Astrocartography – finding your special place

Going to war, going on vacation, finding love, luck, success or being accident prone – where in the world? Pin pointing why certain locations are comforting while others bring bad vibes is the function of astrocartography otherwise known as locational astrology, developed by San Francisco astrologer Jim Lewis. Plotting the birth chart on a world map or relocating the chart to a specific town can change your fortunes.

  The classic example is Sean Connery, born into poverty in Edinburgh, who had his mega-successful Jupiter Pluto on his Midheaven line through Hollywood and his Sun Neptune midheaven through eastern USA, New York down to the Bahamas where he retired. The Midheaven lines show career prospects. His first wife, Diane Cilento, was Australian where his Saturn Descendant line ran so it would be an uphill struggle to make it work. His second wife Micheline, who is French-Moroccan, gave him a settled home life, indicated by his Chiron on the IC line (4th house = home and family) through Morocco and Southern Spain where they lived for some years.

 It need not even mean going to the location indicated. One happy marriage came about with the UK partner having her Venus Ascendant line through Detroit where her husband had been born. The association alone may be enough.  One London stock trader who made a pile on the Tokyo Exchange had his Venus Pluto Midheaven through Japan which he never visited.

   Yoko Ono, born in Japan, has her Venus midheaven line through Liverpool, where Beatle John Lennon was born. Queen Elizabeth II had her Venus Ascendant line through Greece, the birthplace of her lifelong husband Prince Philip.

  Celebrities who run activist campaigns in Africa like Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie have strong lines running through that location drawing their attention. As does Princess Anne who has done sterling work for Save the Children for decades.   Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should also look to Africa for their future success.  Harry’s Lesotho charity which supports young people in Africa is headquartered where he has his high-vitality Mars Uranus on the Midheaven with a successful and charitable Jupiter Neptune in the 10th.

  Where it can get tricky for couples deciding on a major domestic or work relocation is if a specific place suits one and not the other. Hollywood for Megan emphasises her 1st house attention-seeking Leo Sun.  But it puts Prince Harry in the shadows with a 12th house Sun and 8th house Moon.   

  What is marginally odd is that Meghan has her Sun in the 10th conjunct the Midheaven for London – which indicates great success and prominence though it puts her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in the 12th so she never felt at home. London gave her Prince Harry and a £42 million wedding as a springboard for future success but she would not feel nurtured.    

  Mars lines indicate a heated location likely to bring arguments or accidents. Uncannily every American president in recent times who volunteered or was pulled into military activity did so on a world zone through which one of their four Mars lines ran. For Roosevelt it was Pearl Harbor; for Harry Truman, Japan and Korea; for Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Ford, it was Vietnam; for Jimmy Carter, Iran. Margaret Thatcher’s Mars on the midheaven (the key Mars line) runs straight through the tiny Falkland Islands, where Britain declared war after the Argentinian invasion in 1982. George W Bush had his Mars Midheaven line through Afghanistan.

  Actress Natasha Richardson, born in London, who was married to Liam Neeson, tragically died after a ski-ing accident near Montreal, Canada. Her chart relocated there put Mars conjunct her Ascendant there opposition Saturn. She had that accident-prone aspect natally but the Canadian location highlighted it.

Pluto lines are recommended to be treated with caution. JFK had his Pluto midheaven through Dallas, Texas, where he was assassinated in 1963.  Obviously not everyone dies on their Pluto midheaven lines, since regular world travellers will cross theirs several times a year. Additional factors will have been in play. In JFK’s birth chart he had an unaspected and uncontrolled Pluto which Dallas triggered.

  Years ago I was reluctantly persuaded to lecture on a cruise ship in the eastern Mediterranean, which given that my Pluto MC runs through Athens and down through Egypt, both of them on the itinerary, I was nervous beforehand. Not too much else showed up in my chart in terms of predictive influences – and my Pluto is well integrated in my chart, so I agreed. But it was not a happy voyage, the scary highlight of which was being in Luxor one day before the first Al Quaeda terrorist massacre of 62 tourists.  Plus I had a serious nose-bleed, requiring hospital treatment. A close shave.

