White House – more parachutes being prepared



Two were missed off the White House whirlygig (below) – Gary Cohn and HR McMaster.

Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser, has been rumoured to be on the brink of leaving for months but stayed to stop the president from imposing steep tariffs. He believes passionately that protectionism is economically backward and won’t lead to increased prosperity. Trump went ahead yesterday with plans for a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminium imports, which tipped the Dow Jones down 500 points.

Cohn, 27 August 1960, looks in an explosively bad mood with tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars now and square his Mars/Pluto within days. His relationship chart with Trump is in upheaval at the moment with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus, worsening dramatically from mid March onwards with tr Pluto opposition Mars; and separating with tr Uranus square the composite Sun in April. All of these influences repeating into 2019 so it’s not going to get easier. He looks more upbeat in 2019 so maybe he’ll have flown the coop by that time.

HR McMaster, the National Security Adviser, is also tipped to leave, since he appears not to get on with Trump or Defense Secretary James Mattis. His chemistry with Trump always was fractious with a composite Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus. Though a million times worse with James Mattis – their relationship chart has a composite Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Mars square Saturn – and they don’t get much worse than that. It may come to a head with Mattis in April/May as tr Uranus trines the composite Pluto Mars. McMaster and Jared Kushner also have a hate-in with a composite Pluto opposition Mars, which is picking up tr Saturn squares this year; and as of this moment tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun and conjunct Mercury within days.

An additional thought – Trump was described by Politico as the loneliest man in Washington, made more so by the loss of Hope Hicks, one of his longest serving aides. She exited as tr Uranus was square his Venus (conjunct Saturn) for the final time. And that’s a fair description from the astrology. If the Kushners bale back to New York, he’ll be left with ? ? Melania and his two sons. Hmm.  Just had a look – he’s even falling out with Stephen Miller, his far-right policy advisor with tr Uranus square the composite Venus, Mercury, Sun at the moment and through March; and tr Neptune taking the shine off their enthusiasm as it hard aspects their composite Jupiter square Uranus now and later.

11 thoughts on “White House – more parachutes being prepared

  1. Follow the Astrology, follow the timeline since August’s eclipses.
    I believe that we are going to witness the biggest ‘ Sting ‘ operation carried out in Political history, it will make Watergate pale into insignificance, when Uranus moves into Taurus we will start to learn of the financial and moral corruption of previous governments in the US and the ripples will be felt across the globe.
    DJT has Sun conjunct Uranus, Regulus conjunct his ascendant, exactly where the eclipse fell last year his purpose is to “wake” us up and to do and say the unexpected.
    Jesus created havoc and mayhem the establishment did everything in their power to remove him and in the end he was crucified.
    DJT is a flawed human being just like the rest of us…
    Remember John 3:16

    • John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      Not sure I understand this Dorothy. Are you suggesting Trump is a Second Coming?

    • “…his purpose is to “wake” us up and to do and say the unexpected.”

      And we are to simply sit back and listen to his…broadcasts…without question? Wearing tin foil hats for better reception?

      Ho, boy.

      How ’bout the cricifixion portion? Military coup to remove His Tweetness from power?

  2. Would so love to see Miller booted out of the WH. His influence has been completely negative and harmful for the country. I hope the current falling out is more than serious and he’s escorted out by security just as Omarosa was.

    • That is interesting. Thanks. Kushner’s relationship with Rex Tillerson, referred to in the Intercept piece – bad at the best of times with a composite Mars square Pluto Uranus – was an an all time low with tr Saturn conjunct the Mars. Mind you, look at his background and daddy Kushner, hardly unexpected

      • Ditto Kushner and Mattis – Lord it’s tricky keeping track of the toxic cross currents. And the theory today is that Trump was so choked off about Hope Hicks, Kushner and something else, that’s why he upset the applecart by going for the trade tariffs against all advice. He shouldn’t be out of his pram.

        • Pram! I love it : ) Trump’s appalling conduct overshadows everyone around him and makes it hard to keep track of other’s questionable motives. Charles Kushner is an outright criminal and apparently in contact with his son daily. Great! Seems he really has been influencing foreign policy.

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