Zimbabwe – a turning point coming

The ‘who succeeds’ question is becoming more urgent in Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe, now 91, grows ever frailer. He has ruled with an iron fist since 4 March 1980, 35 years which has seen a once thriving economy destroyed, hyper-inflation raging and the population beaten into submission. All power and most money lies with his corrupt cronies and the successor is likely to come from their ranks. There is even talk it could be his wife Grace.

His Presidency chart, will be de-stabilised by tr Uranus opposition the Pluto from mid April 2016, on and off for a year thereafter. Though given his track record for surviving against all the odds, it may be late 2017/early 2018 when the Solar Arc Sun opposes Pluto that brings his reign to a close. 2018 also has tr Pluto square Pluto – so an almighty amount of pushing and pulling.

This accords with the Zimbabwe chart, 18 April 1980 12am Harare. Tr Uranus opposes Pluto on that also from April 2016 until early 2017 which will start the upheaval; and then tr Uranus will conjunct the Aries Sun and IC in 2018 – so shaking the country to its foundations. In 2018 as well, Solar Arc Saturn will oppose the Sun; and tr Pluto will trine the 8th house Saturn in 2018/19 – so it will be a tough struggle with even more hardship and economic problems.

Grace Mugabe, 23 July 1964, is a Sun Leo, with a lively Venus Mars in Gemini, an indulgent Jupiter in Taurus opposition a delusional Neptune; and a Capricorn Moon.

She doesn’t look remotely a good fit for Zimbabwe with her Saturn in Pisces opposing the Z Jupiter; and her Mars Venus square the Z Saturn and opposition the Z Neptune.

She does have tr Neptune opposition her Uranus Pluto now till late 2017 which will be undermining. But then from 2018 tr Pluto will trine her Jupiter which looks confident, pushy and successful, more’s the pity.

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