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  1. In the coming week Mercury (in Libra) and Jupiter and Saturn (in Aquarius) all go direct within a couple of days. This could be worth some commentary. For example, this could bring things like a breakthrough in the deadlock in the spending bill in the US Congress.

  2. Could you take a look at the chart for Norway – are there any astro tensions showing up now? Norway wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, two decades earlier than the European Union. Does the national chart show any focus on green issues?

  3. Kenneth Branagh’s new film Belfast garnering great reviews, won the Audience award at the Toronto film festival and opened at the Telluride festival on 2 September last. It stars Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, Ciaran Hinds, Catriona Balfe. Already become an Oscars favourite, am sure you have KB’s details if you decide to comment. Thank you Marjorie.

  4. Any thoughts on Barney Curley? Born 5 October 1939 in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.
    Renowned gambler and horse owner who passed away on 23 May last.
    A new great documentary on him out now and the betting coup he did at Bellewstown, Ireland
    on 25 June 1975.
    And thank you if you comment on him Marjorie.

  5. I can’t decide whether it is my personal reaction to feeling bushed after a complicated move or whether it is a general malaise. Everything feels leaden and stuck.
    The news is on a revolving loop – plus ca change. General outrage about more than usually incompetent leaders everywhere; the bully boys of China, Russia, Middle Eastern potentates still winning; Boris/EU tantrums; Trump unbelievably still in existence; nonsensical and confected social issue controversies over gender etc; dull and irrelevant celebrities.
    Maybe the sense of petrification – being turned to stone – has connections to the omnipresent Algol which will be out in force for the late November Taurus Lunar Eclipse which is closely conjunct. It could be destructive but the passion it unleashes could also be turned to good end. After Medusa’s death-glare, serpent-entwined head is chopped off, Pegasus, symbol of creativity, springs forth. That’s a touch Pollyanna-ish but it may need an upheaval of sorts before the trap net is shaken off.

    • I don’t know if it’s connected but we’ve had a glut of retrograde planets for the past weeks, if not months in the case of the outer planets, and Saturn having been retrograde since May (when it was approaching an exact square with Uranus in Saturn) is currently stuck at 6 to 7 degrees of Aquarius – which also just happens to square my Mercury/Mars conjunction….grrr. The container shipping bottlenecks, stoppages, blockages (in the U.K., extinction rebellion’s motorway tactics), the recent social media blackouts and outages and restrictions everywhere all point to Saturnian influence in Aquarius and the feeling of general stagnation and stuck-ness. Saturn turned direct yesterday, let’s hope that we regain at least a modicum of progress.

      I agree with you regarding the current curse of dull celebrities, Marjorie!

    • I feeling that malaise acutely, globally and personally. Especially with Saturn and Uranus hovering in harsh aspect over or nearby my Saturn at 15 Taurus and ASC at 7 Scorpio. Small progress is being made but it feels like wading through treacle. Hoping for less treacle once Jupiter finally leaves Aquarius and its copresence with Saturn in 2 months time.

    • Oh, yes – the malaise! I agree it could be partly the approaching lunar eclipse with Algol, turning us all to stone. Sometimes it seems as if one only glimpses a small bit of the sky. I went for a walk the other day with such a strong need to see more sky, hard to put it into words. Yes, I am having a Saturn transit, but usually I actually like Saturn and since it is well aspected natally, not usually a problem.

      Anyway, there’s also a fixed star in Cetus, the Whale or Sea Monster, at 13 Taurus. It is called Menkar, and is now aligned with Uranus. Some commentators suggest the Whale represents our collective unconscious, and what’s surfacing from that. Elsbeth Ebertin says it is a Saturnine star. It brings “impediments of many kinds, worries, and tests of endurance”. I think this may add to the current push-me-pull-you atmosphere, since we already have Saturn square Uranus, and this just adds more Saturn. Meanwhile, many of our dear leaders could do with more Saturn I feel, and less of the chaotic Uranus!

