerable upset and disruption from June this year, on and off till April 2017 as tr Uranus squares Neptune and the Sun. Then tr Uranus moves on to square the Venus – so more emotional shocks.   Plus this year also tr Neptune is square and tr Saturn conjunct the Solar Arc Mars – so a time of deep uncertainty.

Not quite the glory job he had anticipated.

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  1. Dear Marjorie, with all the corruption in sports I hope thAt you will comment on the big tennis scandal and possibly come up with some astro ideas. It seems quite shocking as these players work themselves to often near collapse and injury not to speak of having to play in unbearable heat very often. The Australian Open is on now which I’m sure you’re aware of and the finalis on Sunday. Hope to hear your views soon.

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