  Astrocartography can be uncannily accurate but it may not always be fully lived out and can function in obscure ways. On my own chart – Big Sur in California is my idea of healing heaven with Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron lines anchored there. India with which I have strong and friendly career connections flags up. But I have never quite worked out what I am supposed to do with my most successful career lines running through Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the UAE. Maybe in another lifetime.

On mulling over those lines through the Middle East and further north – those regions did have a resonance for me.  I read voraciously of explorers in Arabia when I was a teenager and since have been fascinated by melting-pot Middle Eastern history ancient and modern.

  I even have a tenuous connection extraordinarily enough with Kazakh/Mongolia where my Chiron/MC line runs. It is connected to a friend who sadly suicided just as he was going out there to film. I had introduced him to an intermediary who was able to get permissions and make the impossible happen. But tragically it wasn’t enough.

  So the lines do spark up interest even if never visited.

  Not everyone is mobile or has a choice about uprooting but astrocartography can still indicate places where connections at a distance can be made or explored.

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  1. As this topic is still on the front page, hope somebody can answer this.

    Can two different locations on about the same latitude (almost directly north-south of each other, but miles apart) trigger completely different feelings?

    One of them feels almost like a second home, very cosy and affectionate. I have been here many times, though often just transiting through. But just love the vibes.

    The other I visited for the first time this year and I have no idea why, but it triggered anger in me, for reasons unknown given that I had never been there before.

    Any thoughts? How bendy are the astro cartographical lines?

    As an aside, I drew my birth chart for both places and in both of them, Chiron was exactly (within two degrees) on my Ascendant. Yet, both of them affect me so differently.

    • It is possible that you have a latitude crossing or what is known as a paran affecting one or both of those locations that makes a difference. Although we tend to focus on planetary lines and where they cross, in theory the crossings are in effect across the entire latitude, right round the world. There are some astrology programs that spot these and you might be able to spot them yourself just looking at your map for line crossings that are horizontal to the places of concern. There is also a possibility something else is at work. You could check out the charts for the cities or towns along the location. I often combine the techniques and look at the charts for places along the planetary lines to determine which are most likely to be affected. Progressed and solar arc lines can be important too so if it was a one-time thing there could have been something going on that made one location temporarily better or worse than the other. Having said all this, the planetary lines usually are the primary indicator. I wonder if you are experiencing the same influence but in one place the best expression of it and the other the worst of it for some reason. Anyway, those are my thoughts, hope they are helpful!

  2. Admittedly I only googled natal data and then countries that had been prominent one way or another in my or significant others’ lives . Nothing! Not even close to where I’ve lived despite childhood and adult residences abroad. Not even France where I’ve inadvertently wound up regularly, the last stint being for over 30 years!

    • Not that I’m ruling out your null findings are possible, but you do need a reliable birthtime for this to work as the positions of the planets change rapidly as the Earth turns. And hopefully you have access to a good astrocartography program. There is one for free at Sorry if this technique does not work for you after all the hype! But don’t rule it out for use with other people’s charts or mundane astrology.

      • Thanks Laurien for your help. That’s one of the websites I used. As an aside in a consultation with an astrologer, Eastern Europe and straight down the middle of the US apparently showed up. These still don’t relate to me or mine, except obliquely for my mother. She couldn’t keep away from Eastern Europe, so much so that my brother then working at the Foreign Office, was hauled in to find out what it was all about! When Albania opened up, she was one of the very first to visit. She loved it.
        It is odd though, because my family, friends and I’ve travelled, lived and come from different countries but not the ones shown astrocartographically. Next consultation I shall ask why.

        • It is a puzzle! But perhaps in the future these areas will prove important. Or, I wondered if they appeared in ‘hidden’ areas of your charts like the 8th or 12th. And perhaps the reality is that not all of our lines will be activated in our lifetimes, especially if we don’t travel there or have other connections. But when they are activated it is often uncanny. It will be interesting for you to hear what insights your astrologer has! Keep enjoying your studies in astrology!

          • Ha! Unless I pull my finger out and live to 103 like my mother, a future lifetime it is.
            Pallas in Sagittarius is in my natal 8th house, but there in 12th house, is the moon in aries, my dear old aries mum, so perhaps she’ll make sure it happens! She was never one to let things drag.

