Jupiter in Scorpio – sex, money and secrets



Jupiter moves into Scorpio tomorrow for a 12 months’ stay. It’s not entirely obvious that its’ recent sojourn through Libra did much to bring harmony to relationships. Though one astrologer brightly suggested that what Jupiter, the truth-sayer did, was illuminate where relationships were out of balance. Perhaps the tr Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto was what did the damage – shining the spotlight on unfulfilled promises, on those who take too much for granted and, as ever, with Jupiter veering to the negative, inflated self-righteousness.

Scorpio in a nutshell is the sign of sex, death and taxes – or more broadly, intimate passions, secrets, depth insights and the occult, joint finances and transformation. It is intensely emotional, self-protective and obsessive. It’s not an together happy combination since Jupiter represents Zeus, ruler of Olympus, the god on the mountain top up in the clouds; and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, god of wealth and the underworld. Maybe Zeus will throw down a thunderbolt or two to expose the dark and dirty secrets of financiers.

Looking back on previous Jupiters in Scorpio, every 12 years, the one surprising common factor appears to be women coming to the fore.

1958 – first Afro-American woman hired as a flight attendant. Women sit in the UK House of Lords for the first time.

1970 – Women’s Strike for Equality celebrating the 50th Anniversary of US right to vote. Women’s lib disrupt Miss World. First women’s only tennis tournament. The Pope deems two historic saints, St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena, as Doctors of the Church (=v. imptnt saints).

1981 – Women admitted to holy order for the first time in Church of England.

1993 – Whoopee Goldberg hosts Oscars. First hearing-impaired woman becomes Miss America.

2005 – Angela Merkel becomes Germany’s first female Chancellor. Also there is the first democratically elected female head of the state in Africa.

The EEC also came into being on the 1958 Jupiter in Scorpio; with the Maastricht Treaty establishing the EU in 1993. NAFTA was also agreed in 1993 which makes more sense of Scorpio’s interest in joint finances.

Perhaps the Harvey Weinstein scandal breaking now is timely with Meryl Streep finally stepping up to condemn him. No doubt others will follow.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter in Scorpio – sex, money and secrets

  1. Hmm…looks like Jupiter is already throwing thunderbolts that illuminate sex scandals (scorpio).

    Marjorie mentioned death and taxes, too. Maybe Trumps tax returns will be revealed, lol. Seriously though, Trumps new tax codes are going to hit the poorest people the hardest, adding 2% to the lowest rate of 10%—a 20% increase in their taxes.

    As for death, the nation is still in shock from the largest mass shooting ever, and Jupiter may be aiming those bolts on the gun culture. Clinton’s term in office began in 1993 during Jupiter in Scorpio, and during his term, assault weapons were banned.

    • I see in the news the spiteful and petty Trump is now tweeting about how the big tax breaks of NFL players should be looked into because of their kneeling at the games disapproves him! What a disgraceful hypocrite he is. HOPEFULLY, this will explode in his face when the powers that be also look into his own tax dodging. Jupiter in Scorpio, please work your powerful magic!!

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