  6. Good Morning Marjorie,

    Could you had a look at the chart of former Arsenal footballer Paul Merson (20th March 1968, Harlesden/London, no birth time)? He has admitted to having alcohol and cocaine addiction problems in the past. Earlier this week the BBC put out a documentary where he goes into some detail about his persistent gambling addition and the destructive effect on his life. Many thanks

  7. Hi, Marjorie, I would be extremely grateful if you would look at the chart of Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, to see how much longer Canadians have to put up with the appalling misjudgment and folly of his so-called “leadership”. Besides wasting $600,000 on an unnecessary, unpopular election because he wanted more power (yet ended up with virtually the same minority government status he had before), Trudeau just insulted and wounded Canada’s Indigenous community by skipping — for the sake of a vacation day — a Truth and Reconciliation ceremony in the wake of the discovery of the remains of hundreds of Indigenous children who died at residential schools. These are just a few of Trudeau’s many ethical and political misjudgments during his six years in power — including the measurable racism of him bragging about favouring of members of a relatively small, visible and religious minority group for his highly symbolic first cabinet while excluding talented, qualified Black and East Asian MPs entirely for cabinet positions in spite of them coming from larger ethnic groups in Canada. Members of Trudeau’s party are already looking for a next leader. This can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

  8. Marjorie, could you please take a look at the future of American democracy? Will it survive or will Republicans turn it into a totalitarian autocracy? Thanks!

  9. Could you have a look at the dystopian Korean Netflix TV series, ‘Squid Game’ (release date 17th September 2021), Marjorie. It’s captured the collective imagination quite phenomenally and I wondered how that may be reflected in the astrology. Thank you.

  10. Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, a Wünderkind who made a rocket rise to the top of European Politics, is expected to announce his resignation for a corruption scandal involving buying fake positive poll numbers in minutes. He is born August 27th, 1986, so a Virgo Sun. Virgos and Virgo influenced people have a terrible record in dodging scandals, and my guess is he is done, but would love to see more on this.

  11. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME — In a letter to President Biden on Friday evening, Senate Minority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL said that he will no longer help Democrats raise the debt ceiling, making clear, in the words of WaPo’s Amy B Wang, that he “would be willing to allow the United States to default on its national debt rather than work with Democrats.”
    Oh I think old decrepit Mitch has officially grabbed a shovel and joined the Seditionist in digging his party’s grave even quicker!


  12. Adele’s new album is due out soon and she says it’s to explain why she put her own happiness first by getting divorced; even though it’s made her son unhappy. Describes that as being a wound, she may not be able to heal (very chironic).

    What do the charts say for album’s success and why her life is changing so much at the moment? Does the ‘wound’ show up?


  13. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a posting on Judge Judith Susan Sheindlin and her new arbitration-based reality court series titled “Judy Justice” that is going to be premiering on IMDb TV’s web streaming channel on Monday, November 21, 2021. It’s going to be a spinoff from her previous series.

    Judith Susan Sheindlin is a bit of a popular culture icon and a very well known media celebrity here in the United States.

    She had one of the longest running arbitration-based reality court shows, called Judge Judy, which ran for 25 years between September 1996 and July 2021 – producing over 6,000 episodes.

    Judith Susan Sheindlin has a huge “cult following” (which I admit, I’m part of, lol) because of her colorful, sarcastic, and assertive personality. And many people are already planning “watch parties” for her new series premiere.

    Astrologically, are there any signs that Judith Susan Sheindlin will be as successful with her new series as she was with her previous one?

    Any astrological thoughts or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    I tried to find Judge Judith Susan Sheindlin’s birth time. However, none of the astrology databases are providing it.

    I do know that Judith Susan Sheindlin was born on October 21, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York.

    • *** correction: I meant to say that her new series will be premiering on Monday, November 01, 2021 – not November 21.

  14. Marjorie,

    Given the issues the UK is having in the immediate past (with fuel shortages, shortages of HGV drivers and butchers, etc) and the finger being pointed to Brexit, I am wondering whether the astrology would have been different if the UK had remained in the EU.

    If the UK had remained in, would the chart to read for the UK be that of the EU itself or the composite UK-EU one rather than solely the UK’s?

    In other words, if the UK had not Brexitted, would the stars have been different and would these issues not have arisen? Or would these issues have arisen regardless, perhaps because of violence against Eastern Europeans or higher wages in Eastern Europe, etc?

    • That’s an interesting question, UM. But I think some of what’s happening now represents rumblings of a wider malaise/crisis/turning point globally. There is the distinct possibility of a massive global power shortage this winter, with soaring natural gas prices and issues around the pipelines from Russia and Norway. Astrologically, I’m not sure what to make of this. Although the Jupiter (gas) and Neptune (oil, sea etc) conjunction next spring, in Pisces, seems symbolic, partly at least. It will align with Chiron in the 1066 chart for England. Obviously, there’s much more to it than just Jupiter and Neptune.

      • I think Saturn in Aquarius is also important, both the cold symbolism of it and the limitation on the energy carrier/water bearer aspect, all of it with a background of Pluto in Capricorn, also lack and limitation orientated, in particular due to leaders and plutocrats corruption and control needs eg putin.

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