Alex Jones – finally admits to hard facts ++ possible BT

Another obsessive lier/denier has been forced to admit to being wrong and may have to pay a hefty price for previous ‘misspeaks.’ Conspiracy theorist and fake news promoter Alex Jones has finally testified that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was “100% real” and that it was wrong to call it a hoax. The parents of a child killed in the shooting are seeking at least $150m (£123m) in a defamation trial which goes to the jury imminently.

 He has portrayed the case as an attack on his free speech rights under the First Amendment but now says he understands t it was irresponsible of him to claim the shooting was false and that no children were killed. Twenty children and six adults were shot dead at Sandy Hook. Jones repeatedly claimed that the shooting was a ploy to push gun control measures and claimed it had been staged by actors and the media.

  Born 11 February 1974 in Dallas, Texas, he has provided support on his Infowars website for white nationalists, and has in the past disputed that Timothy McVeigh was responsible for the Oklahoma bombing. He said: “I understood there’s a kleptocracy working with psychopathic governments—clutches of evil that know the tricks of control”. He has been an avid Trump supporter throughout.

  He has an ideologue’s Air Grand Trine of Sun Jupiter in Aquarius trine Uranus (Moon) in Libra trine Saturn South Node in Gemini – strongly attached to dogmatic ideas and theories. His Sun Jupiter is also in an angry square to Mars in Taurus. Daddy issues which is par for the course with the paranoid-about-malevolent-government mob

  His Solar Arc Neptune has moved by Solar Arc to square Uranus on one leg of his Air Grand trine, thereby undermining the central pivot of his existence. Tr Pluto is also square his Uranus this year with worse to follow as tr Neptune squares his Saturn by 2024 for a panicky, uncertain time.

  Maybe it was always thus, but there does seem to have been a preponderance of public menaces intent on distorting our sense of reality in recent years. May they all get buried under the weight of their lies and delusions.

Add On: There is a possible birth time of 1.42pm which looks plausible. Duplicitous Neptune on the chart axis on the descendant square a 10th house Mercury in Pisces – with a ‘lucky’ Sun Jupiter on the Midheaven; and a grandstanding Pluto in the performing 5th plus a maverick Uranus.

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  1. Looking for a more broad and cheerful perspective, I have to admit it made me beam ear to ear to see the viral click of AJ bringing up Jeffrey Epstein in response to the prosecutor’s question about the conspiracy theory of the Elite sex trafficking minors. It was legendary and the only time I could ever listen to AJ speak for more than 2 words. For that I thank him. The rest of it, not so much 🙂

  2. KG
    Other animals accepted their environment,we have changed our environment to suit our needs, the ability to make fire being one of the first examples of this

  3. It’s true that this is nothing new, look at Festinger et al studies of the followers of Dorothy Martin in the early 1950’s and what it taught us about belief and cognitive dissonance.

    It is also interesting to me that these early modern examples of religious or alien cults occurred mainly in the United States rather than Europe, where the media environment was quite different – more fragmented and later, things like public access television.

    In Europe too, we have a press that has become increasingly more tabloid and sensationalist. Emotion is fetishised on television – reality and tv talent shows where the successful contestant has to have some hard/tragic backstory. Facts are seen as controlled by an “elite”.

    Traditionally, Saturn would be the influence to regulate this and add a dose of common sense and reality. And up to the end of the 20th century, I’d say that was true. Saturn rules “reality” and also groups via the sign of Aquarius. We would think that crazy conspiracies are more Neptune’s domain, but…

    Our brains are not screens that merely display raw input from the environment, it goes through a huge amount of processing before it reaches our conciousness. We have no way of knowing if what I perceive as the colour red is the same as what you perceive as the colour red. Are brains render everything into something that makes sense, not the raw signal. We are all hallucinating all the time – “reality” is only what most of us agree on! Yes, Neptune is real, the truth – but Saturn is the processed, workable result that gives us a structure.

    Saturn was our consensus that gave us a “sanity check” and when we were only exposed to diverse, random groups that made up our communities, this worked well. But now you can find your own groups, your own “Saturn” within a few mouse clicks. Aided and abetted by algorthms that give a false sense of consensus/norms and a manipulative, click-bait media that has pushed emotion over fact for profit.

    Tragically, you can also see this in the UK at the moment with the Archie Battersbee case, the poor mother being egged on by another “Army” on Facebook into confrontation with the medical professionals and giving false hope. Saturn does not protect from this any more and I think that’s the crux of it.

    • Good piece Tara. Re: Saturn not protecting us any more, I’m taking this to be the start of a new cycle. Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling the traditional norms … aided and superceded by the Uranus/Neptune in Aqua rise of the internet and social media. Uranus into Aries gave everybody smart phones so we’re all connected all the time. For some reason, people will watch Youtube or read something on social media and think it makes them an expert. It’s the wild west at the moment with anything goes.

      This globalisatision, internet is the new reality going forward and, eventually we will agree to set new limits, laws, boundaries to overcome the downsides. What timescale we’re talking about I’m not sure.

    • Thank you Tara!
      I posed another reply as to why I think I feel so affected/offended (and depressed by) this awful behavior.
      Also, I worked with kids for 30 years. In addition to academics, you want them to behave in a way that respects everyone so that everyone can enjoy life and the learning experience. I have to say there were few kids that were as obnoxious as the adults — some of them very powerful–I’m reading about all the time now. (I need to stop the doom scrolling/reading!)

