Anti-vaxxers – paranoid distrust of authority

With relief in sight from widespread vaccination programmes worldwide the anti-vaxxer fanatics are crawling out of their bunkers. They insist “Covid is a hoax”, refuse to wear masks and in the UK have a leader in Piers Corbyn, the elder brother of former Labour leader Jeremy. He has described the Covid vaccine as a ‘satanic death shot’ and regards lockdowns, masks and vaccinations as symbols of an increasingly totalitarian control by a ‘New World Order’.

  In the USA Robert F Kennedy Jnr amongst others are spearheading similar campaigns. Fears appear to range from a fraud perpetrated by capitalist Big Pharma to rip off the taxpayer; to a generalised resistance to state control of individual bodies; to hangovers from the discredited claim that MMR vaccine causes autism due to the mercury compound in the measles vaccine.

   All of which add up to an excessive fear and distrust of authority figures – the state and the medical establishment.

  Piers Corbyn, 10 March 1947, is a Sun Pisces in a rebellious square to Uranus. But what floats his boat is his Mars in Pisces on the focal point of a stressed Yod inconjunct Saturn Pluto in Leo sextile Neptune. Such a Mars tends to be impulsive, overly aggressive, at times self-defeating and often directing hostility towards inappropriate targets. Any windmill will do as long as he can unleash his anger against it.

  Robert F Kennedy Jnr, 17 January 1954, has pushed conspiracy theories about links between Bill Gates, 5G and covid, as well as the debunked autism line. He is a Sun, Mercury, Venus in Capricorn opposition Uranus square Neptune; with Saturn Mars conjunct in Scorpio. Uranus Neptune has a tendency to hang onto delusional ideas even in the face of hard evidence to the contrary. And he’s certainly got anger issues that need an outlet.

   Jenny McCarthy, 1 November 1972 12.42pm Chicago, has been a vociferous critic of the MMR vaccine which she claims resulted in her son becoming autistic, though it later transpired he may suffer from another condition unrelated to the vaccine. She’s a communicative 9th house Scorpio Sun with an explosive, volatile Mars Uranus conjunction square her Capricorn North Node; and a packed 8th house with a Virgo Moon, Venus Pluto in Libra there, which will give her deep-rooted fears of being trapped.

  Jim Carrey, a one-time boyfriend of hers, has also voiced fears about vaccines. Born 17 June 1962 2.30 Newmarket, Canada, he is another Sun Venus in Capricorn, like Robert Kennedy Jnr; and has Mars on a Yod focal point like Piers Corbyn – in his case inconjunct Moon sextile North Node in Leo. With Pluto in his 10th he will have control as well as anger issues.

 Letitia Wright, 31 October 1993 Guyana, the Black Panther actress, hastily withdrew an anti-vaxx tweet last month. She said she was concerned about what people put into their bodies.  She’s a Sun Scorpio with Mars Pluto in Scorpio sextile Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and square Saturn in Aquarius – which is a real pile up of unbudgeable-opinion Uranus Neptune; and a seriously afflicted Mars which will make her both angry against authority figures and fearful.

  It’s not that I don’t think Big Pharma is seriously corrupt – which it is – or that the medical establishment don’t make horrendous mistakes which they won’t own up to for decades. Or indeed that some people don’t react badly to standard medical interventions. But having grown up with the required polio, TB and other vaccinations; plus the usual exotic ones for Africa and India travel and never thought twice about them, it does seem an odd neurosis – and very counter-productive.

PS. I’ve been trying for ages to get hold of the birth date for Andrew Wakefield, the original discredited and disbarred MMR vaccine-causes-fraud medic.  If anyone finds it I’d be most grateful.  He was born in 1957 as Pluto put a toe into Virgo and published his fraudulent study in 1998 as Neptune just edged into Aquarius.

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  1. I have my first Moderna vaccination and I am fine. I listen to real scientists, infectious disease experts and epidemeologists and all of them recommend the vaccine. Yes I am sure some of you can find crackpot doctors. I understand science

    • Best to always follow the science once it’s been thoroughly researched and tested than insane opinions. Yes, some people may have reactions and even less may have a fatal reaction. Thats just the way things happen. But for 99% it will work.