  3. It is important to remember that the Astrocartography lines won’t solve everything – you take you with you.
    Also they are calculated from a flattened out global map so are not 100% accurate – better to take slightly to the left of the line.
    What I do having checked the map is draw up a relocated birth chart. Then you will find that although one place may be great for career it may not be so good for health or relationships etc etc – since it puts natal planets in different houses.

    • Yes, my understanding is that because astrocartography takes the latitude of planets into account as well as longitude that planets like Pluto which can have very high latitudes may appear to be on angles on the map but not when you draw up a chart. I think the lines still work though especially if you give them a decent orb and I have heard the expression ‘west is best’ which would agree with your advice to look to the left. Someone else asked about orbs. I tend to use tight orbs of several degrees so that it doesn’t get too loosey goosey and seem like you can prove anything with them. But the book I have on the subject “The Psychology of Astrocartography” by Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving says up to 4 to 7 degrees for planetary lines and 1 to 2 degrees when you are looking at line crossings (p. 25 if anyone has the book). For people really interested, you can get certified as an astrocartography practitioner, which I admit I have not done. Maybe someday. Thanks again, Marjorie!

      • I was thinking I should add that a 1° orb of latitude or longitude equals about 112 km or 69 miles. So if you are using a 3° orb then you are looking at about 207 miles either side of a planetary line, for example.

      • Laurien, Thanks for the recommendation. My copy arrived today – tho’ heaven knows when I’ll have time to read it – with Liz Green’s Psychopathology and 8th House Pandora’s Box to fit in as well. Looks good – will revert to the subject when I have absorbed.

    • Hello Marjorie, thank you so much for the Astro Cartography information, I have been having a clearout of my astro paperwork and came across my own Astro Cartography map, I put it in front of my computer to look further into this subject, which I know so little about, and your article popped into my emails, synchronicity or what!

      Having a quick browse, my Jupiter line exactly runs through the west of Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand where our son was married and moved from the UK to live. After the wedding we were blown away travelling around the amazing South Island. A couple of years later I won a flight to New Zealand and visited Auckland, I found my Jupiter line ran through Devonport, where I stayed, to the west of Auckland, I didn’t want to leave after some amazing experiences there.

      I really must delve into this fascinating subject further.
      Thank you again, Marjorie, for looking at this subject, a nice break from the usual worldy happenings.

  4. Thanks so much for this insight Marjorie ❤
    Very interesting and much appreciated

    I live in UK which is on my Neptune IC line. Before discovering astrocartography I couldn’t figure out why i can never feel settled here after many years. Still don’t.
    What gives with the Neptune factor? How best to mitigate it’s bad qualities in terms of a whole country?

    • Get spiritual, get creative or live near water – or be a beacon of healing. Neptune lines can feel dissatisfied and discontented without being too horrific.

      • Neptune is in my sixth natal house (not when relocated) and I have observed literally since I was little that my educational establishments and later my work places would be right next to a flowing source of water; river, sea, brook, etc 🙂
        I took it as a divine sign.

          • I have Neptune in the 4th in a tsquare to Mars (rising) and Jupiter (Desc), with Neptune in Scorpio. Right now I am living on my Neptune IC line due to Illness. This is also where I went to Highschool and College – my parents, who have passed, moved here. There are mountains and lakes here. At the moment a lot of family of origin problems. Appreciated Marjories comments on how to best mitigate – Soak up the energy. I am digging into ancestral family of origin stories. i have received good medical care.