      Anyway…the rest of my thoughts are in Gnarly Dude’s comment.

      Besides being depressed by this stuff–I’m also totally confused! I’m wondering more and more about what it means to be human–how we are different than other animals. We’ve had a such a profound impact on this planet and we’ve only been here 300,000 years! Almost any animal you think of has existed far longer than humans. Even bees! So…I torture myself with unanswerable questions.

      I hope that, for all of you, wherever you are in the world, that you have a lovely weekend. I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. I think it has always been thus to have mad people putting forward conspiracy theories, it’s just that twenty years ago all they could do was distribute it by a typed newsletter or maybe try to get a book published that was panned by critics, or rejected by publishing houses.

    Psychologically, with his Libra moon trine Saturn, Jones is going to project his fears onto the external world. He simply doesn’t have the EQ to process his difficult feelings for himself, and being part of a grand trine with his Aqua Sun-Jupiter he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room when he flags this stuff up.

    Good to see transiting Saturn teach at least one personality a lesson. Unfortunately I doubt it’ll lead to any lasting change.

    • Appreciate your thoughts & those of the others who’ve responded to my post.

      I feel really lame because of the extent that I let it bother me (I find it depressing and I get caught up wondering: How could there be humans like Marie Curie, Beethoven, Michelangelo, the Brontes etc–so many humans that create incredible things that animals can’t. I guess having dunderheaded brutes might be the price for that kind of inspired grace!.) Yes, it’s always existed, but now we have access to everyone’s thoughts and opinions ALL THE TIME. Funny, I used to tell kids that I taught that sometimes it is wise not to say everything you think–the brain is a free zone, think what you like. Be discerning in what you share. But now we just get every thought and emotion 24/7.

      It has ALWAYS bothered me that people grow into adult bodies, but so many do not act like adults and the behaviors are so obnoxious. (I taught kids for 30 years. 6year olds through teenagers. What I see in the news and on social media are people behaving with no more maturity than the tweens/teens that I taught. Actually, the kids were much less obnoxious. It bothers me because we have so much to do in this new era! (I also realize that it bothers me because it triggers some Chiron stuff–I basically did not have people who knew how to be parents (they didn’t have the support they needed either). So…incompetent adults–especially those who focus on money over loving their children (which would have required work on their part) really sets me off! Many of my country’s leaders are exactly in that mode: don’t care about children or people, just money. The people behaving so monstrously probably have loads of early injuries too–too bad they don’t know healthy ways to deal with the pain.

      Taurus sun, Gemini moon, Aquarius rising, Chiron in Aquarius, lots of aspects to Chiron: Mercury sextile Chiron (Pluto too), Jupiter Square Chiron, Venus Trine Chiron, Saturn Septile Chiron, Sun square Chiron, Moon trine Chiron, Neptune Trine Chiron, Pluto opposition Chiron, and Chiron square midheaven. (So much Chiron stuff!)

      • Your Chiron in Aquarius probably sees and feels the wounds of society. There is much arrested development but again I suspect it has always been so. Simply that in the old days people lived near their families, worked at the local factory, went to the pub in the evening and their life was focused on earning enough money to live. They didn’t have time to question or express their mental health issues and the cradle-to-grave structure of their lives meant they never needed to.

        It is difficult when you have managed to take a step up the ladder of emotional health, you see so much around that isn’t.

  5. Forgot to menton: at the same time Jones’ trail is occurring, there are court hearings for the Parkland Florida shooting from Feb. 14, 2020. Jones & other demons have tormented those kids and their families as well.

    Why so much cultish craziness now–astrologically speaking? (I’ve some other ideas as to what is making people loose their sanity: I think it’s changing into a new millennium, because that scares people (but it’s just a number) AND the obvious condition of our physical world and the danger that presents to Life itself along with social changes.

  6. When did Pandora’s box open and let out all these demons?

    I feel like we humans are not making a good case that we are worthy of this glorious planet and all the love and beauty here. We’ve an excess of miserable, angry, ugly on the inside & out, men really messing things up for everyone else.

    We need to knock it off and work to save our planet.

    So…the 1st award is about 4 million. Tomorrow will be a second one–a punitive award. But there are many other cases coming up AND that phone of Jones’ – if that isn’t some trick (unfortunately, things have been so bonkers for years now, it’s something to consider). That phone contains two years of info. The info on the phone is wanted by Jones’ ex-wife for cases regarding money he owes her, it may help with 1/6 hearings and hopefully, DOJ prosecutions of 1/6 planners/players in addition to the cases of the other families hurt by his BS.

    Those demons–the bahavior is so base, immature….pathetic and incredibly destructive.

  7. Thanks. Marjorie. To believe the deaths of the children was an elaborate hoax is one level of madness, but to deliberately construct it as such is another level of evil altogether. What does his chart suggest was predominant – the delusion or the evil?

    • There’s the Mercury square Neptune (confused thinking/deliberate lies? Neptune in Sag–confusion/fuzziness about what is the truth or fog over truth? Mercury in Pieces–under the delusion that he’s doing good?) and the Mars conjunct Algol (so some evil, or at least destructive, doing there?).

      Knowing the houses would give us a better idea.

  8. Hi Marjorie, I read an online post somewhere recently on an astrology forum that Alex Jones birthtime is 1:42 P.M.
    ( Universal time 18:42) , giving Jones an 11′ 54′ Gemini Ascendant.

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