Charles de Gaulle – war leaders’ Neptune Pluto and Mars Jupiter

Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French resistance in World War 11 and a dominant President in the years following, dialogues with Philippe Petain, Nazi-collaborator and head of the Vichy Government, later tried for treason, in a new London play. The Patriotic Traitor.

What is fascinating is De Gaulle’s chart, 22 Nov 1890 4am Lille, France since he had, like Hitler, the emblematic Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini of their generation in the 8th. Winston Churchill also had Neptune and Pluto in the 8th though not conjunct. The 8th house does have a mysterious quality of being able to project an aura and have a profound unseen influence on the masses, especially Pluto. All three war leaders in different ways were able to rouse the citizenry to fight for their country.

De Gaulle also had Mars Jupiter in Aquarius which has a crusading streak in trine to his Neptune Pluto.  Winston Churchill had Mars Jupiter in Libra with Jupiter opposition his Neptune – so equally good at rousing enthusiasm.

De Gaulle’s Scorpio Sun fell in the France 10th conjunct the Fr Mars MC and his Mars Jupiter fell in the France 1st house. Similarly Winston Churchill’s  Air sign Mars Jupiter fell in the UK’s 1st house – so both were crucial to keeping national morale high.

When war broke out De Gaulle’s Solar Arc Pluto Neptune were about to cross his MC into his 10th, with tr Pluto already there – so a time of increasing influence. Tr Uranus was just into his 8th with tr Saturn following behind so the war years were intense, upsetting and life-changing.

Neptune Pluto has a megalomaniac streak which is probably a necessity in war leaders. All three were difficult personalities and De Gaulle was certainly arrogant.

The other with Neptune Pluto in the 8th was King George VI, who although a self-effacing personality, stood rock solid throughout the 1940s.

Petain is less interesting, 24 April 1856 10.30pm Cauchy a La Tour, France, though he had a control/be controlled Sun Pluto in Taurus in his 5th; and a wobbly Saturn in Gemini square Jupiter Neptune in Pisces. He became Head of the Vichy Government on his Uranus Return when he was 84. He was convicted of treason, saved from the death penalty and died in prison aged 95.

Freda & Lennox Berkeley – an impossible match that worked

The marriage everyone said would never work but lasted over forty happy years and produced three children was between a seemingly mismatched couple. Freda Bernstein, orphaned at 5, met and fell in love with composer Lennox Berkeley, 20 years her senior, who was a lover of Benjamin Britten amongst others. Her influence over him led to him breaking away from Britten emotionally and culturally and he produced more cheerful and optimistic music as a result; and she ran a successful salon which encouraged many young musicians and artists.

Born 25 May 1923, she was an airy Sun Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn in Libra, sextile musical Neptune in Leo; with her steadfast and charming Venus in Taurus sextile Pluto and opposition Jupiter. She also had a wide Yod of Saturn sextile Neptune inconjunct Uranus – so would need an unconventional setting before she’d feel she fitted in – and possibly also thrived on the sense of adventure it brought. She said she was the only one who thought it would work. And it did.

Lennox Berkeley, 12 May 1903, was a Sun Taurus with his Venus in Gemini conjunct her Mars; and his Jupiter in Pisces conjunct her Uranus – so there was a spark of passion and a sense of adventure between them. His Jupiter was exactly opposition her Virgo North Node; and her Saturn was conjunct his Libra North Node – so quite a karmic connection with her providing the self-discipline to ensure he brought out the full relationship potential of his North Node.

Their relationship chart had an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction; with a wide Mystic Rectangle of Venus opposition Saturn trine/sextile Mars opposition Uranus – so some stability and some rough edges.

Melania Trump – uneasy head for a crown

Melania Trump, the Slovenian third wife of Donald, a jewellery designer and former model, is being pulled out of obscurity to platform as a possible First Lady.

Born 26 April 1970, she’s a downbeat, tightly controlled Sun Saturn in Taurus trine a Capricorn Moon with her Sun opposition Jupiter; with Venus in late Taurus conjunct Mars in Gemini and Venus trine Pluto and Mars trine Uranus. So she will wobble between optimism and pessimism; can be charming, though also headstrong.

Her chart has several inconjuncts – a Yod of Uranus sextile Neptune inconjunct her Sun; and Mars inconjunct Jupiter – so she will experience a fair amount of strain, the sense of not quite fitting in.

She’s the polar opposite of her husband with his Sun Uranus in Gemini trine Jupiter and a Sagittarius Moon.

2016 looks very edgy for her and roller coaster with one high and several jolting lows.

Her relationship chart with Donald is under serious strain with tr Pluto opposing the composite Mars now and right through till late 2017.

Gaza – Israel about to reap the whirlwind

Gaza will explode in Israel’s direction if nothing is done to improve the deteriorating economic situation, said the Israeli head of Military Intelligence. He made it clear that economic improvement will be the most important restraining factor. The United Nations has already forecast a catastrophe.

