Lori Loughlin and family – a scandal storm

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli have finally pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to secure “fraudulent admission” of their two children to the University of Southern California (USC. She gets two months inside, her husband 5 months plus fines and community service. This follows actress Felicity Huffman’s two-week sentence for a similar offence which she served last year having owned up immediately. One of the Giannulli daughters, Olivia Jade, had a successful YouTube business prior to the scandal to which she has recently returned.

Lori Loughlin, 28 July 1964 New York, no birth time, is a Sun Leo with a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Neptune; the Uranus Pluto conjunction tied into Mercury and Saturn and an enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini.

Her husband, 4 June 1963 9.36am Los Angeles, is a Sun Gemini sextile Jupiter in pro-active Aries and in a controlling square to Pluto; with his Pluto in a volatile conjunction to Uranus Mars in Virgo. His Moon Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th opposes a 10th house Venus Mercury in Taurus squaring onto a 7th house Saturn in Aquarius. He’ll be the toughie in the family and keen on keeping up appearances with Venus in the 10th as well as prone to sacrificing himself for his family.

He looks more rattled ahead than Lori does with a run of sticky Pluto and Neptune transits to midpoints; and a reputation-denting tr Pluto square his Aries Midheaven as well as tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Midheaven. Though in lawless LA it’s questionable how much difference a short prison sentence will make.

Olivia Jade, 28 September 1999 12.09 am Los Angeles, has a private, family-oriented 4th house Libra Sun trine Neptune Uranus in the 8th – highly strung, but also inventive. Her Mercury in Libra trines Uranus and sextiles Mars in colourful Sagittarius giving her a tendency to take risks and fly ahead. Her Jupiter, Moon, Saturn in Taurus and a 2nd house Venus in Leo suit her for the business of fashion and design. Her Pluto is conjunct Mars so she has inherited her father’s do-or-die-determination. She’s looking jittery through this year especially from July onwards, discouraged through 2021/22 and directionless for a couple of years thereafter.

I realise it’s unfair buying places which keeps more deserving students out  – but didn’t Trump’s father and many others do much the same in the past?  And given the overtly criminal acts which go unpunished it does seem an enormous fuss.

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  1. I’m quite surprised on your take there Marjorie. Just because crime isn’t that bad, doesn’t make it right. I think the fact that they squirmed and lied is what makes it so repugnant. If they had just said ‘Yep, we tried to buy our way in, hands up’ it might have led to a softer approach. And to to quote the oft used adage ‘If you can’t do the time….

      • She’s been the beneficiary of some immense white privilege. Even in the way people talk about her and her crimes. Ugh.

    • i won;t challenge her take on the matter. A lot to do about basically nothing.

      Today a white woman called the police aout a black man who allegedly threatened her over her unleashed dog, pooping in a public park. She later recanted…but it’s OK for President Two Scoops to take his stone age mentality into the WH. Much of Amerika claps its hands for his “manly” decisions…

  2. Having 2 very spoiled self indulgent children just because they have money is no excuse. Those girls could care less that their parents are going to jail. Of course teaching them to lie and cheat has led to this. They should get more jail time for all of us that have had to listen to her lies all this time.

  3. I’m glad to hear they are walking away with this! The only thing I’d change is that they would have to match the $500,000 and donate it to another who has the grades but not the fee to attend the college!

  4. Her career as Aunt Becky and her deals with the Hallmark channel are over. Perhaps her daughters can give her a job some day. They weren’t smart and talented enough to get into college? Their parents failed them in the parenting department.

  5. Astrology is not their problem. They were trying to take the rich way out. Their daughters aren’t smart enough to get in and they would have flunk out. It was not a well thought out plan. States schools have great professors and a great curriculum. I really feel bad if kids who would have been able to qualify lost their place because of these hairbrain schemes. Was it really worth Ms Laughlin, probably not.

  6. I honestly don’t understand why people are so upset because realistically only the wealthy can afford to send their children to even state colleges because besides tuition things like room and board, transportation and books costs a ton of money and depending on the major that the student has chosen it may not be worth going to a major university.

  7. A very acceptably fashionable ending. I can hear the talk now, “Ooooo, Lori, tell us what is was like inside…” while participants sip white wine…

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