Ronnie Corbett – the exuberance of Fire

Comedian and entertainer Ronnie Corbett has died at home aged 85. Much beloved for his bouncy personality and diminutive height of five foot one, he had a long career from the 1960s with David Frost, peaking in the 1970s/80s with the ‘Two Ronnies’ with Ronnie Barker and continued working on until recently.

Born 4 December 1930 9.40pm Edinburgh, Scotland he had his Sun in Sagittarius, a sign common amongst comics, in an inspirational and attention-catching Fire Grand Trine to Uranus and Mars in Leo. He also had the super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn square Uranus – so bred in tough times and highly innovative. His Taurus Moon was in his 10th, suiting him for a public career, opposition Venus in Scorpio square a Leo Ascendant – sensitive to the mood of the zeitgeist, charming, home-loving and flamboyant.

He was a different personality to Ronnie Barker, 25 September 1929 2pm Bedford, England, a Sun Libra with an ambitious Mars in Libra in the 10th square an 8th house Pluto and sextile a 1st house Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn opposed his 7th house Gemini Moon and Jupiter. He’d be the more driven of the pair, constantly feeling held back.  One of his sons went on the run having been found with child pornography and eventually served a prison term.


The two Ronnies’ relationship chart had a talented Half Grand Sextile from Saturn opposition Jupiter sextile Neptune and composite Sun – so much talent, driven by a fear of failure. With an emphasised Jupiter bringing optimism and luck.

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