Bryan Cranston – all good things come later with Saturn



Bryan Cranston is getting rave reviews for his performance at the National Theatre as an ageing news anchorman going nuts in Paddy Chayefsky’s prescient 1976 Oscar-winning satire on the state (and future) of American TV.  Told he is being given the sack Howard Beale blithely announces during the ensuing bulletin that he intends to kill himself on air. He becomes a ratings sensation with his catch phrase “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”. It’s a tilt at the corporate power of the networks, whose only priority is – guess what? – money.

Cranston, 7 March 1956 10.52 am Los Angeles, was brought up mainly by grandparents, and he has described his actor parents as ‘broken people’ who should never have had children. He had a jobbing, low-key career until landing in his fifties the lead of Walter White, chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer, in Breaking Bad which became a gargantuan hit

He has a 10th house Pisces Sun, good for movies and a career that brings him public attention. His Moon aspects, not surprisingly with such a disrupted childhood, are stressed with an 8th house (grandparent nurture) Capricorn Moon opposition Uranus square Neptune opposition Venus in late Aries. Luckily he also has a confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo opposition his MC Mercury in Aquarius squaring onto a 6th house Saturn in Sagittarius. So very hard working, conscientious, suited to a career with a good deal of variety. A focal point Saturn also often brings success later in life.

When Breaking Bad launched in 2008 tr Uranus was moving through his 10th house conjunct his Pisces Sun. Uranus is a wild card bringing jolting and unwanted changes of direction for some, and for others a game-changing role. His Solar Arc Mars was also opposition his Pluto which would be challenging with the pressure of work; but whose criminal intent he turned to good use in the role of good guy gone rogue.

He now writes, directs and produces – and is able to pick and choose his roles. He looks set for a long career ahead of him, though with a few emotional bumps and jolts now till the early 2020s with tr Uranus and tr Pluto bouncing off his Moon, Uranus and Venus; and a career dip or two as tr Neptune is conjunct his Moon in 2019.


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