Angela Merkel – still on a tight rope

Angela Merkel won a lengthy standing ovation from her party after pledging to “tangibly reduce” the number of refugees entering Germany. Though she refused to put a number on migrants who would be given entry. She also emphasised that other EU countries must do their bit and that refugees had to assimilate German language and customs.

She’s still not out of the woods politically, however much admiration her humanitarian stance has brought her. Local councils are struggling to manage basic amenities for the 1 million who arrived in 2015. Tr Neptune continues to oppose her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint till mid January which is usually career losses. Then she has the challenging tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting on her Midheaven next year. Uranus is conjunct her IC opposition her MC in February which heralds house moves if not instantly then certainly in the near future; and then tr Pluto square MC from March till late 2018 and that could bring her reputation to a new low.

2016 has some ups from tr Uranus to a couple of Jupiter midpoints in Feb/March, but tr Uranus is moving to square her 8th house Uranus Sun in Cancer from late May onwards which will be jolting and uncomfortable. And tr Saturn is heading for her Ascendant which it briefly crosses early in the year and then makes the final move in October. She’ll run out of energy, enthusiasm and ambition as tr Saturn heads downwards through her 1st quadrant thereafter.

Though she won’t go easy. She’s got endurance with four planets in the 8th.

Her 3rd Term chart, 17 Dec 2013 12.06pm Berlin, has the destabilising Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto exact in two months’ time. Though before is usually more significant than the exact date. On that chart she’ll get a lift in February and be pushing – possibly over-pushing with too much confidence which could backfire – from March onwards till late 2017. Late 2016 looks discouraging with tr Saturn conjunct Mercury, square Ascendant and then conjunct Sun in 2017. The very insecure, reckless, solar Arc Mars opposes Uranus also in 2017, which is when the next election is.

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  1. Marjorie, thanks for this though it’s depressing to read. I was amazed and thrilled that she got back in; there are nay sayers aplenty, but for my money, she is the strongest (only) European leader with a practical, compassionate take on the future. Democracy must of course allow for differences of opinion, but her hand is firmly on the helm. She’s an inspiration in the toughest times of a couple of generations, and has sacriced her personal life completely to her decent, human principles. I salute her courage amidst alal the upheaval of the times.

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