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Brought down by Jupiter, Roseanne Barr is finding out the hard way that arrogance and self-righteous bigotry, which are the ‘lucky’ planet’s negative traits, can and do backfire. Fly too high like Icarus and the fall is swift. Strongly Jupiterian charts assume they have divine protection, or at least that their guardian angel will always be there to fish them out of trouble.

She has tr Jupiter moving through her 9th house of communication and aiming to conjunct her midheaven later this year. Normally that would indicate a career and status boost.  But she has a heavily aspected (afflicted) Jupiter in her chart – opposition her Scorpio Sun in a Fixed Grand Cross to an Aquarius Node and Pluto – that is not only obstinate to the nth degree, giving tremendous endurance, but is also power hungry, lacking in social niceties and inclined to disregard both conventional courtesies and rules. She thinks she’s above them (Jupiter Pluto). And inclined to hubris.

As if that wasn’t enough her Jupiter is on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Venus sextile Saturn (Neptune). Such a Jupiter does indicate an ability to appeal to the masses but can be undone by self-aggrandisement and the inability to harbour any doubts about the rightness of beliefs. Tr Jupiter at the moment is opposition her natal Jupiter pulling on her Sun and her Yod. And tr Neptune is undermining on of her Jupiter midpoints exactly now which brings failures and dashed plans.

On top of all of this, she has a volatile, reckless Cardinal T Square of Mars opposition Uranus square Saturn Neptune in Libra, which will make her incapable of compromise with a tendency to over-react to interference or limits. Tr Pluto is exactly square her Saturn now, having just moved off her neurotic/confused Saturn/Neptune midpoint and is reversing back to square her Uranus in the 6th house of work in September. So tr Pluto is pounding not just on her central T Square but also one leg of the Yod which usually produces fateful changes of direction.

I would wonder marginally about tr Jupiter moving across her MC later this year and through her 10th in 2019. Her show was staggeringly successful and brought $60 million in for the studio, so its not beyond the bounds of possibility that a less fussy network picks her up. Though 2019 is still bogged down by tr Pluto square her Neptune and she has some fairly catastrophic Uranus transits to various midpoints. And her Solar Arc Sun is moving to oppose her Uranus, exact in 8 months’ time which will bring a jolting blow.

The Roseanne Revival 10th season started broadcasting 27 March 2018 with a hard-edged, likely to inflame strong feelings Sun square Saturn Mars. Pluto is also square Venus Uranus pointing to strong reactions and a roller coaster ride. Tr Saturn is now retrograding back exactly in square to the Sun and within days is conjunct the Mars/Saturn midpoint. Mars Saturn in a chart often indicates ‘accidents’ or setbacks. But tr Pluto will sextile Jupiter in 2019/2020, so it maybe after suitable grovelling (maybe) there’s a resurgence. And her Solar Return from November 2018 to November 2019 has Jupiter on the MC so she’ll be prominent one way or another.

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  1. Marjorie: Wikipedia gives Roseanne’s birthdate as Nov. 3, which of course would make her a Scorp, not a Taurus. To me, she seems more Scorpion than Bull. If indeed she’s a Scorpio, how would that change your profile of her?

    • You’re right. The chart I used and above is Scorpio. I shouldn’t write so fast. Her Jupiter is in Taurus opposition her Sun.

  2. I doubt she will be picked up by another network. Hulu and several other networks that had her reruns of the original show have all dropped her.

  3. I always thought Roseanne was parodying bigotry back in the eighties, now I know it is all her real self. I did not watch her new show as it is far to loud and in some respect insults working class people.

  4. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Why hire her again, when the first time was rumored to be a horrid experience for writers, directors, producers, etc.?

    Even if they wanted to believe, “she’d changed,” her Twitter account showed exactly who and what she was, and has been for several years.

  5. Maybe she can get together with Samantha Markle on her reality show, “Meet the Markles.” They’d be a perfect fit.

  6. Teenagers are sounding & acting like adults & adults are sounding & acting like teenagers, it’s like the twilight zone. I had no idea social media would eventually create these kind of scenarios, hopefully this will bring back good manners, which we’re obviously lacking in our society.

  7. Racists must be called out, this isn’t their time…even if trump is president. Actually, there isn’t a time and place for racism. ABC network did the right thing.

  8. She was wrong, she apologized. It wasn’t like she called Valerie’s mouth a c**k-holder for Putin, but then that was said by a state-protected “comedian”…

    • I’m doing everyone a favor – – I think she was more than just “wrong” or just “made a mistake” – she wanted to represent herself and her show as talking about issues impacting Americans and about equality and injustices. Instead she couldn’t get out of her own way. The show could have been a great opportunity to bridge the divide and talk about these issues. Instead she decided to alienate her own cast and crew. Roseanne continuing to perpetuate a ring wing lie about Jarrat and the racism of her remark in referring to Jarrat as an ape is unconscionable. Then her blaming it on Ambien is really her retracting an apology and any sense of sincerity. I think the right wingers want to compare every single other incident so as to deflect from Roseanne’s racism is such a futile attempt and so transparent it shouldn’t even be mentioned. Samantha Bee has a show about political satire and it’s late night not primetime -so an appropriate audience. Roseanne is primetime and the influence of her celebrity status should be taken into account. The show and the star was bigger than Samantha Bee – so false equivalency here.

  9. Re. MC/Jupiter, maybe she will get a new job singing National Anthem at Trump Rallies. There’s simply no chance a network will pick any program of hers. Production of a sitcom typically involves a couple of hundred of people, and all of them are now out of work. Many announced leaving yesterday.

    Also, her Twitter rant continues. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted one on George Soros – born 1930 – having been a Nazi Collaborator. In reality, he was a a preteen hiding under false identity.

  10. I can’t believe a 65 yr-old woman with life experience would tweet such childish, spiteful crap. None of us are perfect but I fear some Trump supporters, like Roseanne, are like vindictive high-schoolers that just cannot grow up and adapt to the world around them. If they are not throwing their toys out of the pram or drinking up media propaganda like a burst cool-aid pipe, they’re happy as pigs in mud demeaning others in such a disgusting way. What part of that behaviour screams grown up and level-headed adult? Kidults, more like. It’s such a shame because she’s actually quite talented.

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