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Angelina Jolie, 4 June 1975 9.09 am Los Angeles, had a wreckage of a childhood, with her parents splitting when she was one; a mother who abandoned her to babysitters, then in her early teens gave her the master bedroom to share with her live-in boyfriend and used her daughter to live out her own dreams of stardom. Not surprisingly Angelina got into hard drugs, lived as a goth, self-harmed and attempted suicide, and in later years proclaimed her mother as wonderful, blaming all ills on her father Jon Voight.

It’s well-accepted in psychology, that those who don’t face the reality of their early years are more likely to repeat the cycle of damage.Self-harming can be the loathing and anger which the child turns against itself and its body rather than place it where it belongs on the errant parent.

Her chart certainly indicates an evasive, uncommitted father with a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune; who wasn’t available as a male role model with her 12th house Saturn; and was unpredictable with a 4th house Uranus. But it is her mother who comes out worst with an angry Moon Mars in Aries in a controlling and destructive opposition to Pluto; with Moon square Saturn which is cold and unemotional and trine Neptune which is a shape-shifter, tricky to pin down. Plus a drama-queen mother with Jupiter exactly on her midheaven.

Angelina lives an extraordinarily bizarre lifestyle – ‘ rarely stays in one place for more than a week, travels with a huge staff, because of her six children, five of whom joined her family in only three years. While the family was staying in France, Morton lists “nannies from Vietnam, the Congo, and the U.S.; four nurses; a doctor on permanent call; two personal assistants; a cook; a maid; six French former army guards”. URL –

Brad Pitt may not be an angel but she’d be next to impossible to live with.

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  1. My poor nephew has a similar chart. Moon conjunct mars – both squaring saturn and pluto ( saturn opp pluto). His parents had a very very acrimonious divorce when he was 11. His mother is a mixed bag of charm and rage. Currently he is an honor student in high school, makes his own money doing odd jobs, and aspires to be a sports lawyer. His one younger brother wants nothing to do with him and the youngest is close to him. Pray he does well.

    • I’ll add my prayers to those who are praying for him. He has great promise since he is making the best of it at such a young age. I can picture him assisting in a sports agency as he begins his trajectory towards his goal.

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