Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic – an example to uppity politicians



Not all politicians are rip-off merchants. The president of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, was a prominent fixture at the FIFA World Cup, wearing her team’s shirt and travelling at her own expense economy class to be there, often in the non-VIP stand. She was there for every match bar one when she had to attend the Nato summit. After the final between Croatia and France, she hugged every team member of both teams. OK so she’s up for re-election soon but still. She’s the head of state and Croatia’s chief representative at home and abroad, with executive and operational powers residing in the government.

Born 29 April 1968  in Rijeka, Croatia, she’s a Sun Mercury in Taurus; with her Mars (Moon) in Taurus opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Leo; and her Mars also trine Pluto Uranus in Virgo. Her strong Jupiter will give her vision and idealism and the ability to spearhead social movements. And with so many Fixed planets she’s certainly got endurance.


Trump mop up – addicted to autocrats, the Russia connection



This is getting to be an edge-of-seat rolling drama, a truth-stranger-than-fiction boxset, hopefully not with an eight season run.

Psycho-babble first. Why does Trump go weak at the knees over dictators and gangster leaders? Simple answer – his father Fred Trump, born 11 October 1905, NY. He was a Sun Libra like Putin with his Pluto in Gemini conjunct the Donald’s Sun and opposition his Moon so a control-dominate relationship; and Pa’s rigid Saturn in Aquarius opposed Donald’s Mars, indicating harshness and lack of sympathy. Not too dissimilar to Putin’s crossovers, see previous post.

Fred Trump had a bleak, emotionally chilly chart with an Air Grand Trine of Sun Saturn Pluto; plus an explosive Mars Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune.

As to when Donald Trump will run into the buffers? I always reckoned if his explosive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars (in place this summer and for a few months ahead) didn’t get him, 2019 would. He looks disappointed this November and December as tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Ebertin describes this as: cheating and suffering damage without being aware of it.

Where the real aggro kicks in is from mid February 2019 onwards with a run of enraged, trapped and scary Pluto hard aspects to his Mars/Uranus and then his Mars/Saturn as well as opposing his Saturn – those run on and off till late 2020. That is a punishing amount of pressure, which he’ll try to brass-neck his way out of initially but it’ll keep on coming. His relationship chart with the USA also shows April 2019 as the start of a two year run of the country losing its rag with him (perhaps before depending on the Moon’s position).

His Solar Return from June 2019 for the year thereafter is brutally suppressive with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars in the 4th as the driving rod of a Water Grand Trine of Mars to Neptune to Moon. Plus a head-in-the-clouds, ever-optimistic Sun opposition Jupiter square Neptune.

Nothing is certain and he’s been through meltdown phases in his life before and shamelessly hauled himself out of the murk. But he’s in his 70s living a very unfit lifestyle with less energy.

The one name Putin brought up unprompted was Bill Browder, the investment banker whose campaigning against Russian corruption brought in the Magnitsky Act which has frozen oligarch (and probably Putin’s) assets abroad. See older posts below.

And the FBI/US Attorney’s office (not Mueller) have charged a Russian woman, Maria Butina, with spying for Moscow by “infiltrating organisations having influence in American politics, for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Russian Federation”. It’s thought the organisation referred to is the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Born 10 November 1998, she’s a Sun Scorpio (like the NRA) with her Mercury in Sagittarius (like the NRA). She’s looking v unhappy this year, backed into a corner, and actively frightened by calamitous circumstances this December and January 2019.

The NRA are facing setbacks this year with tr Saturn conjunct their Saturn Mars and square their Venus; and in a total muddle in 2018/2019 with tr Pluto square Neptune which can be scandal-prone.


BILL BROWDER Post March 10 2018

The Skripal attempted assassinations have brought the Sergei Magnitsky affair back into the headlines, as well as Deutsche Bank money-laundering suspect Russian funds into the New York property market, which may impact on the Mueller Investigation.     Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer, imprisoned after reporting officials for major fraud and died as a result of a beating. (More Magnitsky details in old post below.)   His former employer financier Bill Browder is still fighting his corner, relentlessly lobbying governments to sanction corrupt Russians laundering their money in the West. His book Red Notice: How I Became Putin’s Number 1 Enemy is being made into a film – Amal Clooney is his lawyer.

Browder, who was deported and had his Moscow investment fund expropriated by corrupt officials, said in an interview (below): ‘The reality is that the entire Russian government is the mafia.’ He describes it as a ‘gangster state.’ And he gave evidence this week to a UK Commons select committee and said: “I believe they want to kill me.  They haven’t figured out a way yet where they can kill me and get away with it.”  His Magnitsky Act, intended to impose visa sanctions and asset freezes on corrupt officials, has now been introduced in seven countries including Britain, the US and Canada. As a result he lives in a “warzone”, receiving numerous death threats: text messages and voicemails from unregistered Moscow numbers.

