Black Lives Matter puts Biden in a tight spot

  The protests in Kenosha which started with understandable outrage about a white police officer shooting a black man seven times in the back, leaving him paralysed, has escalated to the point where it could damage the Democrats chance of election. Parts of Kenosha are described as being like a war-zone Syria and protests are now spreading to Portland. All of which allows Trump to go heavy on a Law and order ticket, condemning violent protests though ignoring the underlying trigger; and traps Joe Biden, who has been supporting Black Lives Matter protests, between a rock and a hard place.

   Biden’s chart picked up the first of his undermining Neptunian influences from August 18th – tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint and this particular one runs till late November. His second less-than-helpful Neptune transit to his Mars/Jupiter midpoint picks up early October and runs till late January 2021. Neither of which make it certain he’ll lose but they will certainly not help his cause.

  Kenosha, 5 June 1835, has a Sun Jupiter in Gemini sextile Mars in Leo and trine Saturn in Libra with Saturn opposition Pluto – a mix of chatty, confident and tough-minded. The Kenosha Jupiter falls on the USA Mars in Gemini arguably making it a catalyst for the country’s argumentative streak.  The relationship chart has an explosive Uranus Mars Saturn T Square and the composite Sun is triggered by this December’s Sagittarius Solar Eclipse – so events there could be central to the election result.

  It was always the fear with the USA chart’s Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn being triggered by the tr Pluto hard aspects until 2023 – that the USA would be riven by bitter and hostile debate. As is happening now in Portland with BLM supporters fighting pro-Trumpers. And it was also likely that his coming election was too soon to expect all the rancour and divisiveness stoked up by Trump to be stamped out.

   Black Lives Matter started out on July 13 2013 as a non-violent civil disobedience movement to protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against Black people. But like all protest movements was at risk of infiltration by violent, anarchic elements – and indeed justifiable anger at a dismissive government and callous police action.

  BLM has a powerful chart with a Cancer Sun and more significantly a Water Grand Trine of Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces trine Mars Jupiter in Cancer, formed into a Kite by Mars Jupiter opposition Pluto, making Pluto the driving planet. And that opposition also squares onto a revolutionary Uranus in Aries. The seeds of disruption are inherent in the chart with the enthusiasm of Mars Jupiter all too easily bubbling up to explosive levels.

  The relationship chart between BLM and the USA is under severe stress through 2020/2021/22 so not settling any time soon. 

  And the relationship chart between BLM and Joe Biden is equally under strain right through until after the Inauguration.

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  1. The police shootings, protests, and riots have certainly intensified since this reading was posted. There was an incidence of a protestor accused of murder being shot to death by police in Washington State. And there was a video that just recently surfaced of an unarmed African-American man named Daniel Prude being suffocated to death by police in Rochester, New York.

    All of this is indeed very disturbing…and it’s unfortunate there will unlikely be any justice for the victims’ families under Trump’s fascist administration.

    On a positive note, Joe Biden did travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin this week to privately meet with the victim (who is now paralyzed) and his family – which was reportedly well received. Biden later gave a speech that day that appeared to resonate well with viewers too.

    Also, there was an article published yesterday by Raidió Teilifís Éireann reported that Joe Biden just received his very own mural in the small town of Ballina, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland (where Biden’s ancestors came from). They even showed a photograph of the mural in the article – they have it mounted on the side of one the towns beautiful and colorful historic buildings.

    I thought that was nice. It was encouraging to see such optimism and hope for Joe Biden across the ocean – especially during these dark and very challenging times.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  2. Trump’s walking photo op revealed virtually no one wearing a mask. Perhaps by sheer force of his personality, trump killed off all the virus kooties.

  3. Hugh, your point about the US needing to find a better way to conduct its political discourse is spot on, and blame probably needs to be assigned to the U.S. Senate, where Republican senators have enabled Trump by failing to impeach him or hold hearings that would expose his misdeeds; and the Murdoch family, as Fox News has turned into a fire-breathing monster bent on the destruction of traditional American democracy. Very troubled because once the mores are violated so egregiously, how is it possible to turn back?

