Alexander Dugin – Putin’s guru ++ Putin’s 1950 possible birth chart

Alexander Dugin dubbed as “Putin’s Brain” and the man who wrote Putin’s playbook is a controversial Russian philosopher, professor, political analyst and strategist.

  His 1997 book Foundation of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia evidently signalled every significant foreign policy move of the Russian Federation over the following two decades. In order to regain Russia’s position of dominance lost at the end of the Cold War, he pushed for the invasion of Georgia, the annexation of Ukraine, the separation of Britain from the rest of Europe, and the sowing of divisive seeds in the United States.

  Whether or not he whispers in Putin’s ear, what has transpired in Putin’s 20 year plus long-game has been to weaken America’s ties to Europe (Trump), dissolve the European Union (Brexit), and break apart the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  Dugin was born 7 January 1962, the son of a Soviet military intelligence officer, and reading his wiki CV he comes across as an extremist whackjob. He picked up two PhDs at the same time as dabbling in Satanism and the occult, embraced Nazism and is described as a traditionalist, a fascist, an anti-Semite and an aggressive Russian nationalist.

  He has four, maybe five planets spread out through Capricorn with a passionate Sun Venus Mars conjunction and Mercury, perhaps Moon.  He has an ideologue’s Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius with Jupiter in a delusional/over hopeful square to Neptune. His reforming, status-quo-upsetting Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo also has Pluto in an ultra-determined trine to Mars Venus. Sentiment, empathy and moderation, never mind common sense are noticeably lacking.

  He looks buoyed up with enthusiasm at the moment with tr Uranus square his Jupiter till mid March; though edgier in April as tr Uranus opposes his Neptune.  August to November he gets a return of a successful, confident tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint. Into 2023 he has a mix of success, depressing slog and frustration but he doesn’t look totally devastated which is discouraging. 2024 may see him hitting the skids albeit temporarily since he’ll bounce up on the far side.

Add On: Stories about Putin’s earlier birth give 7 October 1950 as his birthdate. It doesn’t resonate quite as much as his 1952 chart – but for what it is worth it makes him a Sun Neptune Venus in Libra square Uranus. With a Leo Moon Pluto.

  If accurate then he’s in for a nosedive this year with tr Neptune in an uncertain, panicked opposition to the Saturn from mid May onwards, continuing into 2023; and the Solar Arc Sun running into a sobering square to the Saturn around now as well. With worse in 2023 with a car-crash Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars – or perhaps earlier in the final months of this year if the birth time was early morning.

The story seemed to have emerged as a marginally unlikely tale of blackmail during the Chechen conflict, with the putative mother at risk of being kidnapped to leverage Putin. On this scenario he was illegitimate and adopted out when his mother married another man.

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  1. You know, there’s such a fated feel to all these Russian charts. Jane mentioned Rasputin who had Uranus at 14 Cancer. The 862 chart for Russia also has Uranus at 14 of Cancer. Putin himself has Uranus in Cancer, possibly at the same degree. The first crowned Tsar of All Russia was Ivan IV Vasilyevich otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible (25/8/1530), a Virgo with a Libran ascendant (and yes, Librans at their best are peace-loving, but don’t underestimate how crazy they get when things get out of balance in their world). But what is striking about Ivan IV’s natal chart is that he has Pluto at 25 Capricorn and Neptune at 22 Pisces — which forms a strange kind of fatal symmetry to the history of the Tsars and Russian rulers in general since here we are again, Pluto and Neptune having returned to those same degrees.

    • Just want to add that the fixed star Acubens is at 13 degrees 39’. Astrology King says the following:

      Fixed star Acubens is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury (profound liar, thief, blackguard, scandal and slander.) It has been called “the sheltering of hiding place,” and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals. [1]

      Acubens is spectrally as Venus, but it is in the claw and its reputation portends malevolence and poisoning. [2]

      Acubens, the main star of Cancer, in The Scissors of the Crab, has a Martian nature, and a strong blending in of Saturnian influence, conveying an unbalanced and jumpy nature. If the cosmogram is a disharmonious one to people affected by it, and especially if Acubens is conjunction Mars, Sun or Uranus, this makes for an unsettled mentality and helplessness. [3]

      Acubens star rules the outer tissues of the left side of the kidneys in the human body.

    • VF, Sirius sits at 14 Cancer and the brightest star in the heavens. It’s generally seen as mars jupiter in nature and beneficial. I’m not too au fait with fixed stars but this one goes back to ancient Egyptian astrology and widespread and revered among ancients more generally.