A few years ago the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev told reporters in a briefing: ‘it is a shame Sergei Magnitsky is dead and Bill Browder is still alive and running around’. In 2015, he says, US intelligence authorities alerted him to an illegal rendition plot being formulated against him.

Browder, born 23 April 1964 Chicago, Illinois, is a Sun, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo – suited to a money business, stubborn, rebellious, not one to budge easily; especially with Saturn in Pisces opposing his Uranus Pluto. His Mars in pro-active Aries is under assault from a tr Pluto square, 2017/18, finishing this September/October, which is not only frustrating but also high-risk.

His relationship chart with Putin is stressed and aggravated with a Yod of Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct Sun. And it will be under extraordinary pressure in 2018/19 with tr Pluto square the composite Sun. Browder’s Mars opposes Putin’s Saturn Neptune in Libra and squares Putin’s Uranus – so he will be a thorn in Putin’s flesh.

Despite Putin being a walkover for this election he does not look remotely happy or clear headed with tr Pluto moving to square his Neptune from late March till late 2019 – which tends to be devastating and scandal-prone.

The Labour MP Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the home affairs select committee has pressed this week for police to reopen investigations into 14 suspicious deaths in Britain linked to Russia in recent years. This would include Russian financier Alexander Perepilichnyy, who died while jogging in the UK in 2012, after handing information to Browder’s firm with information on the people behind Magnitsky’s murder. Despite US intelligence agencies saying there was Russian involvement in his death, the Surrey Police ruled out murder.

July 25 2017 Post.

The drip drip of toxic info keeps coming about the Trump dynasty’s Russia connection. This is just background about one, now deceased, piece of a jigsaw that is slowly coming together, involving Russian money-laundering through the New York property market and through the German Deustche Bank, already under investigation for same, whom certain Trumps had significant dealings with and loans therefrom.

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer/accountant, arrested after accusing Russian officials of tax fraud. He died a year later in custody after beatings in 2009. As a result of his death, the Magnitsky Act came into being which put banking restrictions on Russian officials implicated in human rights abuses. It’s those sanctions which Putin is keen/desperate to get lifted. The lawyer involved in last year’s meet with Don Jnr and Jared Kushner is heavily involved with the main players in the above.

Magnitsky, born 8 April 1972 in Odessa, Ukraine, was an Aries Sun in a rebellious/activist opposition to Uranus. He also had a communicative Air Grand Trine of Pluto trine Saturn Venus Mars trine North Node (Moon) in Aquarius with Pluto opposition Mercury – so a crusader (NNode in Aquarius), gutsy with Pluto Saturn Mars, though maybe not too practical. He also had Neptune opposition Saturn Mars Venus which formed the boundary of his Half Grand Sextile – idealistic, slightly fanatical or head in the clouds, but talented.

When he died tr Neptune was squaring his Solar Arc Uranus opposition Sun; tr Saturn was just over the conjunction to his Pluto and trine his North Node.

His reforming Uranus was conjunct Vladimir Putin’s rigid authoritarian Saturn (Sun Neptune) with Magnitsky’s Saturn Venus Mars falling in Putin’s secret 8th conjunct his Gemini Moon so arousing anger.

This year the Magnitsky family lawyer fell/was pushed from a 4th storey window and seriously injured.

Add on:  As ever with any story involving Russia, high finance and money-laundering the waters get exceeding muddy.

A slightly different view from:

There are however incontrovertible facts.

  1. Magnitsky was beaten in prison, denied medical treatment and died.
  2. Russian money-laundering through US and indeed UK property deals is an accepted fact.
  3. Deutsche Bank in May 2017 agreed to pay $41 million to settle Federal Reserve allegations that its U.S. operations failed to maintain adequate protections against money laundering, the latest in a string of fines that have cost the German lender billions of dollars. Deutsche Bank has recently reached settlements with the U.K. and New York State’s Department of Financial Services over trades that allegedly helped wealthy Russiansmove some $10 billion out of the country.

Trump Putin bro-romance not all hugs and smiles



The Trump-Putin meeting kicked off at 1.12 pm in Helsinki with the Russian leader turning up late as is his wont. It’s an interesting chart – very money and business-oriented – though not remotely comfortable.

