Zimbabwe – wresting control from Mugabe



A bloodless coup in Zimbabwe has effectively corralled the ageing President Robert Mugabe and his profligate wife Grace, who was being lined up as successor. Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose firing as vice-president precipitated the army takeover, told Mugabe that the party was “not personal property for you and your wife to do as you please”. Nearly forty years of disastrous Mugabe rule has left the resource-rich country in economic ruin with money from diamond mines rolling into the pockets of many of his senior aides.

Grace Mugabe, 23 July 1964, is a Sun Leo with Jupiter in indulgent Taurus in a grandiose opposition to Neptune. She has bought homes in Dubai and South Africa, spent £3million of state funds on her daughter’s wedding, acquired a £300,000 Rolls-Royce and her three sons flaunt their wealth while seven in ten citizens are stuck in poverty.

Mugabe took over as president on 4 March 1980. This year tr Neptune has been conjunct the Presidency Pisces Sun, undermining his power. There’s also a Fire Grand Trine of Neptune trine Venus in Aries trine North Node, with Venus opposition Pluto – so controlling and entrepreneurial – though the only people benefitting were those close to the seat of power. Tr Uranus is at the moment hitting on both Pluto and Venus

Zimbabwe became independent at midnight on 18 April 1980 and this was always going to be its most unstable period with tr Uranus conjunct the Aries Sun, having been opposition Pluto in recent times, and about to oppose the MC from early 2018. It’ll be a long haul back to economic prosperity with tr Pluto trine the 8th house Saturn in 2018/19; and a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn opposing the Zimbabwe Sun within months. The risk is that the replacement rulership will have its own flaws.

Mnangagwa appears to have been born in 1942 or 1946, so no help there. The army General Constantino Chiwenga, 25 Aug 1956, is a confident and tough Sun Jupiter in Virgo with Sun conjunct Pluto; and Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto and triune Mars. Grace Mugabe is popular with younger voters so there’s real danger of a civil conflict on the streets. And she does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter in 2018/19 so she’ll be in a bullish mood.

2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe – wresting control from Mugabe

  1. Hear hear Chris. We need to demolish the system that gives rise to the Trumps of this world too. The corrupt press/media, corrupt banks and Wall St, ditto the laundromat City of London, the lobbyists, the bent politicians of all stripes, the war mongering military-industrial complex, and so on. A grotesque and self serving “elite” , interconnected and symbiotic, running the world for them and theirs only….my two bobs worth….

  2. After years of inflation, extreme poverty, crime, corruption, and the promulgation of racist policies, Robert Mugabe had this coming. At least one of the world’s many ruling TYRANTS has been ousted. I’m glad the coup d’état in Zimbabwe was nonviolent. However, I hope life for the Zimbabwean people doesn’t get worse under the new military regime. The world needs more progressive leaders like Justin Trudeau of Canada, Emmanuel Macron of France, and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. The world needs to PURGE itself of right-wing tyrants like Robert Mugabe, Jacob Zuma, Benjamin Netanyahu, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rodrigo Duterte, and Donald Trump (Ugh, I hate Trump so much)!

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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