      • Gamal, yes you’re right — I was mistakenly looking at fixed stars in Leo, not cancer. (I’m just an amateur astrologer). 14 Cancer is indeed the dog star, Sirius.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. Fascinating to read this, in a deeply unsettling way. Dugin would seem to have had a great deal of influence. He’s been called “Putin’s Rasputin”, inevitably I suppose. Here’s a quote by him, from an article 18th December, 2016 on

    “It is especially important to introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics…”

    I looked at Rasputin’s chart on ADB, for 9th January 1869 JC. According to their notes, the date of birth might be 10th January 1869, but all sources agree on January 1869, either 9th or 10th (JC). Rasputin’s Moon’s Nodes are 17 Leo/Aquarius, conjunct Dugin’s Moon’s Nodes at 18 of those signs. Rasputin has Pluto at 15 Taurus squaring onto the Nodes. Dugin has Neptune in Scorpio (13) squaring onto his. I thought this was interesting.

    The two men are very different of course, in many ways. But when I saw earlier photos of Dugin with long brown hair, I wondered if he was using the “legend” of mystical, charismatic Rasputin for his own reasons.

  3. Sorry, but I fail to see the connection with Brexit – British Euroscepticism was around a long time before Putin came on the scene – the 1993 Maastricht Treaty really kicked it off.

  4. Ms. Orr – I think you’ve alluded to it; but, the British press has reported that Putin has cancer and Parkinson’s; and that his current recklessness is motivated by an overwhelming need to secure a place for himself in the history books, in the short time he has left. Any thoughts about that theory would be appreciated. Thank you!

      • So that rumor has been circulating now for many years and generally found not to be true. However it is could be possible he may be suffering from long Covid. Some suggest Hubris Syndrome, however it’s not even sure whether that is actually a real condition.

  5. There can sometimes be devil energy with a heavily laden Capricorn and in this astrology he is living that stellium out in the darkest of ways — a hideous cocktail of Satanism, fascism and Antisemitism. All that Capricorn reminds me of Bagwan Shree Rajneesh’s chart with Capricorn Mars, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Saturn in the 7th/8th house, reflecting the sheer venality, greed, avarice, amorality and materialism of this fake guru. Remarkable that even as the fleets of Rolls Royces and gold rolexes piled up, his followers, some of them educated professional people failed to see what was staring them in the face.

    It’s also interesting to see that a raft of well known people born in January 1962 are musically talented and involved in either Heavy Metal or Punk Rock and that some of these artists died prematurely. I’m thinking of for example Ari Up, German singer and frontwoman for The Slits, died aged 48 from breast cancer, Peter Steele, American heavy metal singer-songwriter with the band Type O Negative, and bassist died aged 48 from sepsis. Then there are Patricia Morrison, punk rock bassist (Sisters of Mercy-Walk Away, Black Planet) and Paul Webb, English rock musician, and you notice how many of these artists are bass guitar players, so you see the way that could-be dark and heavy Capricorn stellium works out in a creative way.

  6. Thank you for looking at him, seems to be embodying the worst shades of Cap and Aqua. Had a quick squiz at the synastry with putin’s chart which didn’t show much but the composite is interesting. Moon jupiter conjunction at 0 aries exact, so even with birth times still highly likely. And it is at the focal point of a Yod (nep / pluto) and forms part of a trine with a 0 degree sun in sag and a wide orb 9 degree Uranus in leo. Feels like combined zealotry to my untrained eye.

  7. A completely wasted and negative life. Transiting Pluto on his natal Saturn next year and square his Solar Arc Uranus-Pluto should bring him to a halt. This man will, with Putin, be the one the great failures of all time. He is a Capricorn with a stellium in that sign whose time will soon be past. Pluto in Aquarius will be about making humanity one through great turbulence and birth pains. The present Russian and Chinese governments will be swept aside, peacefully or not, because they are standing in the way of humanity’s thirst for freedom and democracy and there is no longer time for such nonsense. The US Uranus return of 2027-28 is to me about WWIII, and Pluto in Aquarius means it will be the first in space and cyberwar. But the West and all freedom-loving countries shall win and then have to face the environmental catastrophe, which will of course be much worse by then. I believe new world institutions will be born, and Europe will be united at last. Like Hitler, Dugin and Putin will ultimately have stimulated humanity’s progress by having their visions forcefully rejected. But as poets and dramatists have written, the Beast is always reborn because it serves a mysterious purpose.

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