There’s a self-protective and private Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio in the financial 2nd trine Neptune trine a Cancer MC, formed into a Kite by MC and Sun opposition Pluto. It’s difficult to interpret a driving planet Pluto on the IC – Pluto rules all that is hidden, underground, sewers etc – while the IC represents the foundations, home, family, roots, land, father, unconscious fears. A struggle for control of territory playing on unconscious fears?

There’s also a commercially-minded Earth Grand Trine of Venus Moon in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus. With Uranus in the 7th house of one-to-one relationships further emphasised being on the point of a Fixed T square to Mars in the 4th opposition North Node – there’s always an explosive tinder-box feel to Mars Uranus and in the 7th would suggest division rather than co-operation.  The Pluto and Mars in the 4th may also indicate the angry demonstrations outside.

Putin’s ruthless Pluto in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius sits on top of Trump’s Mars in Leo and Trump’s Sagittarius Moon, with Putin’s Mars also opposition Trump’s Sun – power and control, and fairly aggravating for Trump. Putin’s Saturn Sun Neptune are conjunct Trump’s 2nd house financially reckless Jupiter. Saturn on the other’s Jupiter can be OK for business relationships, but Saturn tends to have a restrictive quality – might not be too much of a stretch to infer Saturnine interference in Trump’s gung ho commercial affairs. Neptune can contribute to delusions of grandeur on both sides. Trump’s money or his handling of it is certainly the focus of Putin’s attention with Putin’s four|Libra planets including his Sun in Trump’s 2nd..

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Pluto conjunction which suggests a relationship in which the likelihood is that one dominates the other. It can feel very close till it goes wrong and then it turns nasty. There’ll be a blip late this month into early August and again in October as tr Saturn opposes the composite Uranus – tensions surfacing, and enthusiasm between them ebbing this August and again in early 2019; with aggro in January 2019 and beyond; plus good feelings being undermined through 2019 – but those are fairly minor influences.

Putin himself looks like the cat who got the cream through this July/August and November; less so from January 2019 onwards with muddle and mayhem through 2019.

Madonna – ageless and unstoppable at 60



Madonna, the wildly provocative, confrontational and always sexual pop phenomenon who crashed onto the scene four decades ago will be 60 next month. She’s never made a comeback since she’s never gone away and is now embarking on her 14th album, as well as directing an MGM film about a ballet dancer and adapting a novel for film.

Although she’s regarded not unfairly as a narcissist with a ‘gigantic, nuclear-strength ego, frying to a cinder all before it’ she’s also credited with being one of the great influencers including opening up gay culture to the mainstream.

Born 16 August 1958 in Bay City, MI (7.05am?)  she’s not surprisingly a Sun Leo (the flamboyant entertainer’s sign), with her Sun sextile a lucky Jupiter and in a hard-working trine to Saturn. Her explosive and hard-edged qualities come from a determined Mars in Taurus square her Uranus and her Sun – when she decides to push, not much gets in her way.  Her Moon is oddly enough in understated, worry-wart Virgo which is conjunct Mercury which in turn is conjunct Pluto and Pluto is conjunct her Sun – so when push comes to shove she’ll want to be in control.

Her love life has been a constant conveyor belt – with her Venus in Leo square her Neptune, she’ll be eternally hoping for a soul-mate; but her Moon trine Mars and (maybe) a 4th house Saturn, will make finding domestic contentment tricky.

She’s certainly not short of pushy confidence with her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in aspect to both Mars and Uranus; or anger with her Sun tied into her ruthless Mars/Pluto and her Pluto aspects an unyielding Mars/Saturn. She likes to walk on the wild side.

Her creative and get-it-together, though also can-be-dominating 5th Harmonic is strong. Her 17H, leaving a legacy behind, is even more strongly marked; as is her ‘super-star’ 22nd harmonic.

Her chart shows a few mountains to climb in the next three years, though her confidence and luck won’t slide. With a real high coming in 2021/22 as tr Pluto squares her Jupiter.

Brexit panics starting to rise



The UK populace has been sleep-walking through the Brexit negotiations whether through a misplaced we’ll-muddle-through-somehow-since-we-always-have attitude, or just out of sheer torpor. Who’d know who to believe? Nick Cohen in the Guardian likens Brexit Britain to a burning building with no exits and a country paralysed in the grip of an uncontrollable neurosis. Dan Hodges in the Mail chirpily insists the PM has aces up her sleeve.  Christopher Booker says ‘May’s latest proposal is so detached from reality that it can only end next March in the ultimate disaster, where we crash out without an agreement – chaos will ensue as we are shut out of our largest export market. Whole industries will go into meltdown. It will be the gravest economic crisis in our history.’

The ‘pragmatic’ soft Brexit of her recent White Paper appears to offer the worst of both worlds, not the advantages of out and not the advantages of in.