          • Dear LizM–the book I mentioned in a previous comment has sections on the planetary lines. The section on Neptune on the IC has the subtitle “In the Harbor Without an Anchor”. Not surprisingly it says, “Here Neptune is apt to manifest most directly in your living situation, home environment, and relationships within your family.” There are quite a few possible interpretations that talk about real estate problems, being difficult to ground yourself, idealism, romanticism, and utopianism, states of dependency, transfiguring psychic experiences, the desire to save others, etc. The conclusion reads: “Domestic concerns are apt to become so problematical that you feel forced to eschew any identification with location, family, home, or ancestral environment, and instead come to see yourself as a citizen of the world, united with all beings equally on the deepest level of inner experience.” Hope you find this interesting. I got the book on

          • Hi Laurien, I could not reply to your second comment. Thank you for putting that there for me. The Citizen of the World seems to be happening, and lately I have been thinking I need to get a music thing going in this apartment, and out in my life. I will need to look into your book now. Thanks again! Liz

          • Glad it resonated, and music sounds like a great way to express the Neptunian energy! I liked this book a lot. It was written by Ken Irving after Jim Lewis died based on his work. The second and third sections of it are very cookbook-like but there’s some great stuff in the earlier explanatory sections, including an analysis using astrocartography of an alternate chart for the USA developed by astrologer Helen Boyd for July 6, 1775 that is very compelling for those interested in that topic. All the best to you, Laurien

    • One of my Neptune lines runs straight down the Nile in Egypt. Some years ago I had to scramble off a very ramshackle boat I was on, which was slowly sinking into the Nile at Aswan. Luckily, close to shore, but much Nile mud to wade through. Later that trip I enjoyed being ferried out to the magical temple island of Philae to see the beautiful temple of Isis – a kind of artistic and spiritual event I’ve never forgotten. Lots of Neptune, positive and negative!

      • Wow Jane, that’s a great story! I am not well-travelled and have no such exciting stories to tell. I have Neptune on the IC near Hawaii but would have to cross Mars-Pluto-Uranus-NN ASC lines to get there so would have to build up my nerve to fly. Crossing the Atlantic by plane scares me even more and I have those same planets’ MC lines running through it. I’ll probably just stick to North America, lol. My 8th house Moon is on the IC through the UK within about a half-degree of where my ancestors on both sides of the family came from! Also I highly recommend people don’t move along their 6th house Chiron line unless they want to spend their time rescuing animals as I do (mostly cats, when I’m not doing astrology!) I have a longtime friend who lives in Japan along my Uranus IC line and another who moved to my Jupiter in Aquarius-IC line in the Maritimes. (Uranus and Aquarius ruling friends.) I’ll stop there but it’s another astrological technique where the more you look, the more you find! Thanks Jane!

          • That’s sweet, Nicole! Right now animals need all the help they can get with all the post-pandemic surrenders and now people giving up their pets or not getting them neutered because of the cost of living crisis and a vet shortage. Digressing astrologically, I have a Sun-Neptune-Chiron grand trine and I have noticed over the years that celebrities who advocate for animals often have similar aspects. Must make a list someday but off the top of my head, Doris Day had a Sun-Neptune trine within 5′ of arc and her Sun was conjunct Chiron within 1′ of arc. Bob Barker also had a grand trine between the Sun, Neptune, and Chiron! Paul McCartney has Sun square Neptune within 30′ and semisquare Chiron within 32′ of arc. Must do more research on this topic someday! Thanks Nicole!

        • What’s so fascinating is how these lines reflect friendships and so on, in locations all over the world. Also family history or origins. I have a jaunty Sun/Asc running through Iraq and Saudi Arabia…..not likely to go there, but always been interested in Mesopotamian history.

          Re cats – so lovely you rescue them, and other creatures. And interesting what you say about Chiron and Neptune. I only rescue cats one at a time! I’d probably have more animals if I didn’t live in a city. Moon in Sagittarius in sixth house of pets…..My parents rescued a female cat, who turned out to be pregnant by their tom. So they suddenly had four cats instead of two…..

          • Very interesting, Jane! I do find the lines sometimes just indicate an interest in an area whether we go there or not. I’ve been interested in Chinese culture since I was a child and my Saturn and Jupiter are on the MC over China. (Probably some past life stuff there!) I agree, it’s hard to rescue animals when you live in the city, which is why some years ago we finally realized our lifelong dream of owning a small acreage. We keep our cats enclosed with special fencing to protect them from cars and predators but still, nobody cares how many we have. My husband also has Jupiter in the 6th house so he is definitely my accomplice even though he doesn’t have the Sun-Neptune-Chiron connections, lol. Nice chatting, Jane! 🙂