Gaza, 9 Nov 1917 9am looks undermined this year with tr Neptune square Jupiter; and the tail end of Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Sun. Nothing looks like picking up anytime soon. Tr Neptune moves to oppose the Gaza Virgo Moon in 2017/2018 which is more of the same. Followed by a high-wire Solar Arc Neptune square Uranus in 2019; and a volatile, explosive Solar Arc Uranus square Mars by 2020.  2020 is the point at which tr Pluto will be conjunct the Solar Arc MC – so four years to implosion tragically looks about right.

Shatner & Nimoy – end of a beautiful friendship

Actor William Shatner has written about his fifty year friendship with Leonard Nimoy, which started on Star Trek and extended on through their divergent careers and tumultuous personal lives. But mysteriously ended a few years before Nimoy’s recent death.

What is fascinating is that they were born within four days of each other. Shatner, 22 March 1931 4am Montreal, Canada; and Nimoy, 26 March 1931 8.30pm Boston, Massachusetts. So they both had the powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn square Uranus – tough, enduring, innovative, rebels in their way. Shatner has a Cancer Moon and Nimoy had a Taurus Moon.

Nimoy was the more cerebral of the pair with Moon, Jupiter, Pluto Mars in the 9th; but they were very similar.  Although neither was an easy personality. Tr Uranus has just moved into Uranus when they drifted apart and about to conjunct their composite Sun, which tr Pluto had been hammering at in the previous two years.

Just a pity that Nimoy didn’t live long enough to allow them to come back together again after a sticky patch.

South Africa – financial problems worsening

The South African economy is ‘in crisis’ says the finance minister Pravin Gordhan. There is shrinking growth, 25% unemployment, and widespread poverty. The South African rand has halved over the past five years, losing 30% since last year’s Chinese crisis.

The South Africa 1910 chart has a 9 degree Gemini Sun which is catching the tr Neptune square, usually an indicator of collapse of financial confidence. That repeats in magnified form in 2018 with Solar Arc Jupiter opposition Neptune. Before then tr Pluto will oppose Neptune in 2016/17 which is devastating; with a frustrating, trapped tr Pluto opposition Mars in 2017/18. Plus a rebellious tr Uranus square Uranus this year – so all fairly grim.

The May 10 1994 chart, has tr Uranus square Neptune in 2016 and Uranus in 2017; with tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting the Solar Arc Sun this year; and tr Pluto square Mars in 2017/2018 – much the same story.

The Bank of South Africa, 30 June 1921, starts several years of a Neptunian swamp as tr Neptune is conjunct Uranus and moves on to oppose Jupiter Saturn in Virgo until 2012, so it won’t be easy or quick to turn the situation round.

Australia – manning the barricades

Australia is to boost its defence spending because of concerns over military expansion in the region, especially by the Chinese.

Although Australia did well out of China’s boom and need for commodities, there is wariness about China’s less than transparent activities in the southern oceans.

It was always an edgy relationship with the AU Mars conjunct the China Saturn in Virgo; and the China Sun Neptune in Libra square Uranus hitting off the AU Sun Saturn in Capricorn.

The relationship chart has an uncomfortable composite Sun square Neptune Mars – so not a recipe for long term co-operation and mutual support; plus a oneupmanship composite Jupiter opposition Pluto. That latter is under pressure till late 2017.  In 2018 there’s an insecure, argumentative tr Uranus trine the composite Mars; and by 2020 the disruptive tr Pluto trine the composite Uranus will upset diplomatic relations considerably.

Prince William – life in the goldfish bowl

Prince William has come under criticism for not pulling his weight as a working Royal while holding down a part-time helicopter pilot job (in the Daily Mail). While it is arguable as third in line he doesn’t really need to do as much as he’ll do later on, Ken Palace coming out with some weak-minded excuse about EU regulations, that was instantly blown out of the water, hardly helps. The Queen did enjoy quiet time in Malta in the early years of her marriage when Philip was stationed there (the children were left at home with nanny), so there is precedent.

Prince William has a dependent-on-close-partner 7th house New Moon in Cancer trine a drama-queen Jupiter on the MC. He’ll grow into the latter as a success story as he matures in later life but it can make him lazy. Plus he has an emphasised Venus in Taurus in the 5th which is indulgent; and as focal point of a Yod, makes him feel he doesn’t fit in when out and about glad-handing. Again, once that Yod clicks into place he’ll find his groove.

Last year and this he does have tr Pluto square his Saturn which can feel like an uphill struggle and discouraging.  Though he’ll get a jolt when tr Uranus starts to oppose his 9th house Pluto from mid 2016 to mid 2017. That suggests a change of pace and pressure for a major re-organisation of his everyday life. Though with a Saturn Pluto conjunction he can be very stubborn and resistant to advice and pressure.   His midpoints this year are a mix of some highs and some aggravated phases.

Tr Saturn is now into his 12th so gradually moving away from old ambitions and he may drop into a lower profile phase from late 2017 onwards for a few years.  But during tr Saturn in his 1st quadrant from 2018 onwards it is possible he may find himself and get himself onto a meaningful track. In 2019 his focal point Venus has moved by Solar Arc to conjunct his Sun so that could be the trigger.