On the UK chart, despite tr Pluto opposing the 10th house Moon this year which might suggest voters aggrieved about their rulers, the public has been content to focus on the Royal Wedding, the two Duchesses’ fashion choices, the World Cup, Wimbledon and the heatwave. Tr Pluto now returns to the exact opposition till late August and again November to mid-December and this week’s Solar Eclipse also elbowed the UK Moon, which might be enough for a wake-up call. What’s for certain is that the Solar Arc Moon opposing the UK 11th house Saturn, exact in 8 months’ time, though likely in effect before, will see the electorate decidedly out of sorts with the legislature. Neither party has covered themselves in glory.

There will be ripples of unease in the country mid August to end of September, which might be Theresa May-connected and a definite jolt mid September to mid October; but by January 2019 the country will be gung ho and feeling upbeat with tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter, admittedly at the same time as tr Pluto squares Mars/Uranus which looks nervy and high-stress, both influences repeating twice before the year end.

There will be uncertainty from May 2019 onwards, feeling neglected, lonely and misunderstood, which runs on and off till late 2021. Economic ups and downs kick in with tr Uranus moving into the UK 8th – depending on which house system is used – perhaps as early as mid 2019 onwards; though the real shock comes in 2021.

The present government chart is hitting a major setback from later this month, July 26th to August 13th and again in the first half of October, as tr Saturn opposes the 10th house Mars, so presumably the present strategy will have to go back to the drawing board for a rejig. Mid September to mid October look weak-willed, with spasms of high anxiety; jangled through mid October to early November; and more upsets of an explosive nature November to mid December 2018. Strangely enough this December to mid January 2019 look like delivering a silver lining or a lucky break. Though there’ll be more upheavals and disruptions more spasm come April 2019 onwards.

On Theresa May’s personal chart: Difficulties and relationship setbacks late this July into mid August. August to early September will dent her confidence, enthusiasm and undermine relationships with tr Neptune square her Mars/Jupiter. September and October look chaotic, scandal-prone, befuddled and maybe ill as tr Pluto squares her Sun/Neptune, which Ebertin ascribes to a tragic deception.  More failures as tr Neptune is conjunct her Mars late October to late December 2018. She’ll be poleaxed by events January to mid February 2019 with tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Saturn; teeth-grittingly frustrated mid February to late March and into job-loss time come April (if she survives that long) with tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, recurring on and off till late 2020. In April as well she has tr Neptune picking up the opposition to her Jupiter till early 2020 which usually brings false hopes crashing down.

She also, of course, has her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun sometime soon which will accompany a mighty upset. There’s no exact date since her birth time isn’t known but it will be  exacerbated by tr Saturn in square to both in early this December.

Make of that what you will. It doesn’t look like total catastrophe time for the UK, well except for 2021/2022 when tr Uranus and Solar Arc Uranus both collide with the 8th house Mars for a major economic shock. And admittedly 2024 looks a touch swampy on the money and direction front as well with Solar Arc MC square the 2nd house Neptune.  By the late 2020s with tr Pluto in Aquarius moving into the UK 5th there’ll be a strong push to Make the UK Great Again. MUKGA doesn’t work too well.

Pic: Boadicea and her daughters. A Celtic queen who led an uprising against the occupying Roman forces – which failed.

Kylian Mbappe – a banlieue boy with a unique talent



French football success in the world cup (so far) comes with a twist since many of their players, including the star Kylian Mbappe, are banlieue boys. The banlieues are effectively ghetto areas with large, working-class (or more often unemployed), non-white communities, synonymous with riots and social strife, thought of as breeding grounds for crime and terrorism. Yet 8 out of the 23 possible players come from these blights on France’s social conscience to which Macron has still found no answer.

Mbappe was born 20 December 1998 1.47am Paris, with a Cameroon-born, football-coach/agent father and a former handball-playing Algerian mother. He has a sharp-witted 3rd house sporty Sagittarius Sun in an inspirational Fire Grand Trine to Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries trine a ‘leadership’ North Node in Leo. His Mars in Libra on his Ascendant (Libra is often an athletic sign) is in a high-adrenaline trine to Uranus on the cusp of his sporting 5th, sextile an influential Pluto Mercury. His Sun is in a confident and lucky square to Jupiter and his Mars squares Moon Venus in ambitious Capricorn. He’s certainly got drive, high energy and a unique talent which was obvious to those who saw him play early on. He’s now a French champion and the world’s second-most expensive player and still a teenager.