  4. Can you see if there’s something on Trump’s chart related to substance abuse right now? Trump’s public appearance in Louisiana post tropical storm didn’t go well at all. Having worked, for a long period, in customer service at a location where I had to fend off meth abusers, and I’d say I know when someone is high on amphetamine derivates. They start developing certain kind of manerism. And Trump, I swear, had all of that on Saturday. Apparently, he also kept on tweeting all night through, almost 100 tweets between midnight and 8 am.

    I’m just wondering whether Trump’s alledged substance abuse could become a thing beyond certain Twitter circle. Someone from WH making a “The Apprentice” like confession? Kellyann pivoting since she obviously knows a thing or two about Republican Internal polling?

  5. For all the obsessive poll watchers here: According to a new Military Times Poll, Biden is leading Trump among Active Duty Military 43-37. There are undecided, but typically, Republican candidate has had a 30-40 point lead, and Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 20 per cent.

    I have a feeling Trump not giving an eff about Russians paying bounty on US Military in Afganistan turns out to be a far bigger story than it has been elevated by media in The US or even social media outlets.

  6. Could Joe and kamala correct the stuff Trump has done,the way Barack,and Joe did after gw bush jr bungled stuff from Katrina to gulf War 2,since jupiter is returning to its same seasonal position it was when Obama was elected in 2008,plus Trump seems to be the darkside of jupiter,and Biden the lightside of jupiter,but knowing Trump is like knowing a composite of a slippery eel with Peter sellers inspector closseau,shocking,and knows how to slip out of the tightest jams imaginable,which makes every used car saleman,as well as contortionist very jealous,but my hometown team the Milwaukee bucks got the NBA to convert old,and new arenas into voting stations,so maybe Joe,will outwit Trump,unless trump shuts down voting,and at some point all trump’s bad luck won’t keep him from facing the music,as Bill,and Ted are honestly doing now in theaters,and on streaming video,hopefully this cheers you guys up.

  7. And Trump has now announced a trip to Kenosha–to help ignite the gasoline he’ll throw on the fire is my guess. The Governor is asking him not to come there.

    • The man loves chaotic situations, esp those of his making…or undoing. Remember, “only he knows how to solve the probem.” Therein lies his undoing.

      Undoing the Trump mistakes won;t be solved or cured by Biden/Harris. Much of the damage has to heal on its own. Some 15 years ago, there was fear of outright civil war btwn Muslims and Christians; many rednecks shared gleefully “it’ll be a bloodbath”, buying up all the long guns they could scrounge up. More likely, just ordinary “civil war” will surface for a while until those elements are forcefully suppressed.

    • I have always pictured Trump as a child with a gallon of gasoline in one hand and a box of matches in the other and he’s living up to it now that he’s a cornered rat facing a lot of time in court and/or jail if he loses re-election in November.

  8. Yes, this is a very concerning situation indeed. There’s so much anger, understandably. I think the transit of Mars in Aries, with squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto during the next few months, is a contributing factor in the astrology here, and in other locations in the world. Watching events unfold in the US is horrifying.

    • I rarely watch events guided by heavy-hitters like Pluto. Is it not safer to pop your head up afterwards? Or just keep ears to the ground.

    • Looking at the last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn, throughout the year 1961, it’s interesting that it was the year of the ‘Freedom Rides’ movement consisting of 13 members of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) who tested the Supreme Court Ruling against segregation on public transport by travelling by bus from Washington to New Orleans and were subject to violence and threats in the Southern states. It led to a change in the law regarding segregation on US public transport late in the year.

      I can’t help but see a correlation between the waves of protest that swept the US throughout the 1960s and the current situation. The US was similarly divided in that decade.

  9. Marjorie and Hugh,

    Can you see any astrological similarities between now in the US and Europe in the 1910s/20s?

    The situation within the US itself was referred to by somebody as being like the Weimar Republic of the late 1920s.

    “And let’s be frank about this and call this by its name: this is very Weimar. The center has collapsed. Armed street gangs of far right and far left are at war on the streets. Tribalism is intensifying in every nook and cranny of the culture. The establishment right and mainstream left tolerate their respective extremes because they hate each other so much.”

    On the other hand, Bloomberg suggests that the current rivalry between the US and China has similarities to that between the UK and Germany immediately before World War I.

