Adele – moving on, moving up

Adele is making her musical comeback after a turbulent six years of divorce, dramatic weight loss and her estranged father’s death, with new single Easy On Me out and later an album. It was, she said, recorded in part to tell her eight-year-old son Angelo about her split from Simon Konecki, his father.

  She’s certainly moving into an ambitious phase of considerable change in the next few years. Tr Saturn is moving upwards in her chart above her Descendant on her career cycle, which is always more visible and hard-working and reaches a peak from 2023 for ten years thereafter. She won’t be disappearing into obscurity.  At 33 she is already the richest female British musician, worth an estimated £130 million and on the cover of UK and US Vogue this month. She has tended to leave long gaps between albums and still earns an estimated £73,000 a day from royalties. Her album 21 is the bestselling of the century, having shifted more than 31 million copies. She is rumoured to be signing up for a residency in Las Vegas next year.

 Tr Jupiter moving through her 10th from this New Year for sixteen months will bring success and appreciation her way.

  But she will also have the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hard aspects to her Fixed T Square of Pluto opposition Sun Jupiter square Mars in Aquarius at the moment and throughout 2022 into early 2023 which looks fairly disruptive with great highs and good luck alongside a few insecure jolts and setbacks. Plus tr Pluto is moving into her 8th house from this year for many years ahead which won’t all be a picnic financially or emotionally. Plus tr Neptune squares her Venus in Gemini and Sagittarius Moon in 2022 to 2024 which may undermine certain relationships and cause confusion at home, with perhaps knock on effects to her energy levels and health since her Moon is 6th house.

  Her new beau sports agent Rich Paul, 16 December 1981, is a Sun Neptune in Sagittarius with a tough Saturn Pluto in Libra and Venus in Aquarius. He’s not quite such a tricky match as her former husband, Simon Konecki, 17 April 1974, who had his Mars Saturn conjunction sitting on her Venus and opposition her Moon. Though the Adele/Rich Paul relationship chart does have a volatile, no-compromise Mars Uranus conjunction which will erupt into arguments at times.  

  She hasn’t the easiest of charts or temperaments when it comes to relationships with the triple conjunction of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn sitting on her Descendant; and that enduring and stubborn to the nth degree Fixed T Square of hers.

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  1. Hi Marjorie, for Adele you say “Tr Saturn is moving upwards in her chart above her Descendant on her career cycle, which is always more visible and hard-working” – and you’ve mentioned this for a number of public figures. How does this apply for an older person? Say, someone heading into retirement?

  2. A dear late friend, a Mexican astrologer, did not marry her decades-together partner because she considered her 7th house to be afflicted. Her marriage was difficult and troubled. She believed that by not marrying, she kept her relationship ruled by her more congenial 5th house. She would tell Adele never to marry again.

  3. @Jo: cheating, it has been argued in psychology, can be an expression of jealousy. There are references but I don’t have time to find them now. Apprarently, it shows up a lot in relationships where the woman is more successful than her male partner. Hence my comment which was in reference to Jay-Z’s extra-marital shenenigans. He has admitted it himself a number of times (2013 & 2017) and claimed to have gone into therapy. It also shows up in both their lyrics. Either way his public face and private behaviour are not consistent with “support”, IMO.

    • Thanks for the reply. Wow, that’s interesting from a psychological point of view and it does make sense actually. And yet he is so successful he is worth an enormous amount and yet so petty he’s jealous of his wife. When will men like this ever be happy?

      I’ve noticed successful women seem to do worse at relationships than successful men. And I don’t put it down to them being difficult. It’s sad really that there are those who don’t realize there is enough sunshine to go around for everyone yet think the sun was made entirely for them.

  4. Her Moon/Neptune midpoint is also on her Saturn. Along with Moon/Saturn midpoint on her Uranus. Strengthening her own volatile need to consume a partner one minute yet demand space another.

  5. That much ‘weight’ on the descendent also suggests that she has high expectations of partners and trouble dealing with it when they don’t live up to those expectations. But it often seems to be the case that highly successful and wealthy women have great difficulty in making a match of equals. Beyonce comes to mind as another example of such a woman (in her case having to deal with a jealous partner).

    • I don’t follow Beyonce much but I thought Jay-Z for the most part was supportive, isn’t he, when he’s not cheating? Or is that just the paid for articles to keep his narrative going?

  6. Saturn on her descendant, the 7th house, sometimes points to partners, both personal and professional, that can cause difficulties.
    Certainly very difficult for my mother who had her Saturn in Sagittarius 7th house.

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