Wendi and the Russian prince – a fantastic myth

Is it an April Fool’s joke? Hot rumours about Wendi Deng, former wife of Rupert Murdoch, snuggling up to Vladimir Putin are almost beyond parody. Is there an unlikely spark of passion behind Vlad’s cold blue eyes? Or a chance of a comeuppance by Wendi, towering seven inches above the Russian president, after her ex’s recent rapturous nuptials to Jerry Hall?

She’s a Sun Sagittarius with a Cancer Moon and Venus in socially-ambitious Capricorn.  Putin is a Sun Saturn Neptune Mercury in Libra with Venus in Scorpio and a Gemini Moon so he is a mix of cool and hot. But her Saturn in Aries opposition Mars in Libra square Cancer Moon sit at cross purposes to his Libra planets square Uranus.

Their relationship chart hints at a potential for minor amounts of friendly fun and adventure but nothing more.

In contrast her relationship chart with Rupert has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction; plus a fair amount of aggravation from a Mars opposition Saturn; and a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction which after splitting turns into a definite need-to-outdo-each-other.

Her much publicised friendship (firmly denied as an affair) with Tony Blair is certainly flagged up in their relationship chart with an affectionate composite Sun Venus in a passionate opposition to Pluto.

The other friendship during her Murdoch marriage which was raised in the media was with mega-wealthy Google chief Eric Schmidt. He’s another Taurus like Blair; and his relationship chart with the lissom Wendi again has an affectionate composite Sun Venus opposition an adventurous Jupiter Uranus.

Stranger things have happened than rich, loveless matches but on the evidence it looks less rather than more likely that a Chinese-Russian détente is on the cards.


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