Star Wars 7 – arousing strong reactions

Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens premieres tonight in Los Angeles at 5.30pm. This puts Neptune conjunct the MC from the 9th square a 6th house Saturn which doesn’t sound too inspiring. The 10th house Uranus opposes a 4th house Mars square a 7th house Pluto – so probably arousing as much adoration as the opposite. It’ll certainly bring a strong reaction. Pluto is trine Jupiter which will be commercially helpful.

Though it’s nowhere as enthusiastic as the first Star Wars which premiered on 25 May 1977 which had a Sun Jupiter trine Pluto; and an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Leo trine Neptune trine Venus in Aries, with Venus opposition Pluto – so the potential to be a gamechanger – which it was.

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