I hope I’m wrong but he’s got tr Pluto conjunct his accident-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint from today for a few weeks ahead; having had tr Pluto in a lucky and successful sextile to his Jupiter up until today. So maybe hope the Jupiter hangs around and the Mars/Saturn is just World Cup stress.

Pic by Кирилл Венедиктов

Katie Price – a life of tabloid turmoil



Katie Price, a sort of UK answer to the Kardashians, started life as a glamour model and became a television personality, author, singer, designer and businesswoman and is now worth many millions.  She’s had a complicated and lurid love life, lived out through the tabloids with an illegitimate disabled child, three former husbands and four other children. And is now romancing a much younger fitness instructor. Her two middle children are now reportedly living with her ex and their father, Peter Andre; and she’s making a new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life in which she slags off husband No 3.

Born 22 May 1978 in Brighton, with divorced parents, she’s a Sun Gemini opposition a Scorpio/Sagittarius Moon and has a volatile Uranus square Mars, with Mars in a hard conjunction to Saturn in wannabe-important Leo. Her Mars is also in a showbizzy mini-Grand Trine to Neptune, sextiling onto a controlling and determined Pluto; with Pluto in a pushily confident square to Jupiter. And her Jupiter is in a frivolous/fashion conjunction to Venus. Last but not least her Mercury in Taurus opposes Uranus giving her an outspoken streak.

All power to her for having made a small fortune out of unlikely beginnings and she looks pretty good for a mother of five, even given surgical help. But her chart describes a thoroughly aggravated and aggravating personality. Relationships won’t be her strong point with a North Node in Libra, never mind her Moon opposition her Sun and perhaps square Saturn, maybe Mars if an early birth time.

Her mother is evidently suffering from an incurable lung disorder and may die soon, which will be an immense worry for her at the moment. She does have tr Neptune opposition her Mars/Pluto midpoint at the moment and repeating till late 2019 which will feel disastrous, plus another couple of undermining Neptune transits to two Saturn midpoints.

Tom Cruise – action man pulls it off again



Tom Cruise appears to be unstoppable with his sixth Mission Impossible just out garnering rave reviews and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He returns as US agent Ethan Hunt, battling a global catastrophe while defying death with alarming regularity and doing his own stunts. Which in this one led to a broken ankle during shooting when a leap off a building went wrong.

Born 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, New York at maybe 3.06pm, he’s a Sun Cancer but with an incredibly Fixed chart. His Mars in ultra-determined Taurus makes a high-adrenaline square to Uranus in Leo. His Venus in showy Leo and Leo North Node oppose Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio – leading to a complicated love life, an ability to lead the field, and an inclination to odd beliefs. He’s also got a self-protective, emotional and creative, though not always realistic Water Grand Trine of Sun to Jupiter in Pisces trine Neptune, formed into a Kite with a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto, making influential and controlling Pluto the driving planet. His Moon is probably in Leo.

He’s certainly looking enthusiastic at the moment with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint running till later in the year. A few dips in 2019/2020 and then back hitting the heights again. Fixed charts have the endurance factor and tend to like ploughing the same furrow.

Jim Jordan – twinned with Palin. Gotti Jnr, Beck



Deep state, fake news and #metoo are being bandied about in the increasingly heated debate about what Jim Jordan, Republican congressman in Ohio knew about widespread sexual abuse by a team doctor when he was assistant wrestling coach at the university. First he flatly denied knowing anything, then he said he might have heard locker room rumours – to date nine former wrestlers and a former coach said they knew and three allege Jordan knew and did nothing. He and his supporters claim he’s being smeared because he has been grilling federal investigators, probing alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russians and has been put forward as a potential speaker by the House Freedom Caucus if the GOP retain the majority.

I caught a few headlines and didn’t read further since it seemed like an internal US political brouhaha. But having been asked, I had a look, and does he have an interesting chart?

Jordan was born 17 February 1964 – three days after John Gotti Jnr, (the convicted former mobster’s son), six days after Sarah Palin and 7 days after Glen Beck (right-wing conspiracy theorist jock.) All of them have similar charts – a ferociously hard-edged and aggressive Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius with Neptune in Scorpio in square. Plus a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (Moon) in Aries. An apex Jupiter can have an effect on social affairs but tends to be undone by self-aggrandisement. He has another Yod of Mercury in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries inconjunct Uranus – can be a trailblazer but is also divisive and tends to cause rifts.

His apex Uranus has moved by Solar Arc to catch the tr Uranus opposition, shaking it up at the moment and into early 2019; and his Sun, Mars, Saturn has moved to catch the tr Pluto square this year and on till 2021.He looks unnerved as of this month; but will be in better spirits (in a minor way) in 2019/2020.