      Conspiracy porn anti-vaxxers have their fears for these above figures and morph it into a sick belief that the ‘elite’ are executing us. Yet, they have no problem with the Covid belief that ‘you dont need to wear a mask because it’s like the common cold and 95% get over it. Dont let the fear rule you! Go out and live your life and dont be controlled!’ And they have no problem sleeping knowing many of them have helped push the deaths to over 400k.

      I wonder if they would be so relaxed if 400k died from vaccinations which is unlikely to happen? It’s fine to have concerns and questions but overblown irrational delusion doesnt help. Especially when hypocrisy is added to their belief system.

  2. I do have concerns about the vaccine for all the reasons mentioned below. I think it should be thoroughly tested before rolling it out. My brother has had covid twice in the space of three months at the end of last year, and now thinks he may have the symptoms again! I think this is normal with longterm covid. So this idea that you get it only once can be forgotten. God knows what the damage has done to him in the long run. And hes only 38. But he said he would be first in the queue for the vaccine (and probably will due to having long covid).

    I dont know why countries, especially here in the UK, dont just follow what places like Guernsey and Tasmania have done. They have put severe restrictions on their borders and controlled the virus while being contained within. They now dont wear masks and go on with life as normal and continue to go to work. The focus is on who they let in and out. I just feel with many countries, the leaders are more concerned with economy and profit and use this useless start and stop approach that clearly is not working to drain some profit into their pockets. Why not follow the examples of what works? Perhaps this is what another astrologer meant when she said she sees for the next two decades, countries will be forced to have strict borders because the virus is to mutable to get under control with vaccinations?

      • Yes it is. She said it would be hard to vaccinate due to being born under mutable weather as it would grow into other strands. And it has. Plus she knew from the astrology this pandemic was looming and that strict borders were coming, that she upped sticks from the UK to Tasmania as she knew they would deal with it properly, right before it became the global problem it did. Shes been right on the nail a number of times. But even if she never mentioned the astrological implications, the fact Guernsey, Tasmania (and i think New Zealand, Cuba, and Uruguay to a lesser degree?) have it under control and continue as normal but with strict borders are probably a good model to emulate.

    • Jo – my brother and family had it early on last year, and I did as well. Took five months for my sense of smell to return, and a certain amount of quite intense ongoing fatigue until August. My brother was the same. Nobody was ill enough to go to hospital, but my goodness the effects certainly linger. Very strange aches in the muscles and bones as well, all disappeared now. There’s just so much they don’t know about it, and why it affects people in different ways. Even the symptoms are not always the same for different individuals. Of the five people I know who have officially had it, none of us had a cough….and yet that’s supposed to be a major symptom! However, the sense of smell disappearing happened to all of us. Much about this virus is Neptunian, from it’s mysterious origins to it’s effects on the human body. It will probably mutate and eventually become weaker and less damaging with time. How much time….who knows. Hope your brother feels better soon.

      • My sister, a Londoner had it over Christmas, thought it was just a cold but she tested positive a couple of weeks ago and has the same lingering symptoms – loss of sense of smell and taste. It’s also odd that her partner hasn’t caught it yet.

        • Thanks VF, hope your sister feels better. Sense of smell does return, and I have found it such a joy! Quite unsettling to get right up close to some fresh coffee and be unable to smell it properly. Re your sister’s partner – I thought the same thing about Prince Charles, who had it, and Camilla, who didn’t as far as I know. Since it’s a corona virus perhaps some have some immunity from having had colds? Weren’t colds fatal to people when explorers first went to the so-called New World? How much more Neptune can there be?! A smoke and mirrors virus.

  3. About pet vaccinations, at least for cats: I take my cat to a feline-only practitioner. The practice in recent years, at least in Southern California, is to vaccinate only every three years, and not to vaccinate at all for rabies for indoor cats. Now that my indoor-only cat is 17 and in frail health, we may not give her any more vaccines.

  4. I think there’s some validity in wanting to question the speed at which the vaccine appears to have been developed and to feel cautious about safety, Additionally, historically Pfizer has received some of the biggest fines (some relating to failure to seek appropriate consent) and also as I understand it provides some of the drugs used in executions. I have in the past had quite a lot of contact with families who have received compensation for vaccine damage and I’m not sure it’s as unusual as we’re led to believe. Additionally, the drug companies applied for and for the most part received exemption from civil liability in countries across the world before distribution.
    With regard to animals, my wee dog is 15 and the vet does a titre test so she can assess the amount of antibodies which allows her to provide a more dog-centred vaccination schedule.
    Glad you have such a robust constitution Marjorie!

