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The glue that holds marriages together can be tracked through the astrology. Though it will depend in part on the social climate. In Royal circles until relatively recently divorces were unthinkable, so couples would go their own way within the respectable façade of a committed union. It also depends on the capability of each individual to relate at all. It takes two to tango and if one isn’t dancing then short of total submission by the other partner, it won’t stick.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana at first glance seemed admirably suited. He is a Scorpio, and she was a Cancerian – two Water Suns. Her Venus in Taurus clicked with his Sun; and his detached Venus in airy Libra was reasonable with her Aquarius Moon. Though her rebellious Moon didn’t fit at all with his intensely emotional Sun or Taurus Moon. But no relationship is perfect, so with effort it might have worked.

The problems came from her Uranus square his Sun and conjunct his Pluto, which would present him with disruptive force that threatened to undercut his control; and worse her bitterly frustrated and angry Mars Pluto was conjunct his Saturn and trine his 10th house Moon – so she’d come up against his rigidity and upset his sense of dignity. Communication would be a problem with his Mercury conjunct her Neptune and her Mercury conjunct his Uranus – so they’d be constantly at cross-purposes and never able to iron out difficulties.

Her Jupiter was on his Descendant which is ideal and her charming Venus in his 10th helped his career. But his Uranus fell in her 7th robbing her of a feeling of togetherness; with his Mars on her Ascendant which can turn competitive.

On their relationship chart, the composite Sun was trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn – so good for success and duty and should have offered longevity.  But the composite Venus was unaspected, so affection was not an integral part of their bond. And the composite Moon was seriously afflicted in a Yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Mars Neptune, and trine Uranus. A yod in a relationship usually involves a critical connection for both, changing their lives out of all recognition and not always happily.

The killer though is the composite Mars Neptune conjunction – which suggests room for only one ego. Charles is notoriously sensitive to anyone hogging his spotlight and Diana did, unwittingly at the start and then discovered it was a weapon she could wield to great effect. With Mars Neptune there isn’t mutual support. One has a triumph, the other feels diminished, so it is destructive.

In days gone by it would have survived with a submissive wife, though the feeling element was never really there.

The Queen’s relationship with Prince Philip has undercurrents of real anger as he was forced to give up his career and identity at her accession; but the Venus and Moon aspect between them are much stronger, so passion initially and good feelings as well the resentment. Plus the nature of the time made it impossible to do other than stick it out through the rough patches.

Hindsight, of course, is a wonderful thing.

11 thoughts on “Marriage glue – Charles and Diana

  1. This is an excellent retrospective Marjorie, thank you. The Mars/Neptune is interesting, I wouldn’t have thought to look at it that way, almost like an opposition in a natal chart. It certainly fits. I wonder what their relationship would be like now, everything was still raw when Diana died.

    Dare I ask my husband what he thinks of my tricky Aquarius moon? 🙂 Sophia Loren and Victoria Beckham are two lunar Aquarians with long marriages, so there is maybe some hope for us! My husband and those I dated before I met him all have quite airy charts (and Libra Moons, strangely) – this seems to matter more than Sun sign in my own experience.

  2. Excellent comparison. Would add a third party, Camilla, to the
    “marriage glue” as a solvent, as she was always a factor in this
    particular marriage. Her relationship with Charles is more
    sustainable for him.

    • Good lord, no! I’m a scorp – all the pisces women I’ve dated were high-maintenance clingy types, always trying to rescue me…or someone else.

      • all the scorpio & pisces (no matter who’s male or female) couples i know has long-term relationships/marriages. Already cancer and scorpio couples (I know) are more unstable, with on-off relationships, and when the whole thing definitely is ended, both of them see the relationship as a BIG mistake and they were in love with a illusion. I know 5 former cancer and scorpio couples.

        • agree with the illusion. in my past, cancer women (esp cancer moon) rule over the roost. cancer moon types are always in distress of some kind; again, imagined crises, panic attacks, cannot “leave it alone” or give something a rest.

      • I think I like you …! – don’t worry, I suspect I am too old for you; at least I am not a Pisces. Not that there is anything wrong with Pisces (before anyone complains!).
        I believe that Scorpio types, not just Sun, get on well with the more down-to-earth, pragmatic and practical Taurus. Certainly more than with any water sign. This is however dependent on the rest of the chart.
        Taurus generally get on with all the water signs. Opposites do tend to attract.

        • while there is a certain amount of sexual attraction toward Taurus moon, they can become quite stubborn. But no, never me! 😉 I find that life is simpler and less complicated living alone; I have my cats.

          But we are talking about the stereotypes. The relationship charts pull out all the necessary laundry…um, details.

          As for age, your other comment would apply if you are in your 70’s… 😉

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