Obamacare – Cardinal Grand Cross attracting crises



Obamacare was signed into being at 11.56am 23 March 2010 in Washington, DC. It has a crisis-ridden Aries Sun Mercury in a Cardinal Grand Square in opposition Saturn square Pluto opposition Moon Ascendant – so was never going to have a smooth transition into everyday operations. What’s showing this year is tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Midheaven from mid February on till January 2018 which will undermine its forward trajectory.

But a growing number of Senate Republicans are evidently resisting the idea of repealing it without a concrete replacement proposal, which would leave 20 million without health cover, complicating GOP plans to undo the health care law immediately. Sen. Rand Paul on Friday said Donald Trump “fully supports” his plan to simultaneously repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

There’s nothing that looks terminal on this chart this year, but it’ll be a bumpy and uncertain ride through 2017.  2018/19 has tr Saturn square the Sun and starting to move round the Grand Cross which could bring it to a halt, though with a good deal of angst as tr Pluto is also square the Venus. Two years from now looks its least stable time with the Solar Arc square Moon and Pluto.

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  1. If the 20 million people on Obamacare had looked after their own interests and voted for Democrat across the board, this horoscope wouldn’t even have been cast.

    Funny how “God doesn’t play dice with the Universe”, but humans adore giving it a throw.

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