  5. Relieved my 76 year old father had his last week. He lives in London and still taking buses and going out until tier 4 came in.

    The only record I see for Andrew J Wakefield, born in Berkshire, is for July 1956 (not 1957), that’s the registration so could be June. That keeps Pluto in Leo, possibly square Saturn and also Uranus square Neptune as another possibility.

    I don’t know yet about the skeptics, but there is a Taurus/Scorpio signature with vaccine pioneers.

    I’m shocked about annual pet vaccinations, I never knew that! Mind you, it’s been 20 years since I had a dog, but I’m sure he just had his puppy vaccinations and that’s it. Oh well he lived a long life anyway. Is it just for rabies?

  6. Yes marjorie, the vaccines for your dog are necessary if you walk your dog out. Parvo is a very contagious virus through excrements ( dogs snif at everything) .
    Thanks to global warming leishmania in established now in France far above the Loire. Nasty desease. Parasite transmitted through a kind of sand fly to animals but also humans. And rabies occurs now and then through illegally imported animals. It is furthermore very dangerous for you.

  7. Re: vaccines for cats, some cats are developing a form of skin cancer (dermato
    fibro sarcoma pruterbans, a relatively rare cancer) at the injection site.
    Our Labrador developed seizures almost immediately after a combo vaccine. Holistic vet told
    me not to give him any more rabies shots, and he lived for 15 years.
    There was a book called DPT, A Shot in the Dark, which questioned the amount of thimerasol
    (a mercury compound) used as a preservative in the vaccine. It is still used today in influenza
    vaccines, as well as other products. Some infants are showing up with high mercury blood levels
    probably as a result of their flu shot.
    Vaccines, useful, but not everyone reacts the same.

    • I agree with you Aline about leishmaniasis. A relative with it had to have 4 weeks of chemotherapy. Luckily it was localised. If it had travelled to the brain it would have been a killer

  8. I was a big X-Files fan in the 90s, and when I recently looked at some old episodes, I wondered how much of the anti-govt, ‘deep state conspiracy’, and even a storyline about vaccines used on humans as part of an experiment or ‘alien takeover’ (can’t keep the stories straight) contributed to, or mutually fed into the rising paranoia and distrust that now culminated. The X Files itself realized this with a more recent episode comparing today’s crazy reality with what seemed to be crazy theories back then – life has become stranger than fiction.

    That said, I am also aware of severe reactions to vaccines – in one case, because the batch was contaminated, in the other, with myself, because I was suffering from a concussion at the time, and a particular vaccine acted on the nervous system. As a result of that experience, I would not be surprised if children who are already over-sensitive , such as those with autism (tho not yet diagnosed), could be more affected by certain vaccines than most.
    I’ve travelled all over so have had just about every vaccine out there, but am having myself checked out at the hospital where I work before getting this vaccine, just to be sure.

    In general, I think it would be helpful for medical professionals to take concerns more seriously, and try to determine whether or not some people may be adversely affected. Transparency, listening and following up would help reduce the mistrust.

  9. “But having grown up with the required polio, TB and other vaccinations; plus the usual exotic ones for Africa and India travel and never thought twice about them, it does seem an odd neurosis – and very counter-productive.”

    I’ve often wondered especially about the older generation of anti-vaxxers. Didn’t they have incidents in their youth that scared or even scarred them? My dad was quarantined because of a polio epidemic just before the vaccine became aveilable. His baby twin sisters had rubella at 11 months, and the younger (by 5 minutes) had long standing sequela. I know people who were crippled by polio to a degree, and others who were rendered infertile by mumps (for instance, my grandmother’s father had two brothers married gor decades who never had children, and it was always thought it was mumps related). And I would think these sort of stories were common.

