Alexandra Shulman & Anna Wintour – fashionable Scorpios

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Alexandra Shulman, Editor of Vogue UK, has resigned after 25 years at the helm, giving rise to speculation that her frosty relationship with the icy Anna Wintour of Vogue USA might be a factor. Though other top management changes and a changing market in print magazines may also have swung her decision.

Both ladies are determined Scorpios. Alexandra Shulman, 13 Nov 1957, is a Mars Neptune and North Node in Scorpio with Sun at a later degree; while Anna Wintour, 3 Nov 1949, is a Sun Scorpio conjunct AS’s Mars which is not a great co-operative combo. AW’s Mars is also conjunct AS’s Pluto which is worse – underlying hostility and competition.

Alexandra Shulman, who recently penned two novels, looks uncertain this year but getting back into her stride in 2018/19 with tr Pluto sextile her Sun and square her Jupiter. Anna Wintour looks less enthusiastic ahead with a foot-slogging tr Pluto trine her Saturn this year; and tr Neptune square her Saturn in 2018/19.

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