Arlene Dahl – a sixth time lucky Leo

Actress Arlene Dahl, a 1950s screen icon whose fiery red hair, blue eyes and porcelain white skin made her a natural for the early years of Technicolor, has died. She was hardly ever seen with a hair out of place though she had a turbulent love life, including six marriages and an affair with John F Kennedy. She regarded her film career, based on her decorative looks, as an embarrassment with a short shelf life but profited from her immaculate image when she retired to establish a highly successful business selling cosmetics and lingerie.

 Her first husband was Lex Barker, renowned as Tarzan, and followed by an Argentinian actor, an oil tycoon, a wine importer and a financier before settling down for nearly four decades with number six, a perfume executive 18 years her junior. She later wrote a syndicated astrology column, was an accomplished numerologist and said she had timed the caesarean deliveries of her three children, all from different marriages, to produce siblings with favourable astrological chemistry.

  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

  She was born 11 August 1925 4.10am (birth certificate) Minneapolis, Minnesota, and had an exuberant, upfront 1st house Leo Sun conjunct Neptune, with Neptune conjunct Mars, so custom-built for a showbiz and a glamourous and publicity attracting career. Made more so with her Taurus Moon in the 10th.  Neptune in Leo square her Moon and conjunct her Sun would give her an ethereal glow but would produce problems with commitment in relationships – either she baled or picked husbands who were Neptunian types. Her South Node was conjunct her descendant which probably didn’t help either. And her Venus opposed Uranus so her feelings would flip suddenly and make settled bonds tricky. Though obviously she mellowed with age.

  But she had confidence aplenty with Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto – and with her Jupiter in an Earth Grand Trine to her Moon and Venus which is ideal for a beauty business. Though she did go bankrupt in the 1980s after a series of robberies and a business partner walked out.

 Her Uranus in the 9th would attract her to alternative and unconventional beliefs.

   Her son described her as a force of nature. Though with her North Node on her Ascendant she may have spent a good deal of her life unsure who she was, since it tends to undercut a strong sense of identity. Perhaps why she always had to have such an immaculate image in her early career.

  She had an exceptionally strong 13th Harmonic which the comedian Peter Sellers also had which has been put down to his lack of a sense of who he really was. Though it is also associated with exploration.

  Her 19H was also heavily aspected, which can be lucky and prosperous but forces the person to develop individuality.

3 thoughts on “Arlene Dahl – a sixth time lucky Leo

  1. Can see the problems in that chart for relationships leap off the page.

    Aqua on the descendant wants its space, Saturn in Scorpio in 4th doesn’t know how to compromise at home. Venus is Virgo will nitpick to show love.

    And, of course the Sun-Neptune in 1st diving in and immersing itself until the bubble pops. Or the partner gets too close for the Aqua descendant.

    Then the Sag 5th would go seek out new romance.

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