  10. I think there is a general mistrust out there regarding government leaders and big pharma and considering what we’ve been fed and expected to swallow over the years, the suspicion over vaccines doesn’t surprise me. We’ve been lead to believe wars are justified and ultimately the right thing to do at the time and I haven’t even got started on corruption i.e money/ banks. So it’s not surprising that people are now rightly, questioning those in power and their decisions and motives. Also, its such a shame that we are so polarised with our views; we need to meet in the middle somewhere. So i do get both sides of the argument regarding vaccines but forcing them to be mandatory will just make matters worse. We need trust in our leaders and they haven’t yet earned it in my opinion for a long time. Anyway Marjorie, you’re right about pet vaccinations and I too question the need for annual pet vaccination. My cat lived to the ripe old age of 20 and another cat at 15 and they both must have been vaccinated about 5 times in their lives.

  11. A mask or a morgue?
    I would sooner wear the former, as opposed to laying in the latter.
    COVID 19 nearly killed my girlfriend.
    Thank heavens for the vaccine.

    It’s quite simple, really.

  12. I think the issue really is more about the fact that, as opposed to the old time way of administering each vaccine separately, they are administering cocktails of vaccines. That has probably muddied perspectives around the idea of any vaccine including one for Covid. Just a thought.

    • @Jennfer E, if you are referring to vaccines such as MMR, these have been in use since the early 1970’s, and were only linked to autism at Andrew Wakefield’s now multiple times debunked 1998 “study”. But somehow, the particular claim that “cocktails” are has persisted in, maybe because it seemingly makes sense. Multiple “pre-existing” conditions make people more vulnerable, so the seemingly logic conclusion is getting immunity against multiple diseases is more dangerous. In reality, it’s not. There are even some indications suggesting that an early for of MMR from 1970’s and 1980’s might give people protection against more serious form of covid-19. And this could well be part of why Finland and Norway, for instance, have had such low hospitalization rates for people in their 30’s and 40’s compared to many other countries. When I was a kid, vaccination programs here had practically 100 per cent coverage – the only children who didn’t get vaccinated had conditions not making it safe.

    • It was a very very long time ago but my faint recollection of our school vaccinations was they were a mix of several as well even then.

  13. Thanks Marjorie, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot recently. A close friend has become a militant anti-vaxxer, and I’ve been trying to make sense of it. They have a yod – Mars sextile Saturn with focal point Mercury. Plus some significant Neptune aspects.
    While I agree with you that serious medical mistakes are made, and ‘Big Pharma’ is often deeply suspect and greedy, I am puzzled by this widespread suspicion of vaccines, and in particular the Astrazeneca vaccine which, currently, is available on a not-for-profit basis. Perhaps lack of awareness of what vaccination has achieved is part of it? Would people rather live in a world of polio victims, smallpox, and so on? Many or most people have already been vaccinated against various things, and if you want to travel to some countries it can be mandatory. Does the anti-vax stance extend to any pets they may have? Is this all part of the Neptune in Pisces era – the victim/saviour motif running through so much of our society these days?

    • I must say I do wonder whether pet vaccinations are necessary annually for older dogs. It does seem a bit of a ramp. Puppies yes but once a year is expensive – and down here it is three separate vaccinations, parvo plus leismaniaisis plus rabies. In the past with cats who loathed the vet I gave up and they survived perfectly happily.
      However that should not distract from this covid vaccination which seems essential.

      • Requirements for “annual” mandatory vaccinations seems to me more revenue-driven to offset loss of clients. Just changing vets forces me to make an appt for my INDOOR cats to be given rabies vaccinations. “Well, we want to be certain…”

        The literature posted on the exam room walls makes the claims that such vaccine for rabies does nothing for old cats, those over 10 yrs old. Vets aren’t happy abt client pushback. One popular clinic is known as “Cats Expensive” since their clients believe everything they are told…and the prices for exams and vaccines keep rising.

      • Oh, yes, I meant puppies really – before they’re allowed out and so on. Ditto kittens, Larry. We never kept our dog’s vaccinations “topped up”, and all was fine. Ditto cats, apart from the baby jabs. All have lived to a ripe and healthy old age. I think some of the vets’ treatments and so on are definitely a money-spinning thing – there was a scandal here about a chain of vets – whistleblower reported being told to insist owners did this, basically to make money. Present cat is semi feral and a total nightmare for the vet, even when small. So, no!

        Yes, the covid vaccination is essential and will take a long time as it rolls out around the world. I think proof of vaccination may become a normal travel requirement too. And probably vaccination again next year at least.

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