One problem he faces is his father who tends to get prickly if attention is diverted away from him. Their relationship chart has a composite Mars Neptune conjunction, so if one succeeds the other feels diminished. Their relationship looks disappointing and cool this year and under a fair amount of pressure.

Kate is having a fairly tricky year with tr Uranus square her Capricorn Sun and opposition her Saturn as well as tr Pluto opposition her Moon (maybe) so a fair amount of upheaval.

My feeling is that not all is happy in her parents’ marriage which given the closeness of the family will give her problems. Prince William looks as if the shine has gone slightly off his relationship with them. And there are some hiccups for the Middletons through this year.

Boris for Brexit – sort of


Boris Johnson has decided to opt for Brexit but is hedging his bets madly by saying voting OUT is the best way of gaining more concessions which would then make it worthwhile to stay IN. 19 June 1964 2pm New York.

Over the late June referendum he has tr Saturn exactly square his Pluto in Virgo with tr Neptune in opposition which doesn’t look too supportive of a power base.

One problem with predictions this year is the Saturn Jupiter Neptune T square in transit which throws up good news and bad news at the same time. His Jupiter does get a confidence boost pre-Referendum from the tr Pluto trine but it also gets a tr Pluto sextile Neptune at the same time which could undercut over-confident plans. He’s also got three very disaster-prone Uranus transits in hard aspect to Mars midpoints before then which doesn’t suggest high confidence.

Ian Duncan Smith, another Brexit campaigner, 9 April 1954 9.02pm Edinburgh, has all manner of Jupiter aspects which look more hopeful for him this year and especially in the next three years; though tr Saturn heading into his 2nd house is generally a less successful time.

Michael Gove, Theresa Villiers and Chris Grayling, other Brexit-ers, all have unhappy, stuck influences in late June.

The Conservative Party chart, 12 Nov 1867, is certainly under pressure this year from tr Pluto trine Pluto and moving on to sextile the Sun in 2017/18 which looks like forced change under great difficulty. But managed without upsetting the applecart.

Tr Neptune is opposition the CParty North Node in Virgo exactly in late June with tr Saturn square – which is fairly esoteric and difficult to assess.  Though at a stretch, maybe concerns about the soul of the party and great concern arising from that. But there’s nothing suggesting an implosion.

USA Elections – a test of stamina

The 2016 USA Election will be held on November 8th when there is a controlling T Square onto Pluto in Capricorn from a Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus; and another T Square onto Saturn in Sagittarius from a North Node opposition Neptune. Saturn and Pluto both suggest a conservative victory. And indeed tr Jupiter will conjunct the USA’s 1776 Saturn in Libra shortly after, which could also be seen as a boost for the traditional party.  That’s speculative but thoughts to ponder.

Donald Trump has a plethora of lucky, successful Jupiter this year with tr Pluto square his Jupiter in Libra from March on and off till late 2017. Plus Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Jupiter, exact at the New Year – and tr Jupiter conjunct both, between the election and inauguration. He’s also got helpful Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints now till mid-April and returning in December/January 2017.

However he also, less helpfully, has tr Uranus square his Saturn in Cancer in late May/June as well as tr Uranus square his Mars/North Node midpoint at the same time – both of which are high-tension, argumentative and can accompany heart scares. And tr Pluto trine his Mars/Neptune June to mid July which is low energy and confused.  Plus tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars midpoint from late June to early September which is overtaxing strength, over hasty, having to adjust to new conditions.

His Solar Return from June 2016 for a year has a pressured Pluto in the 6th square a 10th house Uranus – which could either point to health issues forcing a change of direction; or a change of direction landing him with too much work. Four of his Lunar Returns – March, April, May/June and October – have planets in the 6th which could again indicate overwork impacting on health.

Other thought is that tr Pluto square his Jupiter from March can lead to an over reach of confidence, often financial, but also can push the individual into thinking that rules governing ordinary mortals don’t apply to them.

Bernie Sanders does have tr Uranus sextile his Jupiter this year mid March to early April which is mild but good news; and tr Pluto trine his Virgo Sun, on and off all year, which is generally progressive. On the downside he has tr Neptune square Jupiter/Saturn and then Jupiter/Uranus mid Feb to mid April which suggests a bit of a slide. The second week in May till the end of the month has high tension tr Uranus square Sun/Saturn and Sun/Uranus as well as tr Uranus opposition Venus and then conjunct Mars in late May to end of June – all of those are insecure, high tension, jolting and the last one can put strain on heart in older people.

If birth time of 12.27pm is accurate he has tr Uranus conjunct his Moon in the second half of March; and Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Moon, exact across the election. The Moon is emotional but is also associated with the body.

Hillary, as ever, remains an enigma, and has a dodgy birth time. She gets a minor uplift from tr Pluto sextile Sun/Jupiter now till early March and again June to mid July. But has wobbly, insecure transits to other mid points apart from that. Tr Uranus will trine her Saturn over the election which could arguably be a positive change of direction/lifestyle. But on its own it’s hardly strong enough to indicate a victory.

Ted Cruz, without birth time, doesn’t look to be on a winning streak; and neither does Rubio, again without birth time. Both would be hoping to mop up the anyone-but-Trump votes as the other candidates throw in the towel.