Warren Buffett – even brilliance erodes with age


The name Warren Buffet is still synonymous with investment genius despite the fact that his picks in recent years have been lagging behind. One calculation put a $100 invested by his firm in 2014 being worth $112 today; whereas on the S&P 500 would be worth $154. But another reckoning was that $10,000 invested in 1964 in his Berkshire Hathaway stock, would now be worth circa $274 million by 2019, a compound annual return of 20% plus – double that of the standard stock market.

But he is ninety years old and his partner Charlie Munger a whopping 96 so they might be forgiven for losing focus.

Born 30 August 1930 Buffett is an intuitive Sun Neptune in Virgo sextile Mars on one side and trine Saturn in ambitious Capricorn. His tough-minded Saturn opposition Mars squares onto a clear-thinking Mercury in Libra. He also has the signature 1930 pushily confident and determined Jupiter Pluto in Cancer in an innovative square to Uranus. A substantially Cardinal chart overflowing with initiative

His partner, Charlie Munger born 1 January 1924, is a Sun Capricorn in a controlling opposition to Pluto and on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to an inventive Uranus trine a seriously determined Mars in Scorpio. Their relationship chart has an opportunistic, adventurous, lucky composite Uranus opposition Jupiter; an assertive Sun sextile Mars and an argumentative, hard-edged Mars square Saturn.

Neither of them will be looking for breakfast nor personally concerned about their short falls since they can’t take it with them. But Warren Buffet’s chart looks due for an uptick in terms of luck and success from this July on and off into spring 2021; and Charlie Munger’s ditto from February 2021 onwards.

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