Vladmir Putin – Hillary’s loss, his gain



Was Russian interference in the 2016 election motivated as much by Putin’s personal and perhaps misogynistic grudge against Hillary Clinton as the desire to see the compromised Trump shoehorned into the White House? That’s what she’s been saying on her book tour, believing he actively disliked her. And perhaps getting his own back for her criticism of his ‘dishonest and unfair’ elections.

Their relationship chart would certainly back this up with a composite Sun Mars Neptune in their relationship chart. Sun Mars makes for competitive ego-clashes; Mars Neptune for an only-one-of-us-can-win scenario. There’s also a struggle-for-the-upper-hand, game-playing composite Jupiter opposition Pluto.

When Trump won last November, tr Jupiter was conjunct Putin’s Libra Sun, allowing him a small surge of triumph; and tr Uranus was trine his MC (on 9.30am birth time) and Pluto, opening up all manner of new possibilities for him.

Hillary’s Uranus opposes his ultra-determined Mars in Sagittarius, which would trigger his anger when they were together. With her elusive Neptune conjunct his Sun. If his birth time of 9.30am is sound, then her Saturn Pluto (Mars) is conjunct his MC which would make him feel consummately put down as if she was trying to lord it over him. His Mars is in a ruthless and controlling trine to Pluto and his Pluto is in a might-makes-right square to his Jupiter. So he’s not exactly a reconstructed metrosexual.

4 thoughts on “Vladmir Putin – Hillary’s loss, his gain

  1. Putin is not my idea of a dinner guest for sure, but he isn’t the guy responsible for decimating the Middle East and killing 1 million plus largely innocent people on a pack of lies. Look to Washington London Tel Aviv and Riyadh for that.

  2. Putin learned of Angela Merkel’s fear of dogs. What does he do? Takes his rather large dog to a meeting with Merkel– clearly to frighten and intimidate her. That’s the kind of man he is.

    No doubt at all he’s misogynistic and wanted to ultimately hurt Secretary Clinton’s chances at the presidency….bonus, Trump’s wanted in with Putin for decades, and would be easy to manipulate. If (despite his interference) Sec. Clinton won, he’d sown enough doubt to move the election chaos into her term in office.

  3. My goodness, it’s one thing to dislike the woman and especially if she was in his own cabinet but she wasn’t. She was in another country and another continent entirely. I know he would have had to deal with her on the global stage at some point but this really does stink of tyrannical narcissism and extreme ruthlessness.

    I’ve generally taken a back seat regarding Putin/Russia because I believe a lot of news stations in the west, especially the USA, do promote anti-Russian propaganda. I do recall a talk he gave where an American official accused him of being militarily aggressive and trying to say he was trying to take over another country. He calmly replied along the lines that the Americans are ALWAYS wanting to know what he and others are up to when in fact, it is the Americans who have their boots down on the ground in so many countries that it is they who are the no.1 threat trying to take over the world. It is they who the most aggressive on the military stage. I thought he had a good point there even though I don’t know much about him.

    Still, reading much of what politicians get up to behind closed doors make you want to destroy them all. They are so vicious and untrustworthy and are like vultures having a standoff over the last bone to pick and much too quick with the lies. Generally awful human beings in my book. I think a large number of people have truly had enough of them all.

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