          • Jane, You’re right about the lines sometimes highlighting friends even though never visited. I have added a piece to the end of the main blog (for ease of finding later). Below:
            On mulling over those lines through the Middle East and further north – those regions did have a resonance for me. I read voraciously of explorers in Arabia when I was a teenager and since have been fascinated by melting-pot Middle Eastern history ancient and modern.
            I even have a tenuous connection extraordinarily enough with Kazakh/Mongolia where my Chiron/MC line runs. It is connected to a friend who sadly suicided just as he was going out there to film. I had introduced him to an intermediary who was able to get permissions and make the impossible happen. But tragically it wasn’t enough.
            So the lines do spark up interest even if never visited.

          • Thank you for sharing that, Marjorie. So sorry about your friend. Those sorts of events do often leave a Chironic wound that never heals. 🙁

  5. Thanks for covering this topic, Marjorie. I love astrocartography and I’m so grateful to the late Jim Lewis for developing it into its present form. (I understand there were other astrologers before him whose work he built on.) I have found the astrocartography for progressed and solar arc directed charts works really well too. I didn’t realize until afterwards that I had relocated to my current residence when my progressed Venus was overhead, and it’s been a happy move. When solar arc Pluto lines passed over our current place of residence in both my chart and my husband’s chart, he went through a serious illness that impacted us both strongly. Those are just a couple of examples. I highly recommend checking this out.

    I use astrocartography to look at ingress and eclipse charts and in the weeks before and after you can see the lines lighting up with events. Mars lines often indicate conflict or hot weather and fires, Pluto lines conflict too but also geological disturbances, and Uranus freak storms and power outages. As you say, it’s uncanny. I think it doesn’t always work because there has to be a vulnerability or potential for the energy to exploit. So you won’t find conflict spanning the entire length of a Mars line but it will manifest in places along the line or near it where there is an opportunity. It’s probably the same with our own lines some of which may remain as unactivated potentials for our entire lives.

    Thanks again for exploring this endlessly fascinating topic, Marjorie!

    • Thanks that’s interesting. I had a quick look back at a couple of significant Solar Returns and it did throw up some interesting alignments.

      • Yes, I almost mentioned solar returns but I haven’t done as much with them. I also use it to look at planetary conjunctions and where their effects might be felt the most. It is an amazing technique. Great that you are spreading the word and getting more people interested in it!

  6. I live in a place now where my Sun-AC line runs very close by. I feel happy amd well-liked here. Most of my earlier life, though, I lived in places where Mars was on my MC line, seemingly never-ending struggles. And I was born in a remote locale (island in the South Pacific) where Pluto was on my IC line. My parents moved elsewhere when I was 17 days old. Probably a good thing!

    • Also, my Sun-MC line runs through western Ireland, a place that has long seemed wonderful to me. I love New England in the States, but living there would put me near my Saturn IC line and North Node MC lines, which are very close together. I’ve visited there a couple of times and found it to be a lovely place to visit; but I suspect living there might feel like quite the hard.slog for me.

      • I lived there for 7 years and loved it. But, Winter. When you live there you always have to prepare for Winter. Think – 5 degrees F to 5 degrees F below zero all of January and half of February, with the wind blowing. Snows start in January and February – Blizzards. Winter is not to be trifled with there. July, however, is great.

  7. So intriguing my NN line runs through Cairo, it is supposed to be the line you are astral-travelling, my first astral-travel experience happened when i was 8 or 9 and I was very keen on a history lesson on pyramids and Ancient Egypt (living in a communist country I had little to no resources to access at that age). My guides took me there, sat me on top of a pyramid and projected a movie-like scene in front of it with explanations and everything, battles, pharaos, development stages.

    Also, after I learned german the first city I thought about moving in for the rest of my life was Frankfurt. It just so happens that Frankfurt is on my Jupiter sextile MC line. Wien is on my venus conj MC line, I’m visiting it at the end of this month, now I’m curious to see what’s all this about.

  8. So interesting. My pluto runs through Glasgow where I was born, raised and left never to return. Only, I did years later! My whole life is here.