    Could an incident in Taiwan or the South China Sea trigger WWI-part II?

    • I had a brief look at some charts. Mars and Uranus in fixed signs up crop in a couple of U.K. civil war charts. Mars in Taurus and opposed Uranus in Scorpio in August 1642 when the English Civil War broke out. The two planets were conjunct in the royal sign of Leo in May 1455 when the Wars of the Roses started.The Weimar Republic was founded in 1918 under a Uranus in Aquarius opposition Saturn Leo. I am not sure if any have relevance to current events in the US.

      With regard to the US the 1861 US Civil War progressed Mars is at 18 Virgo currently being opposed by Neptune. The 1861 US Pluto in Taurus is being activated by Uranus at the moment. The fact the US national Mars is retrograde should make any US leaders wary of stoking up wars abroad.

      My personal view is that civil conflicts are rarely spontaneous and never inevitable. Usual the hands of politicians are involved in manipulating events for their own advantage. I think this is certainly the case in the US and the moment. Neither party has clean hands when it comes to creating the environment for the current clashes. The US has issues with poverty, unemployment, Heath care and housing etc that impact many in its society but is currently looking at these common problems mainly through the prism of race and identity politics rather than class and wealth distribution. Given that both of the main political parties in the US are dominated by super rich backers one might wonder if they find the first narrative for politics preferable to the latter. It is worth noting that one of the original exponent of identity politics was the British Empire which used the concept widely to divide and rule it’s colonial subjects. The US needs to find a better and easier way to be but I can’t see that happening the way things are configured at present.

      • I agree, Hugh. I was thinking that with Pluto transits/transits to Pluto highlighted for the US that wealth distribution is then in focus. Pluto ruling ‘hidden treasure’ might manifest in reports of money laundering and off-shore shenanigans, which we are seeing. Does Pluto the plutocrat clean itself up? The wealth gap in the USA is an ever-widening abyss. According to Pew Research, the wealth gap has more than doubled since 1989.

        Mars was in Taurus, Pluto in Aquarius, and Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Leo in June 1789 when the French Revolution took off. There was a pretty dramatic ‘wealth gap’ then too, with all the things that implies.

  10. I hope that what Marjorie posted in August where Biden picks up success influences late January 2021 onward & the fact that 2021 looks to be an upbeat vibrant year for him, comes to pass as him securing the presidency no matter what happens between Election Day and the inauguration which will undoubtably be a constitutional crisis. Common sense suggests that Biden doesn’t strike me as a guy that would have a “vibrant year” as Trump, if elected, would destroy the United States as we know it. Furthermore Jill’s Horoscope suggests potentially indicating she’ll be under extreme stress & worry due to the fact that Biden will try to deal with a country so divided. I’m actually concerned that Biden will be subject to assassination by the hands of some gun carrying Trump supporter or rogue Secret service. Considering the chaos surrounding the election, I still think it could be a contingent election, potentially resulting in a split ticket if the Dems don’t have the majority in either house or senate maybe it explains Pence’s not feeling pretty good over the inauguration. That said I’m extremely concerned, so much so, that I signed up as a poll worker.

      • He could be out of a job his wife never wanted him to have. There’s a sense of relief in that; always being Trump’s marionette. Rumor has it that Mother told him later, “Well, you got what you wanted…”

    • Keep in mind that if there is a contingent election, each Representative will not have one vote. The Representatives of each State will cast one vote for the state and the winner will be the candidate who wins 26 states. So the Democrats advantage in having many representatives from large states like California or New York will be nullified, as California’s 53 representatives will have the same collective one vote as Wyoming’s one representative.

  11. Neptune will be transiting opposite the US 1776 Neptune at 22 Virgo next year stationing at 23 Pisces before going retrograde in June 2021. Unfortunately 23 Pisces is the location of the fixed star Markab which is the Star of Sorrow associated with violence, honour and riches. Markab was in the Midheaven when the massacre at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch occurred on 15 March 2019. The transit will pick up the multi generational Pluto-Neptune Sextile which has been running since 1950 and will end in 2032. Though these planets have been moving in tandem for decades the last time the Pluto Neptune sextile was exact was 1986 and the next exact sextile is in 2026 when Pluto is in Aquarius and Neptune is in Aries. I am wondering if the current issues will not be fully worked out until these outer planets shift signs.

