India ahead – the 2020s


India independence was declared at 12am 15 August 1947 and it has a very Fixed chart with the Sun and four other planets including Saturn and Pluto all in Leo; and Jupiter in Scorpio. So it is enduring but resistant to change.

Since 2004 Neptune has been moving through its 10th house of reputation, ambition and direction and stays there till 2020. This can often be a vague, indecisive time with less sense of direction than before.

Tr Pluto is moving through the 8th, from 2006 to 2019, which can feel trapped, especially financially. Then tr Pluto moves into the 9th, 2019 to 2034, which could lead to religious and political disagreements though also a focus on education.

Tr Saturn is moving through the 7th at the moment, from 2015 to late 2017, which tends to bring a more serious note to close relationships with neighbouring countries, though also a more critical stance and some coolness.  Tr Saturn through the 8th, 2018 to early 2020, can be tight where business finances are concerned, leading to a forced but sensible reorganisation of resources.

Uranus through the 12th from 2017 to 2026 – could bring subversive rebels out into the open who oppose the existing order.

Jupiter will move through the fun-loving and entertaining 5th from July this year for fifteen months thereafter, which should produce some boosts.  As will tr Pluto sextile Jupiter in 2017/18, helping employment and work to flourish as well perhaps as bringing health initiatives.

The tr Uranus square tr Pluto disruptions were all cleared out of the way as far as India was concerned fairly rapidly between 2008 and 2013.  Though there’s still a tr Uranus square the late degree Cancer Moon in 2017 which will accompany some domestic unrest amongst the population and an emotional shock of some kind.

Where radical changes start to occur is when tr Uranus moves into Taurus still in the 12th to square India’s Leo planets from 2019 to 2025 which will bring an unsettling serious of bumps and jolts. Whatever happens it will impact badly on the population with 2022/23 seeing extraordinary pressures on the Moon. Tr Pluto from the 9th will oppose the Moon; while Solar Arc Saturn Pluto will square it.  That looks anguished, irritated and bleak.

What follows will be a change of direction and image as tr Uranus moves across the India Ascendant into Gemini from 2026 onwards; with expansive, confident Jupiter also moving through the India 1st.

So a tricky few years in the early 2020s won’t be easy but it will shift India onto a different track which will be no bad thing.


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