Joli Pitt – Pluto’s love turned to hate

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Angelina Joli or her lawyers have been letting fly again in the war of words with Brad Pitt over their divorce and custody agreements for the children, which are supposed to be sealed. His lawyers accused her of having ‘no self-regulation mechanism to preclude sensitive information from being placed in the public record’. She retaliated by saying he was terrified the truth would harm his career. And in the middle are the poor children, she has full custody of.

The Pitt Joli relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Pluto; with Pluto quincunx Mars. Plutonic relationships which are obsessive, possessive, life-transforming at the start, are also a nightmare of hostility and resentment when they split, usually slowly, painfully and with maximum damage being inflicted. Pluto can never let go easily or amiably, even when the Pluto individual has instigated it.

Her Pluto falls in his 10th so she’ll want to control him and is certainly capable of damaging his career. Her Pluto opposes Mars which falls in his 4th so she’d be an argumentative presence domestically. There was a lot good about the relationship – her Sun falls in his 7th; and his Moon Venus are conjunct her Descendant. But he’d struggle to make an intimate connection with her Saturn in his 8th.

She’s in a bullish mood this year with tr Pluto square her Jupiter, exact at the moment; but tr Neptune will square her Gemini Sun from April onwards, on and off till late 2018 which won’t boost her morale.

He’s got tr Saturn now below his Ascendant and aiming to conjunct his Sagittarius Sun through this year, so definitely a lower profile time for him. With emotional and financial jolts from tr Uranus square his 2nd house Moon Venus in Capricorn. Plus an intense, high-pressure tr Pluto conjunct his Mercury. So the hostile ping-pong battle is likely to continue.

4 thoughts on “Joli Pitt – Pluto’s love turned to hate

  1. Brostri, Pluto always wants to control and if you’re happy with that kind of relationship then it can last. The Pluto individual will have a transforming effect on the Sun individual but that most often is a kind of coercive manipulation to to turn the Sun into what Pluto wants him/her to be. If the Pluto type is ‘highly evolved’ and very insightful it could be OK, but is tricky to handle. It needn’t necessarily split but if it does then – all of the above tend to follow. Good luck.

    • Marjorie, I once was looking at having a relationship with another Scorp, long years ago. An astrologer (at the time) highly recommended that I not pursue: her 7th house PL conj Moon in Leo was exactly opposite my PL conj Jup in the 1st (also Leo). Tho she was socially charming and quite intelligent, the friendship was a disaster – she was highly manipulative, controlling, with bursts of vitriolic anger behind closed doors. I had to move away (we were neighbors across the street from the other and the tension became dangerous), and she quickly tracked me down and had all four truck tires slashed.

      Probably a safe bet that something else (my throat) would have been slashed.

  2. really sad. I used to like her so much but have rethought that idea, and the psychological damage to mention one that she has unleashed on her children is second to none.

    very selfish woman. does she have the it’s all about me complex in her chart?

  3. Interesting.

    Can this Pluto-Effect of Love/Hate also appear in a synastry aspect like sun opposite pluto? Do they always end in a disaster, or is there a way around it?

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