  12. Biden needs to get out of the house and on the road–hold socially-distanced rallies, however small, and act like a fighter a la Trump. No more videos, more in-person speeches. He needs some fire. Dirty Don is flying all over the place making his case while Joe is nowhere to be seen. This does not look good. I AM VERY WORRIED.

    • one might hope that Drompf would “catch the covid” (or others important in the retinue) but his luck continues to be undeserving. All it would take is one unlucky exposure for Joe…and it’s Game Over. I’m seeing an uptick of “look to 2024” articles for the Dems; but as to 2020, fuggedaboutit.

      I’ll still head out to vote, first time since 1980 for me.

    • @ Julie,

      Biden is actually a more strategic candidate than it would appear. He’s managed to win every election he’s ever run in. Granted, one could say his 1988 and 2008 presidential runs didn’t work out….but he did suspend his campaign before a single vote had been cast in both of those elections.

      It was reported that Biden is expected to travel to Wisconsin and other battleground states with Kamala Harris after Labor Day (which has been the tradition is past elections). So, he his technically doing everything by the book.

      I don’t have time to go into detail right now since I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment., but I was looking at Trump’s chart for October….and that’s when things appear to get more challenging for him.

      I made note of a few aspects that stood out and I’ll post later tonight.

      • Thank you Chris. Needed that. Have you read the Senate Intelligence Committee report Volume 5? I am in the process of reading it now.

  13. I can definitely see how Neptune is a culprit in all of this mess. However, it should be noted that what the media pundits are reporting isn’t exactly being backed up by what the data analysts are reporting. For example, the pundits are using he Black Lives Matter and Kenosha, Wisconsin riots as a reason for tightening poll numbers. However, the data analysts are reporting that we really don’t have enough polling to suggest this to be the case and the tightening of the polls is more likely a result of traditional post-convention bounces.

    I have to agree with the data analysts; it is a bit odd for the media and the GOP to try and equate the civil unrest to Joe Biden – considering he’s not President and his relationship with certain factions of the Black Lives Matter Movement has always been complicated. Biden has never been viewed as a “far-left” politician and many progressives have held mixed-feelings about him for years.

    Anyway, looking at Donald Trump’s chart for October is pretty interesting – he might be getting some undeserved luck right now (not much luck though; he’s still trailing)….but October looks like a bad time for Trump. Interesting to see what happens then.

    • However, the data analysts are reporting that we really don’t have enough polling to suggest this to be the case and the tightening of the polls is more likely a result of traditional post-convention bounces.

      But that doesn’t make sense because fewer people watched the RNC than the DNC and also last week Laura made landfall and some other news items distracted from Trump and his masterbatory farce.

      The truth is America is a racist country at its core and Republicans know how to activate that latent racism with their inflammatory rhetoric.

      Also I believe that there is a segment of Trump voters who are lying to pollsters now just as they did in 2016.

      It find it interesting that August seem to be a month where big racial incidents occur. It is as if there’s a big psychic scare on America as far as racism goes during this month.

  14. Nothing about this situation is good and there are some tough transits coming up. There is a Mars Uranus Conjunction at 6 Taurus square Saturn at 3 Aquarius in the 20 January 2021 US Presidential Inauguration chart and Mars at 13 Leo will square Uranus at 13 Taurus and retrograde Saturn at 12 Aquarius on the 4th July 2021. Those aspects on those dates look highly symbolic to me. Irresistible force meets immovable object comes to mind. The fact the aspects are in fixed signs means there will not be much give. Lots of the US charts are looking extremely stressed going forward including that for the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court. The US progressed Mars is currently retrograde at 17 Libra which is possibly indicative of anger turned inward. If the US can’t find a better way to conduct its political discourse then the upcoming Pluto return in the US Chart will act as a bulldozer that is going to flatten more than just the careers of the current Presidential candidate.

  15. I was cautiously hopeful until more white cops continued to blatantly shoot blacks w/o restraint and w/o probably cause. It’s all over folks. Fearmonger Trump at his best.

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