    Jupiter runs through Hong Kong where I left Glasgow to go. I had the time of my life, met my tribe and partied so hard I made myself ill.

    Sun and chiron run through Nepal. I visited, nearly died but had a spiritual awakening.

    Venus is absolutely nowhere I’ve ever been! But, a ton of stuff convergences on Melbourne. My spider sense tells me my daughter will move there in the future.

    Thanks Marjorie, that was so much fun x

  9. As a geography nerd, I find this fascinating! However, when I first learned about this, I used a miscalculated TOB, which only moved my Ascendant 10 degrees backwards in Virgo, but changed my MC from Gemini to Taurus (and I must say, Taurus made no sense at all, my husband actually is a Virgo Rising/Taurus MC, and his career goals and trajectory are very different from mine) messed up my lines.

    But, some fun facts:

    – My Jupiter/MC line goes through in Western Finland. Probably trying to have a career elsewhere would not have been the best idea.
    – My Mercury/AS goes through Russia, east of Moscow, and you can tell why I’m so interested in Russia right there.
    – Lot of IC lines go through British Isles, Bretagne, Spain. I have a thing about Celtic World. When in Bretagne, still with wrong TOB, I felt overwhelmed going through some parts.
    – Multiple lines going through Mountain Time Zone in the US. While I find whole of the US fascinating, landscapes there are something else. I would watch Westerns as a kid only for them.

  10. Marjorie, thank you for this post! I learned about astrocartography a few years ago. I was born and raised on my Pluto line. My Pluto is well-aspected so my home town was transformational place for me. I currently live on my Saturn line. It is all about work here; boring but work-wise awarding. My Venus line runs through San Francisco and there is no way we can afford living there. In recent years, I am pulled towards my NN, which runs through Eastern Europe.

  11. Thank you for addressing this fascinating topic. I have an MC Moon line running through Los Angeles, where I moved recently and love it. Neptune AC runs through LA as well, what does that mean for life emphasis? Would be interesting to read more of your comments on astrocartography!

  12. Fascinating! Thanks for looking at this, Marjorie. What orb would you use around a line? I saw something online that suggested about a 400-mile distance as being the most relevant.

    My confluence of lines converge around upper Siberia, so whatever that means!! One interesting thing for me was a node/IC line (Astrodienst says “This is the place to retire”) and the line is through where my dad lived in a retirement community that I think of often as the ideal place to live in one’s oldest years. I don’t see myself moving there as I’m not close to anyone there, but really interesting that that line falls there.

  13. Marjorie, Thank you for posting this. I love this topic. What orbs do you use for the planets? Exact or up to 10 degrees? I need to understand more. Currently I am living on my Neptune IC line. My Saturn IC line runs exactly through London, England. That is where my ancestors are from. I have always been drawn to visit Switzerland, and I have a friendly line there. I have Mars within 2 degrees of my ascendent – I was born in Kansas. My father was in the military – so I grew up on Military Bases, and I am comfortable there. I have Jupiter on my Descendent Natally, so maybe the princples associated with the military controlling Mars? I also have Saturn within Seven degrees of Jupiter. I love this topic. Do you have suggestions as to how one would learn more?

  14. My daughter is really into this and sent me my chart. I found it quite difficult to read but a few things did stand out. My Saturn line runs through Cardiff where both my parents were born and brought up and which in my natal chart is on the cusp of my 4/5 th houses. Mars runs through Texel in North Holland and indeed I was hit by a scooter there while walking resulting in a broken ankle among other things. My daughter pointed out that I would probably love New Zealand which I have never been to but I do have a cousin there. My daughter has Pluto on her ascendant and has it running through Korea where she is going to study next year. I am already anxious. Apparently we both have good vibes running through Montpelier in France and indeed we did have a lovely time there some years ago. It is a fascinating subject.

    • @ I have my Uranus/Venus IC lines run through Wales. My father has been there a couple of times, and I always wanted to visit Wales too. Interestingly, my dad also has kind of “Celtic” looks, very dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, also tans easily. Interesting, since his roots are from a limited area for at least 6 generations, there seems to be a founder effect though which makes many people in the region to look very “un-Finnish”, with darker hair and brown or hazel eyes.

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